Author's Note/ wow… I love you all so much. I have had three or four people already contact me and offer to write a sequel/ fanfiction for 'Burning Ice and Freezing Fire.' It truly is amazing what you guys do. Anywho, here's the epilogue that I promised… and you'll also find out what happened to Dark. Don't worry. That drama's over now! Enjoy…

Epilogue/ My Life Continued….

(Daisuke's PoV)

"A little more to the right."


"No, over there!"

"Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not an expert on these things!"

"Yeah? Then, guess what? You're in some serious luck, because I am," assured Dark through his cocky grin.

"Shaddup!" I cried pathetically from the top of my step-stool. "You're not helping at all just sitting there and telling us what to do. Why don't you do something productive?"

Dark snickered. "You mean actually work? No thanks. I'd rather poke fun at your stupidity."


"Alright, that's enough, you two," warned Kosuke on his way into the family room from the kitchen. "Be nice, Dark."

The thief simply shrugged, I stuck out my tongue at him, and he rolled his eyes sarcastically.

"You should be happy that I even brought you out of the Black Wings," I continued as I returned to my work of decorating the Christmas tree.

"Oh my gosh! Not this again!" whined Dark, throwing his head back in exasperation. "How many times do I have to say thanks for that! You only got me out because you were rescuing your precious Satoshi, and I was just something you picked up along the way. Not to mention, you left me cold and wet standing in that fountain while you two lovebirds ran on home!"

"At least you stopped calling me Creepy Bastard. That's definitely an improvement." Satoshi was resting against the door frame having just returned from running an errand for Emiko. "Although, you really shouldn't act so annoyed. We both have Daisuke to thank for being here."

"Who said I wanted to come back? Then I wouldn't have to put up with this clumsy brat."

"Hey! Who are you calling clumsy?" I said angrily to Dark, spinning around on my stool and almost loosing my balance. This, of course, caused Dark to laugh at me so hard that he was holding his sides with pain.

Satoshi shook his head with a light smile on his face. "You both act so much like brothers."

"What!" I asked, shooting my boyfriend a glare.

Dark choked on his laughter. "Brothers? What fairy tale are you reading!"

Sighing in frustration, I looked at the Christmas ornament in my hand. "Satoshi? Can you come help me? I can't get the Dark Angel to stand straight!" With a chuckle, Satoshi assisted me down from the stool, received the female ornament from me, and returned to the previous attempts of topping off the Christmas tree.

It had been a year since the fateful trip between Satoshi, Dark, Krad, and I. The demonic angel never returned. We can only imagine that he is still in the Black Wings. As for Dark, having his own body and free will, he hasn't held back on his flirting, teasing, thieving ways. And Satoshi and I… Well, we have gradually worked ourselves into a steady relationship. Some have told us that have begun to rub off on one another. Supposedly, I have sobered somewhat, and even I have noticed how Satoshi has learned to just enjoy himself.

The mystery of my boyfriend's revival remains a secret, seeing as no one would have believed us if we told them that I had thrown a pearl into a fountain and Satoshi's portrait came to life. Nevertheless, no one seems to mind anymore. I'm trudging along through High School along with the Haradas, Takeshi, and the others. Satoshi now works full time with Dark in the field of Hikari Artwork, as well as being my personal tutor. Mom, Dad, and Grandpa just smile and watch on as we live our lives.

I guess life has never been better. And it's not like I could have asked for more. But now, I just can't wait for the next adventure. Perhaps… If I'm lucky… I can do it all over again.

For now… Merry Christmas… where ever you are…

-Daisuke Niwa