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Who could have guessed that one of the very rare moments when the two crazed fan girls were not thinking of being whisked away from their cruel reality, it had happened.

Nothing flashed at them, and nothing warned them of the sudden transition.

Aya, a girl of nineteen with brown hair nearing her waist and plain dark brown eyes among a pale complex, had just stepped off her second bus, slinging one of her duffel bags higher up onto her shoulder where it rubbed her skin raw. Several students on the campus gave the small five foot girl strange looks as she leaned on one side, struggling with her heavy bags.

It was the start of a long weekend, when they would be going up to Philadelphia for their first true Fencing tournament. After all, the one they had at their University was a bit… empty. The Temple Open, which they were headed to that afternoon, would be several times larger.

"Damn…. " Huff "Heavy" Huff "Equipment." Aya growled in a low voice, glaring at the sidewalk ahead that lead towards the O'Dome where they would be leaving from. She wobbled a bit, cursing herself for always packing too much, and regained her balance.

It was at the moment when the large white domed structure came into view that her sight faltered. She blamed it on the sun beating down on her on the rather warm day, as well as the fact that she wore her gray sweater. She could never know when there would suddenly be a cold breeze.

The moment she tripped on an upturned root, she knew something had gone wrong. The main cause wasn't that the large chunk of tree stuck out, ready to snag the first foot that approached it, but the fact that she had suddenly lost sight of the dome among a thick layer of trees. Being clumsy, she went down without another thought.

"Fuck!" She managed to croak before her face hit dirt. When did she wander off the sidewalk? She pushed herself up after tugging off the bags, wiping her face clear of dried leaves.

Her first instinct was to look around and make sure not too many people saw her embarrassment. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she was no where near the vicinity of a human soul.

"What the--"

Cat, on the other hand, was packed light with her backpack stuffed with the clothes she would need and a smaller bag for her main needs. She locked her dorm room and pushed out of the building, checking her cell phone to make sure that she WAS actually five minutes late. Yes, five-past-six. She decided not to pick up her pace and instead walk steadily towards the O'Dome, ready for the long bus trip ahead.

This University student still had a week more to go until she reached nineteen. She stood at five-three, tan-skinned and 'black' (actually dark brown but according to everyone it was black) wavy hair pulled back in a messy pony tail. She wore comfortable clothes, the same as her fellow Fencers that were making their way to the same place. She quickly turned a corner, expecting to see the bus from afar—

And walked straight into a tree.

She pulled back, staring at the sudden pine that stood in her way. Standing there for a few moments to collect her thoughts, she looked around it. Another tree. And on the other side: another tree.

"Um…. Where's the O'Dome?"

"Shit!" The sound came off to her side, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. From among a random bush planted between two more pines, came a rumpled mass of brown hair and cursing short girl.

"Aya?" She squeaked, looking at the mess.

The girl pulled the hair away from her face and blinked at the source of her name. "Cat? What the hell?" She tried to compose herself, knowing that she looked as if she went head-first through a dense forest… which she had, and stood straight. "You have a clue where we are?"

"Ah…. No."

There was a long moment of silence as they stared at each other, then at their surroundings, then at the ground… their bags, each other, and everywhere else before it clicked.

"You don' think…?" Cat asked with wide eyes.

Aya paused, biting her lips. "Although having aimlessly walked into some woods while we weren't paying attention would be a better explanation… I'd still take the other thought. But, it wouldn't be possible. Too good to be true, you know." She looked up at the sky, towards a sun that looked the same.

"Yah, you're right. Not possible." Cat hesitated, than pointed towards her left. "Let's try that way. I bet we'll find something familiar there. We must have walked into one of those nice little nature trails around campus."

"Of course, that's it." So the search started then.

The two girls walked side-by-side, making sure they kept to the path.

"Is this even a path?" Aya asked sarcastically, leaning forward from the weight of her bags.

"I guess so." Cat replied, trying to concentrate on not tripping over another large set of roots.

