A Day in the Life

Chapter 1

Train Ride to Destiny

The train rumbled in a low moan as it crossed the Japanese countryside. Sometimes you could hear the clicking of the rails or the swoosh as it passed by another train or through a tunnel. But she couldn't hear anything. Her head bobbed slightly to the beat as headphones blared the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour Album". She tried to occupy her time with work on her laptop. It was tedious, numbers, code, more numbers, but she never could pass up a challenge. She couldn't understand why her Uncle insisted on flying her into Japan so far north of her intended destination. "Probably trying to save money, the cheapskate." She chuckled a little at that idea. He had never given her anything. Her monthly allowances we meager, she never had nice clothes, and we won't even mention those primordial boarding schools he stuck her in. But that was all going to change, life itself was going to change. She was going to work for him; she would be making some money, and might even earn his respect. She had worked so hard for so long, hoping that one day he would call for her, that he would want her to come home. And finally he did. Domino City, she had never been there, to tell the truth, she had never been to Japan. Strange for someone who was half-Japanese. She had been to many countries all over the world, but Japan both excited and terrified her. She loved new places and cultures, wanted desperately to be accepted by her family, and was scared to death to meet Him. What was he going to be like? Is he a kind person? Did he like to do the same things she did? She didn't even know what he looked like. Questions like that caused her many sleepless nights, especially in the past few weeks when she found out she would be going to Domino City.

When the CD reached its end, she turned it off and pinched the bridge of her nose under her reading glasses. Her golden brown eyes squinted hard as the pressure from her sinuses eased. She released her grip and took a brief look around the train car. "Time to stretch your legs", she thought to herself. Securing her laptop and CD player, she began to glide down the aisle. Her slender curves and well endowed chest was cause enough for some of the male passengers to stop what they were doing and lean into the aisle and watch her pass. She knew what they were doing, but she ignored them. It wasn't proper for her to flirt. Reaching the far end of the car a group of giddy schoolgirls caught her attention. They were all dressed in their blue school uniforms and having hyper fits over pictures in some teen magazine.

"He is soooo Cute!"

"I can't believe he doesn't have a girlfriend. How can a guy that dreamy not have a girlfriend?"

"That retro-punk look is totally the rage! I'm going to have to get me some dog collars and chains."

"Do you think he dies his hair, or is it naturally that color?"

"Finally a guy that uses more hairspray than I do!"

The insistent jabbering caused her to smile as she passed the girls. "Was I ever that young?" She thought to herself. She wouldn't have thought anything else about it if it weren't for what one of them said next.

"Oh Yugi, you're such a great Duelist, could you teach me how to play?"

The name stopped her in her tracks. "Yugi?!" How common could that name be? Turning around she said politely,

"Excuse me, I couldn't help but over hear you. Who are you talking about?"

"Yugi Mouto, he's the world Duel Monster champion, and he's totally cool!"

"Could I see that for a minute?" She said as she gently pointed at the magazine.

The girls gabbed on as she read the article in the magazine, but she was able to tone them out. It was about Yugi's career in Duel Monsters and there on the adjoining page, a picture. "It is him...."

"You KNOW Yugi?" The head girl charmed in.

She was taken by surprised, she wasn't aware that she had made that comment out loud. "Um, no. I've just heard about him, that's all." She spoke with a timid smile, hoping that the girls wouldn't ask anymore questions. "Thank you" she said as she handed back the magazine.

She walked at a faster pace to get back her seat. Plopping down into the chair she gave out a deep sigh. Golden brown eyes aimlessly scanned the floor as her fingers tugged on her bottom lip. She always tugged on her lip when she was nervous. It finally hit her. In a few days she would meet him. What would she say? Would he like her? Would she like him? "No! No, you can't stress out about this. Everything will be fine. He's a Duel Monster champion, so he must have a good head on his shoulders, and he has some ambition. That's good. That's very good. Everything is going to be just fine." She tried to reassure herself before pulling out her headphones and drowning out any arrant thoughts with John Lennon.