:: Hey, this is my first Gilmore Girls fic…inspired by how much better Jess is than Dean. Haha, just joking. It will be several short drabbles. So random.::

:: Setting: this season when Rory is still with Dean. So post-Jess. I don't own Gilmore Girls or the characters. Title is a song by Brand New. Enjoy!::


Dean pulls her close and she breathes in. She wishes he smelled like cigarettes, cheap cologne and trouble. Dean smells like fabric softener, generic shampoo and innocence. Rory clings to his winter jacket.

Rory wishes Dean's lips were dry and rough and welcoming. His lips and smooth and wet and she can tell he's been chewing cinnamon gum. She always hated cinnamon.

She asked Jess more than once to quit smoking. He'd look at her and nod, then ask if she really wanted him to. Rory would stare at her shoes and smile, while he took a drag. She smokes occasionally, outside of Luke's, on the ground, by the dumpsters. She only smokes when she misses him. More than occasionally.

Rory gives Dean a book for his birthday. She excitedly points out the themes and her favorite parts. Dean thanks her and kisses her softly on the lips. Her promises to take her out to dinner. She gave Jess a book once. He flipped through it, folded it, and stuck it in his back pocket. He smiled and asked her how her AP English test went. Rory knew Dean didn't like it.