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Tacit Feelings



Stressed Words


It had been a few days since this mess that Vash claimed was his fault began. Yet it seemed like everything happened yesterday night. The town finding water, a distant shadow missing his red jacket, and seeing that body over his shoulder. When he took that first step into town he let his first true smile shine out towards the one that first greeted him. He smiled at her and let the tall girl with the brown hair and blue eyes take his extra baggage. He looked down at her before he approached her and hesitantly reached out to touch her cheek with his real hand.

She lightly blushed and smiled at him causing his breath to catch. He smiled and tired to wipe the dirt off her face. She stepped forward and wiped his face off with her sleeve. He then stared into her eyes and couldn't help finding there was more violet than gray in them. He noticed that her hair was now shoulder length. She looked up into his aqua eyes and smiled at how happy they seemed.

"You've changed," Vash said as he embraced her.

"You've matured and seemed like the world was taken off your shoulders," Meryl said as she hugged him back.

"One burden at a time has slowly been taken off," Vash said as they let go and began to walk towards the little house they all owned.

"Where'd your jacket go to?" Meryl asked as she looked towards the house.

"I come back with an injured twin and all you can ask me is 'where'd your jacket go?'" Vash asked while mocking her voice.

"How are you?" Meryl asked instead.

"I'm bleeding, tired, and hungry," he answered.

"Vash … you smell," Meryl said as she waved a hand in front of her face.

"You're so cruel," Vash whined as faked heartache.

"You take a shower and I'll make you some food," Meryl said.

"What type of food?" Vash asked.

"I'll make you as many salmon sandwiches as you can eat, after I help Milly bandage Knives," Meryl promised.

"Deal!" Vash yelled as he took off running towards the house only to trip on a black cat with huge green eyes. The cat hissed as Vash went flying through the house door and crashed into a stack of boxes.

"Why can't I get a nice welcome?" Vash asked nobody.

"Vash! You get undressed and in that shower now!" Meryl yelled as she walked into thee kitchen.

"Meryl, I didn't know you wanted me," Vash said with a suggestive tone.

"Pervert," Meryl growled as she smack him on the head. Vash yipped before he took off towards the shower.

"Just for that you clean this mess," Meryl said as she turned to walk up the stairs. She found that Milly had put Knives in Wolfwood's room and was currently cleaning his wounds.

"Meryl, I think there's still a bullet in this shoulder," Milly said as she looked in the hole. Meryl walked over and washed her hands off before she took a pair of scissors and pulled the bullet out. She tossed the bullet on the dresser and began to wrap the wound after applying alcohol.

"Do you think he'll make it?" Milly asked as she looked at the now bandaged Knives.

Meryl gave her a dry look before she answered, "Of course, he's plant and don't forget he's dangerous."

"It looks like his wound is already closing," Milly said.

Milly nodded before she picked up the four bullets and bucket full of bloody water. They walked downstairs to find that d was grumbling as he picked up the mess. Milly smiled at him and he smiled back at her, before returning to his work.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to be sharing a room alone since I'm expecting," Milly suddenly said causing Meryl to freeze in mid grab of the salmon.

"What?" Meryl asked as she put the salmon on the counter.

"So that leaves Mr. Vash and you a room to share," Milly said as she smiled nervously.

"What?" Meryl repeated as she ripped the bag of bread open.

"I hope you don't mind," Milly said. Meryl took a deep breath and started to prepare the sandwiches.

'This is for the best, Milly needs time alone especially after Wolfwood,' she reasoned in her head.

"That fine," Meryl said with a smile. Milly smiled and hugged Meryl tightly and spun her around.

"Thank you so much Sempai!" Milly giggled.

"So, how long until your child's birth?" Meryl asked as she grabbed a box of donuts that she picked up at the store.

"Five more months," Milly cheerfully said as she touched her semi-swollen stomach.

"I'm glad that you finally let me take over the work at the bar," Meryl said.

"Yeah, it's nice not having to move with this belly," Milly softly said as she poked it. Meryl lightly laughed and patted the stomach.

"I can tell you're going to have girl," Meryl said.

"Really? How can you tell?" Milly curiously asked as she picked up the coffee pot and put it on the table. Meryl follow with the salmon sandwiches and donuts in hand.

"Call it instinct," Meryl answered.

"I'm going to leave the house and go to the bar for a few hours, so you and Mr. Vash can have some privacy," Milly innocently said before she winked. Milly could hear Vash falling down the stairs, so she stood up and walked towards the door. She decided to go to leave.

"Remember Meryl, go easy on him," Milly said with a gleam in her eye. Meryl blushed before she through a donut at her. She caught it and walked out the door with a smile on her face.

"Pervert," Meryl mumbled as she sat down.

