A/N: Okay, for all who have been waiting very patiently for another Hp-AK story, you've got your wish. This is the latest in the HP-AK faniverse and takes place after all the weddings took place. Infact, it's two years after the weddings took place. Hope you like it, cause I'm gonna try hard to make it fun.

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Harry Potter, Astra Knight And the Dragon Stone

Chapter One

There is nothing as scary as the dark alleyways of London at night. Predators come out, much like in highly populated cities like New York City. They're private places where all someone needs to do is grab you from behind and slit your throat to keep you quiet. However, that doesn't include the other things in the equation, such as the fact that the alleyways aren't all that wide and slitting one's throat would require a contortionist to perform it.

One such alleyway had a dark figure watching the street. His bright green eyes watched with curiosity and fervor, hoping to catch a magical criminal, even a muggle one, in the act of crime, before he could hurt someone. Harry Potter stared from his perch on a dumpster as he watched a cat jump down from a trash bin and trot away.

He sighed. It had been four years since he had left Hogwarts and destroyed Voldemort, but his scar still remained as a reminder of what could happen. After Hogwarts, he went directly into training as an Auror. During his training, he married Ginny Weasley and now she was probably waiting up with Lily tucked in her crib.

Lily. He smiled at the thought of his little daughter. He named her after his mother, for the sake of the fact that Lily looked very much like his mother, with bright red hair and bright green eyes. That was why he was an Auror; so that his family and his friends would be safe. He'd made that choice a long time ago, accepted the fact that he was destined to be a protector instead of someone normal.

Something moved.

Harry narrowed his eyes and shifted back into the darkness, watching and listening. It was a wizard all right. He was cloaked and had his hood up. He sat very still as he watched the wizard come out of the darkness, turn toward him and then run.

Harry jumped down from the dumpster and ran after the wizard. "Stop!" he called out, his wand ready.

The wizard ran at a faster pace. Harry was having trouble keeping up. How did this man run so fast!

The wizard dodged into another Alleyway and Harry stopped to the side of it, holding wand to his chest, ready to fire if he had to. He looked around the corner and pointed the wand into the darkness. Nothing. There was nothing there that he could see. Of course, the darkness was about as thick as pea soup and about as appetizing.

There was a strange smell and he saw a flash of light in the distance.

"Fire," he muttered as he ran off at it.

He hit the ground as a red beam of light shot out at him. The man he was chasing was a wizard all right. He had a wand and all.

Harry got to his feet and sent a restraining spell in the direction of the wizard. The wizard dodged and disappeared again.

Harry ran after the wizard once again, his cloak flapping behind him. He wore sneakers instead of some of the things that the other Aurors wore, which were more like boots. Boots made too much noise. Nothing like rubber soles hitting hard pavement to sneak up on someone.

Again, he couldn't move as fast as the wizard he was chasing. Suddenly, he felt a stabbing pain in his right leg. He dropped to the ground, clutching his leg. "ARGH!"

He saw the wizard turn and stop, looking at him. He couldn't see much of the face except a smile. A very malicious smile. Then, he ran off again.

Harry staggered to his feet and ran as hard as he could after the wizard, limping as his leg felt like it had a knife in it. Then, his other leg gave out.

He hit the ground. He held his wand out and shot another restraining spell at the wizard, but a stab of pain shot through his wand arm. "ARGH! HELP!"

He saw the flash of fire again. He smelled it. Someone was burning paper and various other things in a trashcan not far off. He heard faint singing as well. Or was that chanting?

"Great. Just bloody great. I have a blasted voodoo witch sticking me with pins! Why does everything happen to me?" He growled and pushed himself to his feet and ran at the firelight.

He felt another stab in his stomach, but he ignored it as best as he could, holding his wand up and shooting a curse at the witch. He dropped the knife and hit the ground gurgling, boils and other things started to grow on her.

The pain stopped and he took off after the wizard he had been chasing. In the alleyway, the wizard had disappeared. Harry sighed and leaned against the brick wall of a building. He hadn't been able to catch the wizard.

He heard a few cracks nearby and knew they were some of his compatriots. A crash told him his friend Nymphadora Tonks had accidentally run into something. "AH! Don't you dare laugh at me, Shacklebolt!" she growled.

Harry smirked and staggered over. In the light of the fire, his comrades had tied up the witch and she was an awful sight. He hadn't really thought about what he was doing when he'd fired at her. He suddenly felt a bit sorry for her. He winced slightly.

Tonks giggled. "Nice job, Harry. Now all you have to do is not somehow destroy the body when you fire a curse at them."

Harry smiled faintly, leaning against the wall of the building next to him, rubbing his forehead. He was on the cusp of being a full Auror. This had been a test run of sorts, he supposed, which was why they let him do it on his own. "Are you all right, Potter?" Shacklebolt was looking at him carefully, though he almost blended in with the darkness.

Harry nodded. "I will be." He thought about how the wizard grinned at him when he first fell to the voodoo magic. He looked to Shacklebolt and grimaced. "Did you lot know there was a voodoo witch along with the wizard that I was supposed to deal with?"

Tonks blinked and shook her head. She looked to Shacklebolt and he shook his head.