Aya sighed heavily, glancing around once again. "I have a strange feeling that we're not anywhere near campus anymore. You know, this kind of reminds me of…"

"Reality, Aya. Reality. As much as I'd like to believe we have been suddenly transported into another dimension, I still want to stay away from any mental institutes. Hey, is that something there?"

They stopped, glancing through a thin set of bushes. The soft sounds of laughter were heard and they both breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, seems like we could ask those boys where we are." Aya smiled, then quickly winced. "Jeremy and the others are going to kill us for being so late!"

"Don't count on it. I bet you they left us already. I can just picture it now... Amy and Heather calling our cell phones and being extremely annoyed... Bruce saying 'I knew they'd turn out to be unreliable'..." Cat was about to slip through the bushes to catch the incoming guys' attention, when she was suddenly yanked back. "Wh--" A hand clamped her mouth and she stared at her friend's still face. Her eyes followed her gaze.

They both bit their tongues when the men came closer. They wore clothes of some Asian country, leggings and pants with thick hide boots tied half-way up their calves. Some had a tunic over a white shirt, others simply wore a loose shirt, all sporting jewels and stones that neither girl could name around their necks and adorning their faces. Most held some form of weapon, sharp pointed things that could seriously cause some damage. They had one horse among them, which was used to carry the most cleaned-cut of the men. Obviously the man had a higher position than the unshaven group treading along the ground.

"Oi, I think I 'eard somethin' jes' ova there."

Aya and Cat visibly winced. From the looks of it and from their knowledge, this would not be good.

"Jes' prob'ly some critter. Don' say stupid things, Jyorun." Another man smacked the first that spoke across the head with his staff. "Now shaddup."

Aya motioned to Cat to duck lower, trying to hide their obviously foreign selves from the men. Encountering men dressed like that in this kind of setting only meant trouble. They squatted as quiet as possible, barely breathing as they listened to the men pass.

As soon as they were out of sight and their footsteps faded away, they let out the breath they had been holding.

"Oh, fuck, thi-this is actually.." Aya was panting, looking around as if some mad animal had bit her. Her lips barely twitched upwards to the start of a grin.

"N-no, maybe they were late Halloween people, o-or, maybe… Maybe… " Cat tried to make something up. To hell with it. "Maybe we actually are in Konan." Her eyes lit up.

"Wha' 'bout Konan, little lady?" A rough voice said from behind the two. They both screeched when a rough hand joined with their shoulders. "Well, well… Jyorun was right for once. Oi! Men! We got ourselves tonight's entertainment!"

"E-entertainment!?" Cat screamed out, face going pale.

"That's what ya get for strolling 'round a bandit's property." The man grinned, his teeth stained a dark yellow with one or two missing. Aya's face twisted at the look, her nose scrunching up in disgust.

"Reikaku bandits?" Aya managed to squeeze out through her rising fear. If it had been so, she knew the foreboding feeling wouldn't have come up.

The man grinned down at her, grabbing both their arms roughly to drag them back to his group. "Kaou, though we're gonna beat down the Reikaku bandits by 'morrow, so ya can say we'll be runnin' this mountain from now on."

With that said, Aya planted her feet on the ground, glaring hard. Kaou bandits? Planning to sneak an attack on the Reikaku? Not while she's alive. "Let go, you asshole! Let us go!" She tried to wrench her arm free, but the man just let out a deep laugh and tossed her towards a lanky man of the group.

"Have your way with her! But careful, she might bite!" He tossed Cat towards another guy, who let out a cry and tried to struggle. The man that took them quickly left and returned with their bags, staring strangely at them.

"No! Last thing I want is to fucking get raped by bastards like you! Let go!" Not that she would want to be raped by anyone. Aya kicked at one of the bandits that tried to hold her down, earning herself a large sum of points for getting him in the groin. She had little time to mentally crow. Breaking free she tackled the first guy closest to Cat, trying to drag her up on the way. Startled, the men took a bit of time to compose themselves, and heal possibly, or perhaps they were just being entertained.

