The New Super Friends

Volume 2, Issue 6 (May, 2005)

Story by: Christopher W. Blaine The New Super Friends is an original concept of Christopher W. Blaine that incorporates characters, situations and ideas published by DC Comics Inc. and are used without permission for fan-related entertainment purposes only. This original work is ©2004 by Christopher W. Blaine.

In an attempt to recreate the universe, the Time-Guardian murdered an innocent man. From the ashes of that crime rose a group of heroes from ages that never were to ensure there was justice for all. Now, those heroes protect their new world, banded together as comrades and as a family. They are the Super Friends!

"Second Chances"

"Green Lantern, huh?" Robin asked as he scratched the back of his head. He knew that the man in the green and black costume was really the new ring-slinger, but the fact that he didn't look much older than him was disconcerting. He knew what a power ring was capable of and he wasn't too sure that a young person was the right choice to possess one. But then again he realized that he wasn't in any position to decide the issue.

"Yeah," the other hero said, carefully taking in every detail of the Hall of Justice. He didn't trust any of them, even more than he normally would have. Ever since he and Lois had become lovers, he had begun to see things in a different light. Maybe it was being with an older woman? Heck, he thought, she was only a few years older than him; well, ten wasn't that many after all.

And he was about six years older than the youngster in front of him. God, he thought, we are all babies compared to what used to be the lock, stock and barrel of the super-hero community. "Where is everyone else?"

Robin shrugged. "Huntress is on Trouble Alert duty, or monitor duty if you want to call it that. Our computers are hooked to every law enforcement agency in the free world and even to some in the not-so-free countries." He seemed very proud of the fact but it was nothing that could not be found out on their website. "A lot of it was Justice League equipment that Nightwing overhauled for us."

"Nightwing is no longer a member, is he?" he asked. He knew that the Kryptonian hero was not, but he was hoping to garner some information as to why. The official story was that he retired, but there were rumors that he had lost his powers. How a Kryptonian, the same race as Superman, were able to become powerless was something he needed to know. Super-Woman, the vice-chair of the Super Friends, was also from Krypton.

"No, but I'm not exactly sure why," Robin lied. He was not sure how much information he should give out just yet. The fact that Nightwing was now a normal human was not common knowledge. Not like the fact that Hawkman had turned renegade! "Flash and Tsunami are at the doctor's; she's pregnant."

"Yeah, I have cable and I watch the news," Green Lantern told him and then instantly regretted it. There was no direct evidence that the Super Friends were evil and Robin seemed nice enough. Maybe he should give the guy a break.

He was about to apologize when something caught his eye on the balcony above them. The second floor was a series of rooms, much like in a fancy hotel. It was there that individual members could reside if they wished. A female figure with wings stepped out of a room and made its way to the stairs. He knew that it was Dawnstar, the leader of the Super Friends.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs, Robin gave a gasp. Green Lantern's brow crumpled as he fought the urge to use his ring to imprison her in a green force cage.

Normally Dawnstar was clad in traditional Native American clothing, which allegedly reflected her ancestry. Now she wore a crimson and green costume that was skin-tight and allowed nothing to imagination concerning her physical health. He recognized the colors: they were Thanagarian.

Hawkman had been a member of the Wardens, but had gone rogue. He had attacked the Wardens, according to official FBI files and had tried to kill them all. The public at large dismissed it, as they often had in the past. Super-heroes were always fighting something. Now he was locked away in the special prison that Nightwing had created in California.

Dawnstar had been Hawkman's girlfriend, which immediately made her suspect in Green Lantern's eyes. Now she was dressed like him. The only real difference was that her wings were natural where his had been artificial.

"Do you like it?" she asked, a genuine smile on her face. "I thought it was time for a change."

Robin was enthusiastic about it and Green Lantern faked being impressed. To him, it was a dangerous sign, a possibility that maybe the sickness that seemed to have infected Hawkman had spread. "Calling yourself Hawkgirl now?" he asked.

