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Chapter 1

The fiend advanced as it tried to attack the young lady, but she was quick enough to dodge away. Pulling her blond bangs away from her tanned face, the lady targeted her enemy with her swirly emerald eyes. Her hands then quickly held it's grip around her weapon, as she dug her boots firmly onto the hot desert sand at Bikanel.

With a grin, she smirked up toward the fiend. "Come and get me."

The fiend seemed to understand her as it flew down from the clear blue sky to dive toward Rikku. Seeing his move, she quickly advanced and jumped up, meeting the fiend in mid air, as she slashed it's wings. With a agonizing cry the fiend was able to spit out a green toxic that hit directly onto Rikku's face. Disgusted she quickly wiped her face from the toxic, as she landed onto the sand. The fiend's wings damaged, wasn't able to continue it's flight and so he dropped down onto the sand opposite Rikku.

Trying to stand, the fiend made a fierce sound, glaring at Rikku who now approached. With one last attack, pyreflies flew through the air, as Rikku watched it's beauty glow upward while she covered her swirly eyes from the hot bright sun.

Feeling dizzy and somehow weak, Rikku lost her balance and fell ungracefully onto the sand. A strong headache initiated, as Rikku's vision began to blur and the last thing she heard and saw was a hover approaching.


Groaning, Rikku opened her eyes to find herself lying on her usual bed at Home in the Bikanel desert. She darted up from bed and found her father sitting on a chair beside her bed, sleeping and snoring. She laughed, before pushing her covers away and standing up.

"Pop what are you doing here!" Rikku cried as she jumped onto his lap and circled her arms around his neck.

Cid feeling the impact of the jump, darted awake as he groaned in pain. He was really getting old. Cid then looked at his daughter and smiled to see that she was fine. When he had found her unconscious in the desert he had panicked. It was unusual for Rikku to be hurt in the end of any battle, for she had saved Spira two times before, and she was used to fighting.

"I'm glad you're fine kid'do." He spoke with a bright smile.

Rikku titled her head in confusion. "Why? Was I sick Pop?"

"No, you weren't sick. I think it was the heat that brought you down for a moment." Replied Cid thinking of what had just happened.

"The heat? It can't be, I'm so used to the heat that even the sun can't bring me down Pop. Anyways do you know where the rest of the gang went?" Rikku questioned as she swung her legs up and down, still remaining in top of her father's lap.

"The rest of the gang? You mean Yuna and Paine?" Cid asked a bit confused himself.

"Yuna? Paine? Who?" Rikku questioned puzzled.

Cid laughed. "Yuna and Paine from the Gullwings. Your friends. Whats got into you Rikku?"

Rikku still looked at her father with a bewildered expression. Cid looking into her emerald eyes began to feel worried as he realized that his daughter really did not understand what he was talking about. This situation was beginning to turn out very odd. Feeling his legs hurt because of her weight, Cid then noticed that the last time Rikku sat upon his lap, with her arms around his neck, and her legs swinging up and down, was the time when she was only 10 years old!

Hesitating he then asked. "How old are you kid'do?"

Rikku laughed at her father's silly question. "Don't tell me that you don't know it by now Pop! I'm 10 years old!"

"TEN!" He suddenly yelled and jumped up from his seat.

Rikku yelped as she fell off his lap and onto the ground. "Owiee." She moaned.

Cid quickly then picked up his daughter and shock her vigorously by the shoulders. "Stay right here! Don't you leave this room!"

With that spoken, Cid darted away from the room and out of the door. Rikku stared in confusion at her father's retrieving back and wondered what had happened.


"So, what is it doctor?" Cid questioned impatiently as the doctor had finally checked her patient.

The doctor putting her instruments away into her bag, took out a lollipop and handed to Rikku, who sat herself on her bed with a joyful smile to receive a sweet.

"Your daughter might have been intoxicated by the fiend's attack." She explained. "Her brain was affected, causing Rikku to think that she is 10 years old."

"What!" Cid yelled disbelieved. "Isn't there any remedy that can bring my daughter back to her original age? Back to 17?"

"I'm afraid not, but the good news is that this isn't a permanent affect. She will come back to the present future soon, but you will have to wait. Rikku's memories will travel through time. Now she's 10 years old and tomorrow she may be 12? Who knows." Spoke the doctor as she closed her hand bag and got up from the seat.

Cid groaned, "I'll have to take care of this little devil again twice."

The doctor laughed. "It won't be that hard, besides this time she'll grow faster until she reaches 17 again. All I can wish you now is luck, and do take good care of Rikku, because she might remember things that had been longed forgotten."

Cid's attention was called back as he looked at his daughter with worrisome. He then gazed at the doctor and understood what she meant.

"I can't change her past doctor, it's not in my powers."

"I know Cid. I'm not asking you to change anything, all I'm asking is to stay there when she needs you, and this goes to anyone else that might help Rikku's recovery to be a smooth ride."

"You mean gather around all her childhood friends that she cares for?" He questioned a bit worried that he might have to beg for a certain person to be here.

The doctor laughed. "Rikku will find it strange that her old buddies aren't around, don't you think."

"The whole damn thing hasn't even begun and I'm starting to hate it already. This will be much more tiresome then I thought!"

"Oh, but don't you worry Cid, it'll be a fun experience." The doctor assured before patting Cid's back and leaving.

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