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Chapter 5

Frustrated, Gippal gave up on his work as he swung himself onto a nearby chair. He dug his fingers into his blond hair while sighing heavily in distress. Everything seemed to be wrong! A week had flown by since the day Gippal returned to Djose Temple and vowed to himself that he would drop his feelings behind, but yet he couldn't take his mind off a certain Al Bhed girl. He shouldn't think about her! Not when everything was forgotten.

"ARGH!" Cried Gippal in frustration as he ruffled his own hair before letting his hands drop onto his side.

This was insane! He was getting crazy! All Gippal saw and thought of was of Rikku. She wouldn't stop hunting his mind. Day and night! There she was taunting him with that beautiful smile, with that sweet lips of hers! Why couldn't she stop! Gippal felt himself losing his mind every time he tried to reach out his hand to grab Rikku into his arms. He was driving himself insane whenever he lost his concentration to think of her, and only her.

"This is madness." Gippal whispered to himself as he leaned his head backward to gaze up toward the ceiling. "I'm going crazy...for her."

Gippal chuckled. So this was the feeling they all called love. The feeling he thought he would never feel toward any girl, but boy was he wrong. He now saw how love could make him go wrecked but yet so fluttery inside. Love. A weird sensation but painful when held up inside instead of giving it freely to the one person you care for in the entire world. Love, he concluded, was troublesome but wonderful in the same time.

Gippal sighed. There she was again. Her face upon the ceiling, looking beautiful as always to his eye. He smirked and shut his eye.

"What do you want now Cid's girl?" He questioned out loud, not really caring that this was only an allusion.

Silence fell upon the room.

Gippal slowly reopened his eye, as he began laughing at himself. He laughed toward his stupidity as realization dawned into his mind. "No. I should be asking the question to myself. Gippal what do you want now, you stupid jerk."

With a smile, Gippal picked himself up from his chair and quickly headed out of his office without a moment of hesitation.


Cid wiped his forehead with the back of his arm, as he suddenly noticed an airship approaching the camp. It then gradually lowered down toward the ground, as the door slid open. Cid curious, approached the airship and wondered who the visitor was. He hoped that they were more Al Bhed men, coming to help in the digging at the desert, but he was wrong.

Gippal appeared from behind the airship's door, as he hastily walked down the ramp.

"Hey there Cid." Gippal greeted.

Frowning he greeted back the boy, but couldn't help but wonder why he was here. "What brings you to Bikanel desert kid?"

"Your daughter." He replied with seriousness.

Cid suddenly burst out laughing. "My daughter? What do you want with her now kid?" Cid asked still laughing.

Gippal kept his seriousness. "I"m here to take her back."

Hearing the answer made Cid laugh even harder. "You can't be serious kid!"

He found himself frowning. "This isn't a joke." Gippal emphasized.

Cid seeing the expression on his face forced himself to stop laughing. "Kid you were a joke since the beginning."

"I've changed." Gippal replied back, a bit offended.

"I need proof boy." Cid spoke seriously before he turned around and walked back toward the camp.

Gippal frustrated, quickly grabbed Cid by the shoulder and pushed him around, so they were facing each other once again. Cid astonished by hisaction was about to shove his hand away when he saw something glow inside Gippal's eye.

"You need proof old man!?!" Gippal burst out. "Wasn't it proof enough that I comforted your daughter when she cried for her mother's death? Wasn't it proof enough that I took time off of my own schedule to come and help? Wasn't it proof enough that I'm driving myself insane because I can't stop thinking of your daughter day and night? Tell me Cid, isn't it proof enough that I love your daughter more than anyone else in Spira!?!"

Cid stood there shocked. Was this Gippal? He must be hallucinating! Suddenly Cid found himself smiling as he patted Gippal's shoulder.

"Young man, I'm not the one your suppose to be talking to. Go ahead kid. See if she approves."

Gippal smiled widely as he quickly ran toward the camp without any further permission.


Rikku, concentrated on her task in fixing the machina, didn't hear the footsteps that entered the tent. Gippal stood there in silence for a minute as he watched her work determinedly. He smiled softly to see her again.

"Hey Cid's girl."

Recognizing the voice that greeted her, Rikku looked up from her work. Grinning she turned around to find Gippal staring at her differently. What surprised her the most was that his usual smirk was substituted by the most charming smile she had ever seen on his beautiful face.