The girls stumbled, jumped up, and were caught again before they could start running.

"Aya!" Cat shouted as her friend was pulled back and slapped to the ground. The shock kept the shorter girl there.

Less than a second later, Aya blinked and shouted "Go!" all too late. Cat was tossed next while the men circled around them to make sure they wouldn't leave.

"Men, can' ya keep two girls down long 'nough?" The bandit that captured them called out.

"S-sorry!" The man Aya had kicked said. She recognized him as Jyorun, and he looked like the youngest of the lot of some fifteen odd men.

"Jus' get 'em broken in already! Next town we'll sell 'em off to some slave traders I know. They got some interestin' things 'ere, too," He said, riffling through Cat's backpack.

"Don't touch that with your dirty hands you pervert!!!" Cat screamed in outrage as the man lifted a pair of her panties up for closer inspection.

"Hm.. wonderin' what kind ya wearin' now." He grinned wickedly as the rest of his men gave out loud roaring laughs.

"Next time ya go poaching on my lands, ya might want ta be a lot quieter, Shorei," A deep growl resounded through the small clearing the Kaou bandits decided to reside in.

Both Aya and Cat froze in their struggles (not that they had given up even as two men tried to hold them down while the others circled and placed bets).

Aya's eyes darted around, trying to catch the voice's owner, but she had no luck. Fortunately, the men quickly stood up and left them to get their weapons, ready to fight. With their attention drawn away, the two girls wasted no time in climbing to their feet and darting away.

"Whoa there, girls!" A strong pair of arms came around their waists as they leapt away from the circle of Kaou bandits. They were pulled up roughly against another tall man.

Arg! Not again!!! Aya's mind screamed.

Sensing both of them stiffen, the man laughed close to their ears. "Don' worry, we might not be royal guards, but we're 'ere th' good guys. Now don' go runnin' off 'way or ya both will get lost." He let them go and turned away, only to enter into the start of a small battle.

"Cat… was that just Kouji?" Aya whispered to her friend when the two turned around and saw the back of the man.

"I couldn't care less!" She was visibly shaken. "I knew one minute in this place and we would be rape victims like nothing. It's like that one moment after the next…!" She sniffed, but was already calming herself down. They peaked around a tree, following orders to stay put.

The sight that greeted them definitely made them feel better. At least Aya. Red flaming hair, an all too familiar black jacket, all part of a tall fanged tan man…. Oh yes, this had been the best dream yet. She would pinch herself if only she wasn't afraid she'd wake up.

"Hey, I think it was worth it to be saved by him," Aya tried to grin, but it only came out as a sarcastic smirk. Then again, that experience she just had… she wouldn't want a repeat of it. Cat's glare told her she felt the same way.

Cat then returned her gaze to the fight which was in progress; she tried to make sure that it was in fact Aya's dream man. "Tasuki..." She whispered softly as her mouth dropped open slightly. Could it really be him? After all the long nights of staying up past 2 am moaning about their lack of men... could it be that they were in fact in Konan, near one of the sexiest men known to them. "But where's Chichiri?" ...Great, like always...I'm left out

The fight was over faster than either side expected.

"I thought ya were smart 'nough ta bring more boys, Shorei." Genrou sheathed his tessen back in place on his back, staring down at the defeated man beneath him. "Next time ya feel like romping through my mountain, I'll kill you," he said in his more serious tone, eyes narrowed. The Reikaku bandits then picked up the bags they found of Kaou's loot, including the girls' stuff, and then led the horse that had carried the defeated bandit.

"Oi, ladies, is any of this stuff yours?" Kouji asked as he approached them while the other men went through the sacs the horse had packed. The scarred man held up their bags along with a pack some other bandit must have had.

"Um… those…" Cat pointed to their bags, although her eyes were focused only on the bandit in front of her.

