Chapter 50

Endings and Beginnings

Yugi stood a far ways back. He didn't think it was his place to be there, let alone be too close. It was his fault this all happened. He should have just signed the paper and let Anna choice who she wanted. That would have been the right thing to do. If he had done that from the start they wouldn't be in this position. But in the end, this is what Anna chose. She wanted the peace that this would give her. Above all, he was going to miss her.

Seto wasn't as tentative as Yugi was. He had no hesitation, even in these circumstances. Maybe because he knew he had won. Or simply because he knew she loved him. He placed a single white rose on the coffin, as it was lowered into the ground. He had to make sure this was all done properly. Mokuba stood at his side, wiping his tears with the sleeve of his jacket. Seto reached down and held his hand. Seto had changed. Or so Mokuba thought. But he was also afraid that now that Anna was gone that he might revert back into his former self. He saw signs of that over the past week. Mokuba expected Seto to break down or collapse into a rage. But he didn't. He remained stone-faced and buried himself in work. Mokuba knew that Seto couldn't get over Anna's loss if he didn't face his pain. But that was something to deal with on another day. Today was for Anna.

Anzu and Joey kept Yugi company as they watched the burial proceedings. All his friends agreed that Yugi shouldn't be left alone right now. He was in too fragile a state. They weren't sure why he lingered there so long. All the other people had left and the only ones who remained were the grounds crew, funeral services, and Kaiba. The consensus was that Yugi wouldn't leave until Kaiba did. And that stirred up some harsh feelings amongst the group.

"Could Kaiba be any more despicable?" Joey complained. "First he tries to take your girl, then on top of that she leaves him everything. Not like he doesn't have enough. And what about you, you were her fiancee, you should have gotten something."

"I got what I wanted." Yugi spoke softly as he touched the engagement ring he had attached to the chain of his Millennium Puzzle.

"I don't care what anyone says, It's not fair." Joey continued his rant.

"Hey guys." Honda said as he rejoined the group. "You won't believe what the people from the funeral home said. They said that Kaiba bought up all the plots around Anna's. He told them he wanted to be buried next to her when he dies."

That made more tears come to Anzu's eyes. She thought the gesture was romantic and deeply sad, for Kaiba could only be with his love in death.

When Kaiba was satisfied with the work of the grounds keepers he led Mokuba away. As he headed for the waiting limo he stopped in front of Yugi and his friends.

"I won't forget this Yugi." He said bluntly, never once looking at him.

Yugi nodded and Kaiba walked on.

"That guy has some nerve!" Joey shouted. "Just for that we should beat the crap out of him." He would have made good on his threat if Yugi didn't stop him.

"Leave him alone. He's suffered enough."

"You can't let him treat you like that." Joey scoffed.

"It's just his way." Anzu added softly. "Everyone mourns differently."

"To mourn you first have to have a heart." Joey retorted.

"He has a heart." Anzu said watching Kaiba walk away. "And it just broke."

As the limo drove away Kaiba reached into his pocket and pulled out a card. It was a 'Blue Eyes White Dragon'. The same one he gave to Anna. He could tell by the small drop of blood that stained it. Her blood. He had made a promise to her. He would guard this card until she was able to reclaim it. He wondered how long that would be. Not soon enough. He had watched her go and it almost killed him. But when she did come back, he would always be by her side. Nothing would ever come between them again.

He glanced over at Mokuba. He was staring out the window with a melancholy look on his face. Kaiba was sorry that Mokuba had to be exposed to all of this. But some things couldn't be avoided. He couldn't give Mokuba happy news, but he could remind him of happy times.

"Anna would have loved to have seen you in that suit. She bought that for you, remember?"

Mokuba nodded. "When we were in Italy."

"Did you like Italy?"

"Uh huh."

"We could go back this fall. Would you like that?"

Mokuba looked a little distant and he wasn't sure he should say what he was really thinking. But he did anyways; "It won't be the same without Anna."

"She'll be with us." Kaiba patted the back of Mokuba's head. "She'll always be with us."

Mokuba smiled. Perhaps there was hope for Seto after all.


Author's Note: I know tragic isn't it? But before you start booing me and throwing rotten fruit please read the first chapter of my sequel "Life Goes On." You're in for a few surprises and a mystery or two, or twelve. I promise the sequel will answer a lot of questions, but not immediately, you have to keep reading. Thanks again to all my loyal readers. I'm still shocked that anyone took interest in my story.