Harry grunted and rubbed his wand arm. The pain was gone, but when he rubbed the very place where the witch had thrust the knife into the doll, he felt a pinch of pain.

Tonks lifted the doll from the ground and held it up. "It's wax and it has a bit of your hair, Harry."

Harry looked over at Tonks. "How did she get my hair?"

Shacklebolt looked severe. "Maybe someone took a lock from you before—"

"It was a trap," Harry grunted. "I was set up. This was a chance for me to show I was a good auror and I was set up in a mousetrap."

"Indeed you have, Mr. Potter. However, you should have paid more attention to the fire instead of the wizard that was running," said a familiar growling tone. Mad Eye Moody glared at Harry from the darkness.

The thing about Moody was that he was very scary looking anyway. However, someone played a joke on him not a couple years ago and somehow he ended up looking even more frightening. Tonks held up a sign that said "Freakishly Handsome Moody" and pointed to Moody as he walked in front of her.

He burnt the sign to a crisp. "I am not freakish," he growled.

Harry could have corrected him, but he kept his grin to himself. Moody was not so stooped over anymore and his hair was thicker now, long and white around him. He wore a dark blue coat with silver fastenings on it and had his collar turned up so that it hid most of his still very scared face.

"I can't keep track of everything, sir," Harry said in his defense to Moody's statement before.

Moody turned and glared at Harry. "You have to, boy, or you'll be killed!" he growled. Ever since Harry joined the Aurors, he'd been pretty much under Moody's wing and didn't like it at all.

Moody looked to Tonks and Shacklebolt and glared at them, though his swiveling blue eye turned on Harry. "Keep constant vigilance. Take out the greater of the two evils before gong after the lesser! Have I not taught you enough, boy?"

Moody turned to Harry again and whacked him across the shins with his wand. Harry leaped back with a pained expression. Moody walked out of the darkness into the street and disappeared with a crack. Tonks and Shacklebolt disappeared as well with the witch.

"But where did the other bloke go?" he muttered. "Who set it up? Was this a test by the 'higher beings' upstairs?" The Higher Beings, as Harry had a tendency to call them, were the organizers and the higher-ups that oversaw the Aurors. They sent out people when they had proof or intelligence that told them where to send people. Otherwise, most of the Aurors were used to patrol areas like your average policeman.

Harry disappeared with a crack and a sigh.

In the darkness, someone watched the entire scene carefully. Dark eyes carefully scanned the area in case there was another Auror nearby and then he walked deeper into the darkness. "Another time, Potter," the man said in a low voice.

Harry arrived home and put his cloak onto the peg near the door. He pulled off his sneakers and collapsed on the sofa. His whole body still ached from the night. He was about to doze off when something caught his attention.

"I thought you had said you would be home earlier," said a familiar and pleasant voice. Ginny Potter walked into the room and smiled at her husband. "Lily wanted you to read her a story, as usual. Daddy's little girl," she grinned and winked at Harry.

Harry smirked slightly. "A very rough night, Ginny. Moody sent me out on my own for one of his little tests and I was set upon by a witch with a voodoo doll of me."

Ginny frowned. "I know you can take care of yourself, Harry, but you really should be more careful."

Harry nodded and sighed, rubbing his face. "I ache all over now."

Ginny thought for a moment and looked around. It wasn't so hard living with Harry, however, even after two years of marriage, she was still getting used to the whole thing. She was only twenty and she already had a one year old baby girl to take care of while her year older husband took his falls as an Auror.

Harry motioned to Ginny to come over. She sat down beside him and he pulled her into his lap. He kissed her gently and then ran his fingers through her hair. "I'm sorry if I worry you so much. I'm trying my hardest to not screw up. I never want you and Lily to be alone."

Ginny smiled and caressed her husband's cheek. "I know. Just be careful, all right?" Then, she got up and walked back into the bedroom.

Harry sat back on the sofa and looked to the walls. On the walls were pictures of Ginny's family, the Weasleys and his other friends with him in other pictures. He stared at one picture that had Ginny and him at their wedding. He smiled. That was a strange day. Never before could he believe that a great bunch of Deatheaters could stoop so low as to wreck a wedding, but then they'd taken Ginny and acted like complete fools.

There was another picture that caught his eye. The Malfoys. He never thought the Malfoys could ever be friends of the family to him until his friend Astra Knight married Draco Malfoy. Even before then, Draco Malfoy was beginning to be placed further into an isolated area rather than with the rest of the Slytherins just because he had a mudblood, half human girlfriend.

Now they had a child. He remembered seeing Astra balloon up while still training and, against other's protests, she performed against Moody until she was just too hindered to continue. He hadn't seen her after she left for a while to go to America. That was a year ago.

He looked to his friends Ron and Hermione smiling and waving at him in a photograph of them at their new house that all the Weasleys pitched in to build near The Burrow. Mrs. Weasley didn't want her youngest son to be so far away.

The same went with Ginny. They lived a couple miles away from the little farmhouse, though in a house that wasn't built for them. It had already been there for quite some time and the older Weasley brothers helped in repairing it for them.

Harry stood up and stretched, yawning. He was tired and he needed to get some sleep. He walked into the bedroom and laid down next to Ginny, snuggling up against her warm body before falling asleep with his arm around her.