"My name is Rikku, ya know." She replied back with a grin.

"I know." Gippal spoke, as he slowly approached her figure while feeling his body ache for her touches.

"What do you want?" Rikku asked, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the way he gazed at her so tenderly.

"I need to speak to you Cid's girl. It's important."

"It's Rikku, and no, I don't have time to speak nonsense with you Gippal." Rikku replied as she turned around toward the machina again.

"It won't take long...Rikku."

She turned back around in surprise at the mention of her name. Rikku then gazed at him in distrust. Something was definitely strange! Too curious to ignore him, she nodded her head.

"Go on." She replied.

"Trust me in every word Cid's girl." Gippal started softly. "I need you to believe me when I tell you how much I care about you, how important you really are to me."

Rikku stared at him with eyes wide open, but suddenly she began to laugh.

"Stop joking with me you big meanie. I don't have time for this." Rikku spoke, as she hastily turned around.

In truth, Rikku was afraid. She couldn't explain the feelings that glowed inside his emerald eye, and was too scared to decipher the answer out. This wasn't the time to bring back her old passion for the leader of the Machine Faction. She had longed forgotten their love life, and Rikku had promised herself that everything was over. If it really was over, then why was she feeling butterflies inside her stomach? Why was the glow in Gippal's eye causing her heart to pound against her ribcage so strongly.

"Wait Cid's girl, I"m not done yet." Gippal spoke as he grabbed her hand, making Rikku turn around to face him.

"But I am." Rikku answered, trying to avoid his eye.

"One question." Gippal asked. "One more question and I promise I'll leave you alone."

"Alright, just one question."

Gippal slowly brought her left hand up toward her view. "What's this ring on your hand signify?"

Rikku stared at the ring on her finger in bewilderment. Where did that come from? She didn't remember using any ring, especially not a ring made out of a leaf. But somehow this ring made her smile, it made her comfortable, it made her heart flutter. Strange but yet wonderful. Why was this ring so important to her somehow?

"I...don't know." Rikku replied back.

"Try Cid's girl. Try to answer me." Gippal softly urgedin hopes that Rikku might recall something.

Rikku stared at the ring once again and tried to search for an answer. A promise. With who? With Gippal.For what? For the time you spent with him. For the amazing time you shared with Gippal. The time when he wrapped his warm arms around your waist and held you there close to him like a treasure. You promised Rikku. You promised him...

"That I would never forget you." Rikku suddenly whispered in realization.

Gippal's smile widened. "Have you Cid's girl? Have you forgotten me?"

Rikku shock her head and smiled widely as tears suddenly began to flow down her checks. "No Gippal. I couldn't."

Gippal wrapped his arms around her waist possessively and brought her closer to him. "Tell me Cid's girl. Do you recall our kiss?"

Rikku blushed. They kissed? Since when? Gippal reading her expression knew exactly the answer. Without any warning, he lowered down his lips, tasting her sweetness all over again. She moaned to feel his love pouring inside of his mouth through her. Rikku felt his amazing essence as she found herself pressing closer, wanting more. Gippal smiled against her lips and explored her even further, making his heart pound widely to this sensation.

Breaking up for air, Rikku laughed. "That kiss?" She questioned.

Gippal smirked. "That and much more."

"Tell me Gippal, is there anymore surprises?" Rikku curiously asked, as she snaked her arms around his neck.

"Yes. There is one more thing that I never had the chance to mention to you."

"What's that?"

"I love you." Gippal whispered into her ears with true earnestly.

Rikku stared at him in total astonishment. Was he telling her the truth? His eye told her the truth. It told her everything. Gippal was opening his soul to her, and there it was written, his love in the depths of his eye. Rikku had been waiting for those words ever since they got together, but he had never mentioned it to her. But now things changed, and he really loved her. Gippal was truly hers, after all these years of waiting and lying to herself that she had forgotten him. Not holding her bliss any longer, Rikku began to kiss him repeatedly over and over again.

Gippal laughed at her actions but held her even closer not wishing this to end.

"I love you too." Rikku whispered.

"That is all I need to know, Cid's girl. That is everything I need to know."

With that he lowered down his lips toward her lips, to feel once again that burning passion called love.

The End

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