"Aya" here.

This is a (potential) final author's note in regards to this story. My guilt has finally consumed me enough to make an official post about it... Once upon a time (years after the last chapter but still years ago already) I replied to a few messages saying that I was going to post the last chapter that had been written back in 2008 along with a quick summary of what we had once planned the ending to be. Colliding World was very close to its conclusion, as it had all been planned down to the epilogue.

I am very sorry to inform any of those faithful followers whom I promised that I cannot fulfill that final wish. I goof'ed. I had a laptop then that had a fingerprint scanner, and I had gone and locked that story among others on a whim one day. I should have posted that chapter years ago, when I had mentioned that I would, but waiting proved to have made things more complicated. That computer was eventually replaced after it suffered some physical damage and my locked documents can no longer be unlocked... at least until I stop being lazy, save money, and go find a cheap fingerprint scanner for my current laptop. Someday, if I ever do make that purchase, I will post that final written chapter just to have it up, but it may never happen.

As far as the story... It is obvious that Colliding Worlds is dead. I still have a passion for writing, Fushigi Yuugi and other fandoms but the heart of this story died years ago. It was a silly idea from two immature girls that had just met at the university and became friends because we found some odd things in common. It is unfortunate to say that "good" friends are hard to come by, and that little whimsical dream ended years ago. You learn how hard it is to come by a true friend. I have attempted to move on with my life, albeit it still has been difficult these years with more or less larger problems and still some more to come. I moved across the country and made a strange new city my home. I have even recently purchased a little house to call home that I love. I have been living a relatively quiet life focused around work and my pets. Even if at times it may sound lonely, it's been good.

If I recall, the last bit of writing for Colliding World went as followed [I apologize about the short and rough summary, I am writing this from faint memories from what is truly feels like a lifetime ago for me, both from reading what was written but never posted and what was essentially a rough plan of what we were supposed to write as a final battle]-

Paramedics arrived and took Tasuki to the hospital. I'm unsure what occurred or the time frame, but he was eventually healed by Cat. In the meantime, there were strange things happening back north in their university (potentially leading to Vereor taking over the city in our world). The gang found this out through a news station before or after they made their escape from the hospital undetected, as they couldn't have the authorities asking questions or arresting anyone. Whichever drama was being planned at the time... Chichiri helped teleport them to the edge of their university town, getting ready to face Vereor for the last time.

Epic final battle ensues.

What was to occur, was the worlds were eventually broken open by Vereor and connected. Both Miaka and Yui show up (unless they had already, I cannot recall) to once again help in summoning their respected "gods". Cat and Aya were replacing the power of the lost seishi that were not present, regardless of how beat up they were during the final battle. Somehow, together, they were to help defeat Vereor once and for all and do their best to seal the fractured worlds before more slipped through. Whether it was kill him, capture him, turn him, or send him back wherever he came from I cannot recall. I have an inkling of a memory that we had some elaborate history on Vereor that was supposed to make others sympathize somewhat with him, but that may just be my mind playing tricks on me. He was an interesting villain, and there were many moments spent on brainstorming his character that I wish was more developed.

Anyway, happy epilogue continued on from there. The girls had to make a choice and decided to return to the world of the four gods with their seishi to live happily ever after regardless of being separated from family and friends. Aya had triplets (and miraculously survived birthing them) and Cat eventually had three or some army of brats over her lifetime with Chichiri. I don't think a number was ever planned. They all lived long and healthy lives.