NPTGBH chap 3

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Spike ran until he was approaching the mansion grounds. 'I could still turn back' he thought, cautiously. Then he walked up the back door, and slinked in. he looked around, and saw an empty lobby.

He sniffed the air. "Hmm, he brought friends, and… not just the usual suspects" he said quietly. He crept up the stairs and walked down a hallway until he reached a room with light pouring from under the door.

He pushed it open slowly, when he a noise. "A baby?" he asked. Before he knew it, he felt a hand around his neck, and was being pushed up against a wall.

"Spike?" asked Angel, confused.


Meanwhile, Wesley and Gunn were patrolling. "Look, over there" Gunn pointed with his finger. Noises were emitting from behind some shrubs.

"Real quiet," Wes said aiming his crossbow to heart level. They snuck up to the bushes, when suddenly they were frozen to the spot!then they began to float and were suspened in mid air!


"Spike? What are you doing here?" asked Angel, releasing his childe.

The bleached vampire quickly thought of a lie to tell his sire, but with Angel looking at him with that look, he just couldn't. "I came because I could smell you" Spike quickly pulled out a cigarette to keep his composure. Angel snatched it away just as fast.

"Hey! What the bloody was that for?" Spike demanded. "I'm not having anyone smoke near my son" Angel hadn't found out what he had said until Spike's eyes got huge, and his mouth was hanging open.


"We're dead then" Wesley told Gunn. "Whatever man" said the street fighter.

"OMG! Wesley!?" said a familiar voice. Soon a red head was visible to the two vamp dusters. "Willow?" asked Wes. "Sorry, we, thought you bad guys. I-I'll let you down now" she smiled and laughed her Willowy laugh.

Soon Wes and Gunn were at their rightful place on the earth. "Oh, you already know Xander, Giles and Buffy, but now let me introduce you to Anya and Tara" Willow smiled. When Tara was introduced, she smiled shyly at Wes, who in return smiled.

Gunn cleared his throat, and Wesley ran a hand threw his hair. "Sorry Charles, everyone, this is Charles Gunn" the younger Englishman smiled.

"So, what brings you guys to Sunnydale?" asked Buffy, as the others also asked that question.

"Uh.." Wes and Gunn said.

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