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Rory closes her eyes, cocks her head to the side, and smiles. Her short hair falls over her right eye. Logan smells like expensive cologne and traces of liquor. It's a nauseating mix. Rory likes it.

She reaches for a book on the top shelf at the campus library. Her hand is a mere two inches from the Encyclopedia Americana, the fourth edition. Logan leans over her a grabs the book. Her face is a mere two inches from his. Logan breathes heavily, rapidly. Wintergreen. Minty. Rory was never opposed to wintergreen.

Two days later, Rory has committed his eyes to memory. Brown, like Jess', but blue like Dean's. She's confused. All she knows is that he sends shivers down her spine and makes her forget that she doesn't even like the guy. He's cocky and assuming. He makes her blood pump at twice the normal rate. Rory needs to see his eyes again.

Logan wiped a newspaper smudge off her cheek in the most cliché way possible (fingers on her cheek, thumb on the smudge). They were working late on the paper, alone. She was surprised he even showed up. It was dark. His hands were cold and she shivered, her eyes closed. He apologized and she silently cursed herself.

Rory doesn't know what is going to happen, and for once she doesn't care. She hasn't even made a pro or con list (yet).