Her smile didn't waver. "Actually, yes."

Ted Kord had once been a super-hero, a real live-action comic book character that had hung out with the members of the Justice League. He had been important, reknown for his scientific genius as well as his sense of humor.

All of that changed the day he suddenly realized that his world was a lie. He had never really figured out what it was, the exact event that had cleared his mind, but when it occurred, he understood immediately that he was in danger. Speedy, the man behind the mind control that made all of the super-heroes puppets, sent the Batman after him. The Dark Knight was the personal assassin of Speedy and he had taken his time in torturing Ted.

In the end, though, the Batman had not killed him, but instead had left him paralyzed from the waist down. Crippled, but not defeated, Ted went into hiding when the Wars started, supplying data and information to law enforcement as the cyber-sleuth Oracle.

With the defeat of Speedy and the rise of the Warden/Super Friends, Ted decided to come out of hiding and immediately reclaimed his personal fortune. With it he established Kord Enterprises as a leader in computer technology. It also brought him into contact with Lana Lang, who did several stories on his business.

Now instead of being interviewed, he was asking the questions. "How is your physical health?"

Lana, clad in a large, fluffy bathrobe, her hair damp from the hot shower she had taken after spending the morning exercising, laughed. "The best it has been in years, darling." To prove the point, she pull her robe open slightly to bare a long, slender leg. "Look at those calves."

Ted chuckled. "You've always had fat calves, Lana."

A hurt look crossed her face but then she realized her wheelchair bound friend was only joking with her. "All right, Mr. Kord, my physical condition is great. No smoking, at least for a couple of years now, and I don't drink...much."

"You've kept your girlish figure, but to be honest, Lana," he began as he wheeled over to a large computer terminal. Several monitors surrounded the interface, all of them worth several thousand dollars each. "You aren't super-hero material. You were Insect Queen when you were sixteen and now you're thirty-something. You might be a babe on the newscast, but that does not translate into being physically ready to fight crime."

"I've always been Insect Queen," she started.

Ted held up a hand to cut her off. "And we both know that any time you used your powers after you left Smallville, that you had Superman or Jimmy Olsen to help you out." He began typing on one of the four keyboards in front of him, using a program that was running on an operating system he had designed called Beetle. Suddenly, the screens came alive with different photos of her in her former super-hero identity.

She looked at each picture and felt a tear start to form. Just a few weeks before, Harley Quinn had taken over the WGBS building along with the Composite-Superman who was in disguise as someone named Gunther. The villain had destroyed the magic broach that had given her insect powers.

She hadn't really used it for a long time, but it had always been there. Every time she had looked at it, she was reminded of the good times, the simpler times of her life in Smallville. There she had romanced Superboy. There she had been a young woman of dreams. Now she was older and her dreams were gone, replaced by waking nightmares.

She had discovered that her old friend Clark Kent had been Superman and had to accept the fact that he had loved Lois Lane and not her. Then Clark had been killed in the Wars as had Lois, until it was revealed she was still alive. Now Lois Lane was back, the true Darling of Metropolis and Lana had been relegated to her second-class status.

"I'm not really sure that this will work. I didn't develop it; Dr. Hamilton did when he worked for me," Ted explained. In a room nearby where there were large windows to look in, a table rose out of the floor. "I've been tempted to try the damn thing myself, to see if it could reverse the damage to my spine." His eyes drifted down to the wheelchair, but there was no sadness in his voice. He had long ago accepted his fate. "I'm just barely able to understand the science behind it."

"Well, you're the best chance I have with Dr. Hamilton dead," she pointed out as she stepped next to him. She out a hand on his shoulder and he felt a shudder move through him. He cared so much for her that he would do anything to make her happy, even risk her life if she asked for it. "I need you, Ted."

He nodded. "I said I would help and I've never lied to you."

She stooped over and kissed him on the top of the head. "That's why I can trust you."

