Draco held onto the small piece of paper tightly watching the picture move. A newspaper cutting. One of Harry from not long ago, Draco's glimmer of hope. Not that Draco could get near Harry. Harry would run way before he got anywhere close. He felt like he was nothing. He wanted so much to help Harry but couldn't as Harry wouldn't allow it. Draco couldn't ask his friends for advise as they'd think him to be crazy. Help the enemy? No way! They all now knew of Harry's heritage of course but none felt like being buddy buddy with the boy who lived!

So now Draco sat holding this photo just wishing he could somehow find a way to talk to Harry. He didn't know what caused Harry to run off that night. He just watched as Harry said that he should go and that they shouldn't be doing that. Draco saw himself grab Harry's wrist then Harry looked spooked and tried to run, ever since Harry ran off that night he had felt incomplete. He felt he needed Harry.


Katrina sighed. She hated these nights, alone in the tower watching her brother, not being able to do anything. He didn't know she watched though, how could he when he didn't even know she existed? She really hated Dumbledore. Really; really hated him she wanted to kill him, anger boiled within her, but she knew she wouldn't. She'd be just like Dumbledore if she did. Also he was her only chance of being seen.

Harry slowly drifted off into unconsciousness. Katrina was ready. When she was younger she used to scream, cry and beg for him to stop. When he cried she'd wrap her arms around him, but always, she would always heal him. In his unconscious state, he didn't know she was there so she could touch him. She healed his cuts, had done since she'd first see him do it in his fifth year.

When she'd finished she stood up quietly leaving him there, she took the knife and quill wondering why she'd never thought of it before. She quickly wrote a letter to her brother, willing him to see it when he left. Not knowing if she had been spelled not even to be seen by written works.

After, she left the room silently. Dumbledore stood glaring as he noticed the knife in her hand, one 'Sirius' had given to Harry but he backed away from her. He knew better than to question the young woman.


Sighing unhappily, Harry stood from the floor. Once again healthy and healed. Dried blood cracked on his skin other than that he would pass for being perfectly healed. He looked around for his knife and quill but saw neither. His heart skipped a beat as he frantically searched finding nothing; he ignored the paper sat on the floor assuming it was what he had written. Forgetting he hadn't written anything the night before.

He fell to the floor and wept. Someone had taken his knife, his saviour. Something he needed. It was him… Harry thought. He wanted to hurt you… and now he has… I told you; you shouldn't have told him… you're an idiot. He wanted the knife back, but he couldn't face Draco. He just couldn't, he'd need to find a replacement knife, without being found, the knives in the kitchen he knewwere counted. He didn't know if he could last until the next Hogsmead visit to buy a new one, his release was pain and without pain… he was sure to have a mental breakdown. He needed it. Harry wept, and didn't stop until he had no tears left within him. He wept for the loss of a friend.


A groaning came from the bed. Hermione looked up suddenly from staring down at the floor, Lavender stared up at Hermione. Hermione grinned, and stroked Lavender's hair.

"I'm so glad you're awake. I was so worried…" Lavender tried to sit up but Hermione held her down. "You should lie down; you're not strong enough to … to get up. Merlin Lav… why did you do that? I thought, I thought I'd lost you. I was so scared. That I wouldn't, wouldn't get the chance to tell you how I feel… I" The door slammed open and a tearful Harry walked in, looking up he saw Lavender awake and a small smile of relief crossed his features. He went over to her and took her hand and kissed it softly.

"I hope you're not mad I saved you, but I couldn't lose one of my best friends… I know that's selfish but I couldn't know… that I'd just let you. Oh Hon, why'd you do it?" Lavender tried to talk but her throat was too dry, Harry helped her sit up, with a glare from Hermione, and handed her a glass of water and she smiled slightly with gratitude. Taking a small sip of water, she started to talk.

"I, well I… I" Looking up at Hermione, she blushed. "I fell in love with Hermione. Ron was… well you know… and I couldn't look at it any longer… Harry's depressed… and then my sister is at home with that maniac… I couldn't take it all… there's so much and… and I couldn't take it…" She sobbed, her hands covering her face in shame. Harry and Hermione wrapt around her in embrace. Pulling Lavender's hair behind her ear, Hermione whispered into it.

"I love you too."


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