Said bandit gave her a raised eyebrow. Cat's eyes had gone wide, and went unblinking, while her mouth hung limply open. Aya, on the other hand, looked like she found her way into heaven. She was staring away from him, and he guessed it had to be someone coming up behind him.

"Kouji, looks like this is their big raid. Don' think we gotta worry 'bout 'em for awhile. What'd we save this time?" Genrou asked as he came up to the small group of other-worldly girls and his best friend. His amber eyes caught sight of Aya's first, who stood there staring up at him with the biggest grin of life.

"Two girls, it seems. Gotta say, they remind me 'bit of that Suzaku no Miko of ours." Kouji placed the bags on the ground beside the two of them and backed up slowly beside his friend, leaning closer to whisper, "But definitely 'lot weirder."

Cat finally noticed her fish expression and snapped her mouth closed. She then proceeded to pinch herself, realizing that only helped in creating a red bruise. "Are you… real?" She asked timidly, taking a glance at her friend to make sure she had not been the only one dreaming. Aya definitely saw them, too.

"Ya lucky we are, 'cause Kaou bandits are always up ta no good." Genrou narrowed his eyes at the shorter of the two girls that stayed silent. "Is she alright? You are aren't hurt, are ya?"

Aya, slowly recovering, nodded.

"Good. I think there's a village an hour walk from 'ere. We'll drop ya off." Genrou swung a bag over his shoulder and began to walk past them.

"Wait!" Aya, by instinct, snagged a good portion of Genrou's jacket.

With luck, the man stumbled and found himself face-first into the ground. "What the fuck was that for, bitch!?" He screamed the instant he recovered and lifted his face to breathe.

Aya blanched. Great going. How about staying on his good side? "Uh… don't sell us to slave traders, asshole!" It was the first thing that came to her mind. What else was she suppose to say to the man she was absolutely infatuated with back in their reality?

"Who said 'nything 'bout slave traders? We're gonna drop ya off, an' leave ya there." Genrou picked himself up and recovered his bag. He then got a good look of the two girls. "Where are ya from, 'nyways."

"Fl--" Cat began.

"Kou! Kou village. You know, just around the corner… Nice little place." Aya tried her best to fake a chuckle, which instead turned into a girlish squeal.

Genrou's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Don' think I've seen ya 'fore."

Shit. Aya smiled innocently and gave a try at another lie. "How 'bout I say we just moved there?"

"Don' think they're from 'round 'ere." Kouji said from off the side, picking up Cat's half-open backpack. He pulled out the Precalc book, flipping open the green cover and letting a few stray papers fall to the ground. "What kinda foreign writing is this?"

"It's English," Cat helpfully provided.

"Cat!" Aya whined in protest, looking nervously between the bandits that had circled around them, but mostly at the red-haired leader with his eyes resting on hers.

Cat wrung her hands nervously. "So, please don't kill us. We just lost our way on campus. We have to meet the Fencing club to catch the bus, so if you could point us in the right direction, we won't bother you anymore."

"Caaat!" Aya whined more. The right direction meant away from her dream man standing a few feet from her.

"Sorry!" Cat returned, flinching as if she had done something wrong. "Its just that it's wrong to lie to them! We don't know where we are, where to go, what to do…"

Genrou and Kouji, along with the rest of their group, stared in confusion. The information was too much to process. Cat trailed off after a moment, lowering her head in defeat.

"You see! You can't leave us on our own. Come on, take us with you. We can trust you, right?" Aya begged, trying to nudge Cat into helping.

"Uh…. Yah! See, we are defenseless, and weak women. We'll get assaulted the moment we're alone again." The black-haired girl told them.

"What are these?" Kouji asked, tapping the blade of a saber protruding out from one of Aya's bags.

The girl stared at it for a long time, obviously thinking of an excuse, or cursing the blade that gave the men a chance to toss them away.

"They're weapons for a sport, but they won't help much in real situations!" Cat provided.