She moved away and walked over to the other room. She dropped her robe at the door; modesty around Ted was pointless as he no longer had any romantic interests, or so she thought. In truth, looking at her from behind merely reminded him of the more personal limitations his condition placed upon him. But, he had to maintain the facade that he was a eunuch in mind as well as body because he was too afraid of her rejection.

Nude, she moved over to the table and got on it, laying back. From out of the ceiling a large device lowered, looking like a laser used in old spy movies. Ted's fingers flew over the keyboards, activating controls and issuing commands. He didn't say anything because they both knew she was not going to back out.

Then, in an instant, she was bathed in yellow light, but she made no sound. She only closed her eyes and let herself be exposed to the energy. The visible wavelength changed from yellow to green and then to blue, but all was silent. The only sound was a clicking coming from the device as it cycled through the different lenses.

She had expected to feel something, maybe a burning sensation or even something akin to sexual excitement, but all that she could sense was boredom. She tried not to be, tried to concentrate on what this actually meant for her, but it could not be helped. Five minutes into the experience, she yawned.

"Don't fall asleep, Red," Ted said over the intercom. "Almost done."

And true to his word, she was out of the room within three minutes, scooping up her robe to cover herself as she stepped into the more common area. Ted did have a few servants that worked the mansion/laboratory he called home. "Is it done?"

He shrugged. "Do you feel any different?"

She shook her head. "Nothing. Except I'm kind of hungry."

He wheeled away from her and towards a small table that was covered with different plates of food. Some were cold cuts, others were fresh vegetables and fruits, while another had several frosted donuts.

Lana came over and dove into the pastries. Ted only nodded as she gorged herself. "That makes sense. Hamilton's notes indicated that your body will need quick energy to maintain your new biolelectric field to full strength."

"I...uhhh," she moaned as she fell to the floor. Ted pushed himself over and tried to reach down to her, but was prevented by his condition. Lana rolled over onto her back, her robe coming open. Her skin was glistening with sweat, but she did not complain of being hot. Instead, she clawed at her stomach and Ted was shocked that her long fingernails did not mark her skin, but there was no sign of damage.

Quickly his mind raced, going over all of the note he had read and comparing them to what Lana was experiencing. She suddenly flipped over, her bare back before him. Then they appeared.

Wings, insect-like, seemingly wafer thin, grew out from her back. She got to her knees, but was still hunched over and despite the pain she was obviously in, Ted could not help but be fascinated by what was happening to her. Muscle began to form across her back, not just to support the new wings, but stretching into her shoulders and arms. Not bulky muscle one would find on Austrian body-builders, but strong, sinewy ones that were powerful and alluring all at once.

With an effort she stood up, though she still bowed slightly at the waist. She turned to him to speak and he noted that her eyes were glowing yellow. "I can't see," she said.

A side-effect of the treatments, he knew, and he reached into a side pocket on his chair to grab his sunglasses. "Your eyes are extremely sensitive to light. You should be able to see very well in the dark, but if you don't protect your eyes, you could damage them.

She straightened up and gave a gasp. She was fully a good four inches taller and her wings spread out with a span as wide as she was tall. Her breasts, which had been suffering from the effects of 30+ years of gravity, suddenly seemed fuller and firmer, a result of the muscles rippling across her chest. Even her abdomen, which had been dainty and feminine, was now rock hard. Biceps bulged, but again not in an unattractive way.

She looked like a winged, sunglass wearing, redheaded Wonder Woman.

"Will it always hurt like that?" she asked. Her voice was a little deeper, or maybe it was just confidence?

"No, it shouldn't, but it is going to take time to teach you how to use your new powers." he moved a little closer and put a hand on her skin. It was soft, but he could feel the toughness of it. "How do you feel now?"

"Very hungry," she said as she tried to turn her head to see her wings. "I've got real ones!" She began to spin in her excitement and Ted watched with more scientific interest than anything else. It was amazing, that was for certain, but he wondered what other side-effects there would be.

