Memories II




Stressed Words

Meryl stood there looking into Vash's eyes before she decided that he loved the old her and not the new her. She wasn't new, just a replacement for what could be. She took a step back and decided to push this so called emotion behind her. Vash took a step forward and extended his hand to grab her wrist. Meryl made sure that she couldn't be grabbed when she started running into the desert. Knives looked out of the window to see that she was fleeing. He ran outside and saw that Vash was just standing there and looking at her vanishing figure.

"What are you doing you idiot?" Knives growled as he motioned to the running Meryl.

Vash reached up and touched his own lips before he began to think. Knives finally grew sick of waiting and entered his mind. He saw the image of Meryl kissing him replay like a broken movie. He was shocked that she kissed him and shocked that she ran. Knives then entered Meryl's mind to find that she was an emotional wreck. He grabbed his head in pain as he was shoved out of her mind. His nose slightly bled when he looked up at the confused Vash.

"She's going to wish herself gone," Knives growled as he wiped his nose.

"What?" Vash asked as he took off running. Knives shook his head before took off into the night after him.

"What did you do to her?" Knives demanded to know when he caught up to Vash.

"I don't know," Vash sheepishly said.

"While she's in emotional pain," Knives mumbled.

"She kissed me and then ran," Vash whispered as he began to blush.

'Idiot,' Knives thought as he saw her in the distance.

"Why did she run?" Vash asked.

"Probably because she fell in love with an idiot," Knives stated as they came closer.

"She loves me?" Vash asked before he took off faster and carefully tackled her to the ground.

"Get off!" Meryl yelled before she punched him in the jaw.

"Ow," Vash whined as he rubbed his jaw.

"Meryl don't you dare run again!" Knives warned as he walked closer to her.

"You couldn't even imagine why I ran!" Meryl stated as she let angry tears flow.

"I know that you love him," Knives stated.

"Love? Is that what I feel?" Meryl whispered before she sat up.

"Yes, and even though Vash is a stupid idiot you can't run from your emotions," Knives stated as walked towards her.

"I hate this feeling! Everything hurts and I want to make him hurt!" Meryl yelled out as she pointed at Vash.

"It won't help much, trust me," Knives whispered as he took her hand.

"I want to stop the tears and keep him, yet if he doesn't … love me I want to not remember and forget this," Meryl stated as she ran into Knives arms.

"Forgetting will make him hurt, is that what you want?" Knives asked as he hugged her.

"Yes," Meryl quickly answered.

"Are you sure?" Knives asked.

"I wonder why I couldn't have loved you," Meryl whispered.

'I do too,' Knives thought.

"Can you forgive him and help look for the stone?" Knives calmly asked as he looked into her eyes.

'Would her life have been better without me?' Vash thought as he looked at her.

"In time," Meryl whispered as she pulled out of Knives' arms.

Meryl began to walk towards Vash and knelt in front of him. She softly caressed his cheek before the ground began to shake. Her eyes widened in shock before she looked to see that Knives had taken a battle stance. Vash was now kneeling with her and the sand began to cave in before it exploded outward. Everyone covered their eyes as sand sprayed at them. They all looked forward and heard a growling. The sandworm growled as it covered the moon. They were shrouded in shadow before it started to come down and attack.

Meryl held up her hand and screamed in pain as a white light came from the palm of her hand. Knives' eyes widened as he watched the light cover all three of them. Vash had covered his eyes with his sleeve and Meryl stared at the palm of her hand as the light poured forth. The sandworm had something hard as it came down. It banged against what appeared to be nothing before it collapsed on the ground. The white light went back into her hand and left them covered in moonlight.

Meryl collapsed to the ground as her hand began to smoke. She hugged her hand close to herself before she began to shake. Knives rubbed his eyes and couldn't even begin to think of that light, that power. Vash had crawled over to Meryl and embraced her before she pushed herself away and began to hold herself up on her knees and hands. She then puked and fell on her butt before she wiped her mouth off. She could hear Knives and Vash running towards her, but didn't care. The sand began to sink into the ground and Meryl held her hand out towards Vash.

"Meryl!" Vash yelled as he jumped on to grab her.

"Idiot!" Knives yelled before he grabbed Vash's foot.

