200 word drabble. No romance.

Speculation on the ages of Naruto characters, because all of them act older than twelve with one exception.




Naruto hangs out with Gaara a lot lately.

Nobody who cares can understand. They think Gaara still scares Naruto.

But truthfully, what scares Naruto is what Gaara used to be. Naruto remembers twelve years old. He remembers how miserable he was, and then he thinks about Gaara's twisted world… and then, the thing that scares Naruto the most is that when he really tries, he can understand Gaara's world. Perfectly.

Gaara almost smiles when he finds out that Naruto failed to graduate three times. Naruto acts offended, but is secretly pleased to get that reaction from the redhead. Even when Gaara makes offensive comments about what that must say about Naruto.

It says a lot, but not many people realize everything. Gaara realizes, but it doesn't affect how he looks at the blond. Naruto is Naruto, and the only one out of all the rookies who acts like he's twelve, ironically enough.

Sometimes, though, Naruto quits the act. He might not have the book smarts, but he's got more sense about interacting with people than some adults twice his age, and sometimes he applies that.

Sometimes, Gaara needs more than an idiot to make him smile.

Sometimes, Naruto is more.


(la fin)

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