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Ok, this story takes place about the Episode Offspring, but it's still like, totally AU, ok? : ) I've wanted to do thisever since Connor was born!

No Place To Go But Home

Chap 1

"We have to go some place safe to protect this baby !" shouted Wesley from the steering wheel. "But where! This city is the worst place imaginable for a baby!" Cordelia said, not liking their odds.

"Wesley, where are we going?" demanded Cordelia. "The only place we can, Sunnydale" Wesley sighed. "What! No! Wesley no!" Cordelia said. "Cordelia, I want to be there as much as you do, but we have to. For the baby" he said, eyes determined to stay on the road.

Gunn held Cordelia closer, to offer some comfort to his girlfriend. "What's wrong with Sunnydale?' asked Fred. "I'll explain it to you later" Lorne said, holding her hand.

Angel just stared at the baby he held in his arms. Not speaking as soon as the boy had been born. Wesley glanced worried at his friend's obvious shock. "Don't worry, we'll be in Sunnydale soon, with Buffy and Mr. Giles. Your son will be safe" Wesley softly said to Angel.


End of the first chap! There will be slash later on, but well, they have to get there first don't they! : ) tell what you wanna see, and yes, I'll try to put in some Spike cuteness with Connor! So, tell me who you want with who, and I'll see if it fits, k? yay Angel slash! Yay!