Monica looked down at her body. She would be at peace. But then she looked at those gathered around her bed. She was deeply touched by the love her friends and family had for her.

"Before you make your decision, there is one more thing you need to see," the spirit said. "You befriended a homeless girl and gave her a family for the first time in her life. Her life would definitely not be the same."

Monica put her hand up to her mouth, " Phoebe, " She reached out for the spirit and the spirit walked away.

"Tell me spirit, what happened to Phoebe?"

The spirit opened up her robe and you could see right through the transparent threads to a fancy apartment.

"Doesn't look that bad, that's a nice apartment." Monica said.

The walls were chintz covered and the furniture was white. A cat was perched on the couch and there was a plasma television on the wall. Her bedroom had mirrors on the ceiling and a huge poster bed. The walls were covered with awards and Monica walked up to them.

"Wow so Phoebe has a lot of money and she's famous, is she a singer?" Monica inquired.

"No look closer." advised the spirit. Monica read the print on one of the awards. PHOEBE BUFFAY - ADULT FILM STAR OF THE YEAR.

"Oh my God, Phoebe is a porn star!" Monica cried.

"Let's listen shall we," said the spirit. Monica heard Phoebe on the phone

"What the fuck is your problem? I told you I wouldn't do two midgets , if I do I am getting paid an extra thousand per midget. And this script where do they get this crap ? Oh I see college boys write it. When do they write it when they 're jacking off? I like the idea of me as a fraternity housemother though…lots of fun…except in that movie I want a guy that looks like that guy from the OC as one the boys I take care of, so to speak."

"This isn't the Phoebe I know." Monica said.

"Life on the streets made her this way. Ursula and her have parted ways and she never lived with her grandmother. When she was sixteen she became a prostitute to survive. From prostitution came the adult film industry, where she excelled at her craft. But she hates it and wishes she didn't have to do it anymore. Her habit is supported by her career."

"What habit?" asked Monica.

"Oh her drug habit, everyone knows porn stars do drugs."the spirit explained.

Monica saw Phoebe snorting coke up her nose. Her eyes were blood shot and there was blood dripping from her nose. She picked up a glass and poured herself some vodka. After she took a drink, she threw the glass at her television.

"How did my life ever get so fucked up?" screamed Phoebe. "I'll tell you why, my dear mommy who stuck her head in the oven. Then my father who left us. Maybe I would have had a normal life if they didn't leave me..and then that money grubbing bitch Ursula…ohm well I already made damn sure that she isn't getting my money." she walked to the cupboard and pulled out a gun.

"Spirit what is she doing?" Monica said with fear in her voice.

"It's Christmas, when she lost her mother and now she is going to join her." the spirit simply explained.

Phoebe lifted the gun to her temple and pulled the trigger. All you could hear was the sound of the gun going off. Monica closed her eyes and screamed…."Nooooooo!"

Her eyes began to flutter. She slowly opened them and looked around the room. She looked down at her hand and felt the bandage on her head. She looked over and saw a single figure on the chair. His hair hadn't been combed for days and there was a stubble on his face. The usually bright eyes had dark circles under them and he had his face in his hands.

"Uhhhh where am I?" she moaned.

"Mon, Mon is that you. Oh God , Oh God , I thought I lost you." he said as he ran into the hall.

"Someone get a doctor, she's coming to." Chandler exclaimed.

Ross ran to the nurse's station to get a doctor to examine Monica. Chandler walked back in the door. The doctor cut through the throng of people gathered in the doorway. She walked over and took out a small flashlight and looked in Monica's eyes.

"Well considering everything she's been through. She is going to be just fine, let me check though."Dr. Corday said.

"Monica what is today?" the doctor said.

"I don't know I haven't looked at a calendar." Monica said as she felt the bump on her head.

Chandler smiled, "It's Christmas darling, and I have just got the best gift of all. I have got you and I will never forget that ever."

Monica called her brother and his wife to the side of the bed, "And you guys, I couldn't have asked for a better brother and best friend than you both. " she cried as she hugged Rachel and Ross.

"Come here you," she said to Joey. "I have such a sweet and funny friend and I miss you everyday. You can stay with us as long as you want." Joey 's smile was filled with tears of happiness.

Judy and Jack were the next to walk over to the bed, "Monica we have something to say. We almost lost you and then we realized that your whole life we have not treated you very well. Each of our children is different, you excel in the kitchen and Ross excelled in the classroom, we should have realized this instead of making you compete for every compliment. One thing we can say, is that both of our children because of us turned out to be loving people and we hope that they will pass that love on to their children. I love you Monica, "Judy said as she embraced her daughter.

"Don't leave me out either, I want a monicuddle." Jack said as he hugged his little girl.

Phoebe was the last to enter the room,Monica took her face in her hands and said, "I owe this all to you, you let me see what my life would be like if I never was born. I am so rich because I have parents who loved me, friends that care, family that loves me no matter what, two beautiful children and a caring husband." Monica said with tears in her eyes.

"Monica that sounds like the plot of It's A Wonderful Life." Rachel said.

"But I do have a wonderful life and it's all because of you guys." Monica smiled.

"I think Mrs. Bing needs her rest. Mr. Bing can stay but the rest of you should go, you can see her tomorrow."the nurse said as she changed her IV.

"You don't have to worry about dinner guys. I'll cook it." Rachel said excitedly.

Everyone stopped and looked at her. The memory of the trifle was fresh in their mind.

"Sweetie, are you sure you can handle this? I mean the pizza place is on speed dial. " Ross said.

Jack took out his credit card. "Christmas dinner is on me, everyone."he smiled.

Ross whispered to him, "Thanks Dad, I really didn't want to end up in a bed next to my sister from food poisoning."

"Son you got to learn how to handle women," said Jack. Judy gave him a look. "What I was just saying."

"We'll bring Chandler something later, I'm gonna say good bye to him." said Rachel.

"Chandler , Mon we're going to get something to eat. We'll be back later okay." Rachel said and quickly left the room.

Chandler hugged Monica , careful not to disturb her IV , he put his face next to hers and said, "I love you Monica Bing, Merry Christmas."

He crawled up onto the bed next to her and wrapped his arms around her body. Next thing he knew , they were both fast asleep but smiling . They were next to the one they both loved the most.

Hope you enjoyed my Mondler Christmas story…it was my first since usually write R/R stories. Thanks for all the nice compliments and have a Friendly and Merry Christmas…..