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Oz pushed the gas pedal harder. Speed limit be damned. He couldn't believe the enormous mistake that he had just made. What had he been thinking? That with just one little kiss he could turn his lesbian ex-girlfriend straight again? Well that obviously wasn't going to happen. He had blown his chances of being close to Willow by loving her too damn much.

Why can't I shake this? Why does everything I do have to be controlled by this love for a girl I can never have again?

He drove faster, knowing exactly where to go. He had to get on a train. He had to leave this God-forsaken town.


Xander slumped on his sofa before the television carelessly flipping through station after station. Giles and Dawn were at Buffy's house, Willow and Oz were researching at Giles' house, Anya was long gone, Buffy was 'patrolling', and Spike was who-knows-where. So here he was, in his apartment, with nothing to do and no one to keep him company.

Ah, the life of a bachelor.

Xander instantly sat up at a knock on the door. Resisting the urge to sprint to the door, fling it open, and hug whoever his visitor happened to be within an inch of his or her life (he felt it might appear a wee bit too desperate), he nonchalantly called, "Come in."

He heard the door open, and his head whipped around when he heard Anya's voice.

"Hi, Xander…"


Buffy gathered up her clothes, which were scatter haphazardly about Spike's crypt, and began to slowly redress. She felt a lot less guilty about sex with Spike now that he had a soul. And the best part was, she didn't have to worry about him losing it afterwards and going on a crazy killing spree for revenge on her.

Spike grinned at her slightly from the bed, causing her to turn around and look at him.

"What?" she asked.

"You're cute when you're trying to be modest," he noted, pointing to the sheet she had unnecessarily wrapped around herself.


Angel and Faith disembarked the bus and walked down the sidewalk, Faith holding onto Angel's arm.

"Welcome to the Hellmouth," Angel said.


I lost him. I've always loved him, but I was too blind to realize it. And now he's gone.

Willow jumped out of the rolling chair and darted out of the door, only to find that Oz was long gone. She cursed under her breath and ran back inside. Remembering that Giles had gotten a ride from Xander to Buffy's house a few days ago, she snatched up his keys from the desk and rushed back outside to the garage. She had thrown herself into the front seat, started the engine, and backed out into the street before it occurred to her that he hadn't the slightest idea where Oz would be.

Think, Willow… Come on, come on, where is he!

She sped off down the street, letting her subconscious guide her where it may. Part of her that had always had this deep connection to Oz, and she was trusting it now to lead her to him.

Willow found herself barreling down back streets, then main streets, and now down a long empty road. There were tall grasses and trees and crops filling the surrounding fields, and she continued driving until she reached a railroad track. The red light was blinking, and the barricades were down to indicate that there was a train coming. Somehow, she knew that Oz was on that train. She jumped out of the car, ducked under the barricade, and stepped into the middle of the track. She could see the train trundling down the track straight at her, but she remained standing tall and strong. She had promised herself that she would never use magic again, but she saw this sort of emergency fit to warrant for her to use her powers just once more. With all the strength she possessed, she held her hand out in front of her and attempted to stop the speeding train.

She could tell it had worked, because the train began slowing down, but its momentum caused it to keep going. It kept rolling, its speed decreasing with every foot, but it was still going strong. An unearthly screech filled the air as the wheels scraped against the metal tracks, sparks flying everywhere. Willow pushed herself harder, conjuring up more power than she had ever thought she contained. She brought together every little bit of might to focus on this one thing, her head aching with concentration. Finally, the train coasted to a stop no more than ten feet ahead of her.

She exhaled deeply, releasing the tension in her muscles and allowing her mind to function properly again. She had to find Oz. She took off running again, down the length of the train, until she reached the car that most certainly must contain Oz. Wrenching the door open, she bounded up the steps and into the car. Those of the people who weren't slumped against windows or armrests while sleeping looked up at her in surprise. Paying them no heed, her eyes connected with Oz, who was easily the most shocked out of all of them.

"Willow!" he exclaimed, jumping to his feet. He left his seat and met Willow halfway down the aisle. "What are you- how did you- did you-?"

She shushed him. "I stopped the train."

Oz glanced around and lowered his voice before posing his next question. "You're not using magic again, are you?" he inquired, looking concerned.

"I think… I think I can control it now… but that's not the important part…" Willow took a step closer to him. She took a deep breath before continuing. "I only did it because I didn't want you to leave me again without knowing that I'm still in love with you."

His eyes widened, not out of shock but out of deep, euphoric relief. He put a hand on her hair and told her, "I never stopped loving you."

And then they kissed. This time, it was a mutual kiss, and both of them new this was exactly how it was meant to be. They held onto each other as if both feared that the other could be taken away from them at any given moment. The kiss lasted much longer than any kiss they had had before, and was by far the most meaningful. When they finally pulled away, they continued to cling to each other for dear life. Finally, after a long and deep silence, Oz took Willow's hand and, together, the walked out of the train, leaving the car full of shocked and confused passengers behind them.


"Anya! What are you doing here?" Xander called out in shock, leaping from the sofa.

"Well, I thought about what you told me when we were at Giles' house, about us not being able to be together since I'm a vengeance demon," Anya informed him, stepping inside and closing the door behind her.

"…and?" Xander asked fearfully, waiting for her to disembowel him or something of the sort.

"And, I've decided that I like being with you more than castrating unfaithful men. So I gave up my powers."

"You- you gave up your powers? To be with me?"



Buffy walked back into her house, looking content. She entered the kitchen silently and saw Dawn and Giles standing at the counter. Dawn was painting her nails with hot pink polish and reading aloud from a teen magazine. Giles was looking slightly disturbed. Buffy laughed, and they both looked up at her. Giles had an expression of undying gratitude as he began to speak.

"Ah, you're back!" he said, going over to her. "Have you heard anything from Willow and Oz? They've been gone for quite some time."

"Nope," Buffy replied, shrugging out of her jacket and setting it down on the counter. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Buffy looked curious, seeing as hardly anyone who would be visiting her would bother to knock. She opened the door and gaped at who it was.

"A-Angel? Faith?"

Angel and Faith stepped inside, and the sky abruptly went from day to night. Giles looked at them with suspicion.

"Hey, all," Faith greeted casually. Before anyone could respond, Willow and Oz walked through the other door hand in hand.

"Boy, have we got news!" Willow said cheerily, smiling at Oz. They walked through the doorway to the kitchen and stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of Angel and Faith. "Okay, so maybe it's not such big news anymore…"


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