"I smell donuts!" Vash yelled as he ran down the stairs dressed in regular jeans and a loose red shirt. Meryl slightly smiled as she poured herself a cup of coffee and took a drink. Vash smiled at her and sat across the table from her. He soon began to devour the sandwiches and donuts.

"So, how have you been?" He asked with his mouth full of food.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Meryl scolded. He just smiled and nodded.

"Sorry," Vash said. Meryl rolled her eyes.

"I've been fine," Meryl vaguely said.

"I mean what's been going on?" He asked. Meryl sighed.

"Milly's pregnant, and I've become the new owner of the local bar," Meryl answered.

"How'd that happened?" He doubtfully asked as he chuckled.

"You know how Milly got pregnant," Meryl scolded.

"I know that! I meant how'd you become owner of the bar?" Vash asked.

"It's not funny. The owner and I became really good friends, so he left the bar to me along with his house since he had no family," Meryl explained.

"That was nice," Vash said.

"I don't think so," Meryl sadly said as she sipped her coffee.


"He got killed in that bar. There was a gunfight between two drunken assholes and he took a bullet for me," Meryl said. Vash got up and gently hugged her as she relaxed and sighed.

"It was his choice," he assured her.

"I know, I just wish there was something that I could have done," Meryl said.

"You can't change the past, but you can choose what you do in the future," Vash explained.

"Milly doesn't know about the house. I plan to fix it up and give it to her for a present," Meryl said.

"That's sweet. Why can't I have people that love me like that?" Vash pouted with fake tears. Meryl was stunned into silence, but stood up and walked outside leaving a confused Vash outside. Vash walked outside to see Meryl sitting on the porch looking at the sky. He flinched when he saw her wipe her left eye and sighed.

'He must not realize that I love him,' Meryl thought as she let out a short humorless laugh.

'Could she … did my words hurt her that bad?' Vash questioned himself.

"Vash, please … sit next to me," Meryl whispered. He walked over and sat next to her, curious with what she might say.

"I'm sorry …"

"Don't apologize for something that's my fault," Meryl said with a frown.

"Why out here?" Vash asked.

"I have a dreadful feeling," Meryl truthfully said. Vash's eyebrows rose then realization dawned on him.

"If it's about my brother, you know I would never let him hurt you … or the others," he added quickly.

"No, it's not that. I feel something's going to happen to me," Meryl said.

"I'm sure nothing's going to happen," Vash said as he waived it off.

Meryl dejectedly sighed before she yelled, "You never listen! Do you broom head?"

Vash tipped over and watched as Meryl stomped back into the house. He pushed himself up and laughed. He then looked to his left and noticed a black cat with huge green eyes staring at him. He frowned at the cat and watched it yawn before it jumped off his chair and walked off into the night. He could hear Meryl go up the stairs and start her shower. He smacked his forehead.

"The stampede strikes again, damage control is one pissed off woman," he mumbled as he walked back into the house. He then cussed when he realized that he didn't know where he would be staying. So he walked over to the bathroom door and was about to knock when a naked Meryl opened the door. He through himself out of her way when he noticed her eyes were closed and she had headphones on.

He could her hear listening to some cha-cha music. Her watched as her naked hips swayed into her room, which was conveniently across from the bathroom. He could hear her tiny footsteps against the wood floor as she hummed to the beat. He prayed to god and looked into the room to see she still had her eyes closed. He watched as her arms brushed against her bare breast and she moved her hands through her hair. Vash whimpered in his throat as she decided to spin and toss her hair back. He watched her slightly parted mouth before he continued to stare at other things. He moved out the doorway and dove into another room when he watched her start to samba her way back towards the bathroom. He let out a breathe of relief as he hid behind a door.

He was just about to smile, but stopped when he heard the music come closer. He listened to the music stop and froze in terror as he stared at the nude Meryl and watched her get into the shower. He let out another breathe of relief but that was short lived when he heard her start to sing.

Every time I see your face

It looks like you've fallen farther from grace

I can't help but come to your calls

Even if I stall.

I can see your tears in your eyes

But seeing you smile is my prize

I wish I could take away your fears

Sometimes I believe that would take years.

You always played the fool in front of prying eyes

Don't kid yourself, I saw past the lies

No matter where you are

I won't be that far

No, I choose not to be that far.

Vash quietly opened the door and knocked so he could ask his question. She stuck her head out of the curtain and stared at Vash.

"You need something?" Meryl asked.

'You,' Vash thought but choose to say, "Where's my room?"

"Across the hall, we're bunking," Meryl, said as she wiped some bubbles off her forehead.

"Okay," Vash said with a sheepish grin. He closed the door and walked into the room that he was sharing and smiled at how Meryl quickly set up her side. His eyes widened in surprise as he touched the sheets and noticed that they were washed and soft. He saw he had two pillows and so he sat down and lay back with a smile.

That was before things changed and went from a calm life to something that he never thought would happen.

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