The ground was an open crater now that the sand had stopped sinking. Everything in Meryl's vision was blurry. Vash held her tightly to him and kept his eyes closed as they both hung in open air. Her head was hanging back along with both her arms and feet. Knives struggled to pull them both to solid ground as he gritted his teeth. He soon began to slip forward towards the crater. Meryl soon realized what was happening and looked into Vash's closed eyes and knew that she had to do something.

"Let go," Meryl whispered as she reached up and ran her thumb along his cheekbone.

"No," Vash said as he held her tighter.

"You have to let me go," Meryl whispered as she held the tears back.

"No, I can't push you away," Vash firmly stated.

"This isn't how I want it to be, but I want you to live," Meryl said as she let a tear slide from her eye.

"Knives!" Vash called up to his struggling brother.

"Whatever you're thinking, no," Knives yelled back.

"Let us go," Vash calmly said.

"We all fall together," Knives stated as he came to the edge.

"That's it! We have to fall!" Meryl yelled.

"That's absurd," Knives grunted.

"We have to," Meryl said.

Knives lost his grip on the edge and they all began to descend into the darkness. It seemed dreamlike at first, but then reality caught up as Meryl noticed that they were bound to hit. Vash held Meryl's hand as they fell to the ground and Knives had his arms out to his sides as he enjoyed the free fall. They passed through a white ring of energy that sparked around them. They finally landed on a pile of white sand and dirt. Vash moaned and rolled off the pile of dirt. Knives pushed himself up and glanced around the rock cave.

Meryl slid of the sand and staggered to her feet. She used the rough wall to hold herself up as she limped towards the opening in the cave. Vash's vision was in double as he walked toward Meryl. Knives wiped the sand off of his suit before he followed the two. Meryl blinked a few times before her eyes adjusted to the bright light that was radiating from the back of the cave. When she made it to the end of the cave she smiled as her face lit up. She limped as she jogged her way to the stone of their searching.

"We found it Vash," Meryl contentedly said as she turned around to face him.

"Wish Meryl, make it all return," Vash said as smiled at her.

"Oh Vash, your arm…your whole body," Meryl whispered when she ran towards him and let her hand hover over his injuries.

"That idiot," Knives mumbled as he fell next to him.

"Knives, can you heal him?" Meryl said as sat in between the two.

"No, he's fading," Knives huffed as he tried to breathe.

'This is my fault,' Meryl whispered.

"I do love you," Vash whispered as he breaths became farther apart.

"I have to fix this…all of this," Meryl cried as she stood up and stepped away from the two.

"Don't do anything stupid," Knives growled.

"Love makes you do stupid things," Meryl replied.

"Get it all back," Vash whispered as he winced in pain.

"I wish this never happened. Reverse time and take it all back," Meryl said before the stone left her hands.

It flashed a bright light before it the last and final flash covered all three of them in a white light. Meryl smiled as she vanished and Vash grunted as he soon to followed suite. Knives shook his head but smiled when he vanished from the site. Everything faded to a white before all three of them were unconscious and gone from the time they had spent. Time had reversed and taken back what had happened from the path they had traveled.

Meryl took off her apron and hung it in the back room before she walked over to where Vash was. Vash smiled at her and she smiled back at him as they both walked out of the bar. They walked to the left and went through an alley to reach their house. Before they reached their house they both heard a gentle click. Meryl and Vash both froze and then turned around.

"You should have helped me," a slurred voice laughed.

'I remember this, I get shot,' Meryl thought as she became confused.

"Casey, please relax and put the gun down," Meryl calmly said as she turned around.

"Damn it!" Casey yelled.

"Put the gun down," Meryl said as she took a step closer to him.

'If I approach him he'll shoot me dead. What should I do?' Meryl asked herself as she began to think.

"STAY BACK!" Casey yelled as he swung the gun around. Vash went to grab Meryl's arm and pull her to him, but she took another step towards him.

"Meryl, please come back," Vash whispered.

"Why are you doing this?" Meryl asked as she held her arms open.

"Damn it! You should have served me!" Casey yelled at her.

"Please Casey, no one should take the life of another," Meryl said as she began to reach out towards the gun.

"Stay away from me!" Casey yelled at Meryl as he cautiously watched her and Vash.