Genrou ignored that last remark and began to head away from them. "Good enough until you find your way back home." He turned his head in the direction of his men. "Head back! Kouji an' I will take the girls." They obeyed without another thought. The problem wasn't theirs and they looked forward to sorting through the loot and the booze.

"But we don't know how to get home!" Cat protested. "You can't just abandon two girls from another world, Tasuki!"

Aya flinched and watched the bandit leader stiffen. Kouji stared from behind, minding his own.

Genrou turned to face them once again. "How'd ya know that name?" His voice sounded threatening.

A pause.

"Everyone knows the great Tasuki!" Aya grinned, but it did not reach her eyes. Instead she was hoping he'd be kind enough to keep them hostage in their stronghold and force answers out. At least that'll keep us together.

Genrou's eyes narrowed even more.

Cat leaned into her friend. "I don't think that helped." She then clapped her hands together and looked to the bandit leader, face bright with an idea. "We'll clean! And cook! We're not asking for free board… Just tell us what to do. We'll do it until we find a way back home."

The two men looked to each other and appeared to be considering it.

"Well… If they're here, something must be up. Maybe ya friend will know." Kouji backed up the two girls. "An' it's not like the place wouldn' need some cleaning."

"We're bandits," Genrou said bluntly.

"We won't be a bother, promise!" Aya added.

They stood there, waiting for the leader's answer. Finally, his shoulders slumped.

Banzai!!! Aya tried to hide her ecstatic look, but Genrou caught it. A look of terror passing by his eyes gave that away.

"Let's go," He turned and went the same way his men had gone moments before.

It did not take the small group long to get back to the stronghold. Two guards were already posted by the entrance, and their eyebrows rose up when they saw the two girls returning with their leaders.

Aya took in everything that she passed. The oak wood doors they used to enter the stronghold, the empty, bleak hallway, the musky smell of men… who hadn't bathed in a week. They passed several open windows leading to the courtyard and then came into a large mess hall that had two long tables set up for the men's meals. And two smaller round ones towards one corner for other occasions.

At the moment, Aya was in paradise. However, when the sight of a blue-haired man came into view as they entered the dining area, seated at one of the round tables in the corner, Cat joined her.

The older seishi was sipping at his tea, looking over a scroll that was laid out on the table. He was alone in the whole room, and there was a peaceful silence that settled around him. He still wore his tradition kesa, with a loose white shirt and his leggings. His kasa sat on a chair next to him. And his back was turned to them.

"Oi, Chichiri," Genrou called out. As they passed the large arched doors into the room, their footsteps echoed loudly.

So much for the peaceful atmosphere. Aya thought mentally, frowning at the loud echoes.

Chichiri lifted his head in acknowledgement. "Was everything alright, Tasuki?" His eyes was scanning through the last paragraph before he turned their way. "There wasn't an—DAA?" He caught sight of the two strange girls.

"We got ourselves some company," The bandit leader-turned seishi grumbled. Tasuki set his glare on the two girls, then glanced back at his fellow seishi. "An' if ya haven't figured it out already, we've got a bit more on our hands once 'gain."

"I-I…. have not heard a thing from Taitsukun, no da." Chichiri's face didn't leave the two strange girls. Maybe because they were making a spectacle of themselves.

Aya was just about bouncing off the walls. She held a large toothy grin, her gaze shifting from him to the other Suzaku seishi, to her friend, to the walls, to the tables, to the floor, to the… all around and back again. But a good portion of the time it rested on two of the three men present. Cat, on the other hand, looked flustered and let out a squeak past her closed mouth. She had made sure to keep it from hanging open. Her eyes stared right back at the monk, disbelieving. She shifted nervously from foot to foot, as if trying to figure out what to do.

"Kouji, why don'cha show 'em my room? It's the largest there is an' they can stay there for awhile." Tasuki did not look back to his friend. Instead, he caught the eyes of Chichiri, something passing between the two of them.

"Alright," the blue-haired bandit replied, picking up the bags again and calling the two girls to leave. They left after a minute, reluctantly.

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