An alarm klaxon suddenly went off and without another thought, Ted turned and wheeled over to his computer workstation. "Super Friends Trouble Alert," he said. Ted had been responsible for most of the networking for the Hall of Justice and was in fact a secret member of the team as Oracle.

"Damn, it looks like Luthor has decided to make another move. A couple of armed thugs are trying to get the Weasel free." He typed in a few more commands and a window opened up on the monitor in front of him. It showed several burning police cars and some masked gunmen trading shots with the police.

"The Super Friends are busy with a ship that struck a reef off of Florida," Ted cursed. He turned to Lana to tell her that he would busy, but all he saw was her posterior as she ran from the room. "Lana, for God's sake, put on the costume I made for you!"

The gunmen had the advantage of superior firepower and body armor, while the police were at the distinct disadvantage as they tried to protect the Weasel and prevent him from escaping. They fired in defense and tried to move away from their wrecked vehicles.

SWAT was trying to get a good position, but a rocket-powered grenade had taken out one of their trucks, costing the lives of several officers. The gunmen were hired thugs and mercenaries, not a one of them a real member of the Legion of the Doom, but all hopeful to gain membership as at least a henchman.

The self-appointed leader of the gang was a former British commando who was confident he would be able to handle a couple of city cops. He had fought in the Middle East and had even, so he claimed, had murdered Catman.

So he was fully caught off-guard when a winged woman in a yellow costume buzzed overhead and nailed the guy behind him with some sort of electric blast that came from her hands. He had expected maybe Super-Woman, but she was busy somewhere else he knew; this was something unexpected.

The Weasel, who was being transferred to California to wait for execution for the murder of some police officers, called out to the ruffians to hurry. The leader swore and brought his rifle up. "Oh, I'll hurry," he said, pulling the trigger.

The Weasel went down in a spray of blood, killed for failing as a member of the Legion. The Weasel had the opportunity to kill Cheshire but had messed it up and the eco-terrorist had recently foiled the Legion's plans in the Everglades. The team had been forced to relocate to the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou.

A strong hand took the rifle away from him and then an even stronger foot kicked him in the face. The yellow clad woman dropped to the ground with the speed of a fly and then jumped up, kicking him again and sending him flying over a car. She whirled, firing another blast that burned through the body armor. Melted metal dripped onto the man's chest and he screamed, throwing away his weapon. Three SWAT members jumped him even as the woman jumped into the air.

Suddenly the tide turned and the police swarmed the remaining criminals. "You got it boys?" the woman asked.

Several younger cops looked up at her and grinned. "Thanks, ma'am! You Super-Woman's new partner?" one of them called.

The woman laughed. "Nobody partners with her, but I'll call her friend any day of the week!"

"You're all right with us, Bug Lady!" another once called as he released a choke hold on a thug as he was handcuffed.

"The name is Stinger boys, and don't you forget it!" she called back.

Stinger then waved and flew away, fast as could be. One of the cops, after shoving his capture into a waiting police car and then stepping out of the way of some fire department personnel, smacked another cop on the back. "Did you see that? Hot! Hot! Hot!"

"Yeah, yeah," the other officer said. "Now let's get back to crowd control."

The other officer agreed but soon faded into the background. Once he was sure he was unnoticed, he slipped into a nearby alleyway and allowed his disguise to fade away. The Composite-Superman then brought his watch up and spoke into it. "Luthor, the Weasel is dead, but we have a problem."

Lex Luthor's face appeared on the watch face. He looked as angry as he sounded. "Another super-hero? Where in the blue blazes are they coming from? Did you scan her mind? I hope so because all of the cable news channels are alive with film of her!"

"I can't read her mind," the Composite-Superman confessed. "I think she has some sort of bioelectrical powers." Had he retained the intelligence of Brainiac 5, he would have been able to give a definite answer. As it was, he could only guess, but it was one that was right on the money.

"Forget about it and come back to base, we have other problems," Luthor ordered before signing off.

The Composite-Superman, head hung low, turned invisible and then rose into the air.