"Casey," Meryl calmly said as she smiled at him, "Please put the gun down." Meryl then reached out for the gun.

Vash watched as Casey tensed up and jumped back away from Meryl. He then firmly held the gun in front of him and time froze. Vash helplessly froze and watched as Casey squeezed the trigger. Meryl gasped but before the bullet could enter her gut and she pushed herself down to the ground. She then watched as the bullet hit the light post next to her. Vash gathered her into his arms and then they watched Casey hold the gun up to his temple. He then pulled the trigger and they watched as Casey slumped to the ground in a puddle of red. Vash looked down and let the tears fall from his eyes as she reached up and gently touched his cheek.

"Meryl?" He gently whispered as he wiped blood from her face.

"It's just a few scratches from the ground," Meryl assured as she looked up at him.

"Let's get you home and cleaned up," Vash stated before he began to carry her home.

'It's changed; everything is back to the way it should have been. I wonder why I remember what happened. If I fall asleep will it all vanish from my mind and allow me to live in bliss. No, I want to remember because I got to live the way I always wanted to…with Vash,' Meryl declared in her head.

When they arrived at the small house Meryl and Vash found a few lights on. When they went upstairs they saw that Knives' room door was open. Meryl got out of Vash's arms and heard voices when she approached the door. When she stepped inside she saw that Milly was still talking to a half awake Knives. She smiled and hugged Milly before she left the room. She heard Vash go downstairs to the kitchen and she sat in the chair closest to Knives' bed.

'I wonder if he remembers anything,' Meryl thought before she went to talk.

"I remember and I'm shocked to see that Vash does too. I thought that you wouldn't," Knives calmly stated as she messed with a bandage.

"I'm glad that I remember, because now I have my old and new memories," Meryl stated as she smiled.

"Yes, but now we have memories of what never happened," Knives brought to attention.

"It's strange, because I know that it won't fade. Anyways, are you healing again?" Meryl asked as she poked his arm.

"Yes, and so you know, Milly remembers nothing," Knives said.

"Okay, I'll leave you alone for now," Meryl said before she left and closed the room door.

She stopped by the bathroom door and heard the shower running. She then shook her head before she ran downstairs. Meryl smiled at Milly and sat down at the table with her. Meryl played with pepper specks on the table before she lightly laughed.

"Milly," Meryl softly said.

"Yes, Meryl," Milly said as she looked up in surprise.

"Wolfwood wanted me to tell you that he loves you," Meryl whispered.

Milly looked surprised before she smiled and said, "I knew that."


"Sometimes when he enters my dreams I can hear him whisper 'I love you and I'll be right here," Milly explained.

Meryl stood up and smiled before she left a confused Milly at the table. She sat on the sand as she looked up at the sky and began to sing.

Every time I see your face

It looks like you've fallen farther from grace

I can't help but come to your calls

Even if I stall.

I can see your tears in your eyes

But seeing you smile is my prize

I wish I could take away your fears

Sometimes I believe that would take years.

You always played the fool in front of prying eyes

Don't kid yourself, I saw past the lies

No matter where you are

I won't be that far

No, I choose not to be that far.

"You have a beautiful voice," Vash said as he sat next to her. She began to blush before she looked up into the sky.

"I was thinking and wondering," Meryl softly said as she leaned back.

"About what?" Vash asked as he looked over at her.

"I was wondering the future held," Meryl stated as she looked up into the sky.

"I think we all wonder that," Vash whispered.

'Yeah we do, but I actually lived it and changed it,' Meryl thought.

"We do, and I want to change things and start to make life and not take what it gives!" Meryl happily stated as she stared into his eyes.

"What do you plan to do?" Vash asked in curiosity.

"First, I'm going to tell the love of my life that I love him, and then I'm going to kiss him to the future," Meryl stated as she began to blush.

"Who's your love?" Vash asked.

"Vash, I love you," Meryl said before she reached behind his head and pulled her to him. Their lips meet and electricity meet as they began to move in a perfect motion. Meryl bit his lower lip and pulled it out a little in a playful manner before she let go and self-consciously smiled at him. He looked dazed before he smiled at her and lightly pecked her lips.

"Are we in the future?" Vash asked before he kissed her.