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Once Broken, Twice Shattered. . .

Part One: Dinner Date

The young man with the white hair surveyed Earth as he floated next to the moon. "It has found its way here, but why?" He murmured. His sightless eyes could not truly see the planet. His second sight showed it to him as a ball of millions of points of light, all various colors, each point a different living being. If he tried hard enough he could focus on any one point and hone in on it, even read its very soul, but there were much more important things to do. He held out a hand and the light of the Earth turned into a pale shimmer. "There," he pointed out into space. The large red light shone like a beacon. He focused on it. What he sought was in a dark room, in a 'T' shaped structure, in a city called 'Jump'. He glanced behind him and his heart nearly stopped. What appeared to him as a large black rent in space was closer than he anticipated. "I have to hurry." He fixated the spot in his mind, then wrapped himself in his cloak. Shooting through space to what most called 'the Blue Star' he only prayed that he wasn't too late.


Beastboy lingered outside of Raven's room. He'd been there for at least ten minutes, pacing. Finally he took a deep breath and knocked.

No answer.

Beastboy frowned. He tried again, knocking louder this time.

No answer.

Frustrated, Beastboy shifted into a gorilla and pounded on the door heavily. He then morphed back into his own form and bellowed "Yo! Raven!"

"What are you doing?"

Beastboy turned around to see Raven standing behind him, a cup of tea in her hand. She was carrying a book with her telekinetically, and looked mildly annoyed at the fact that Beastboy had been pounding on her bedroom door.

Beastboy suddenly looked meek. "Raven! Uh, hi!"

Raven's eyebrow twitched slightly. "Hello." She pushed past him and opened the door to her room. "Good-bye." The door slid closed.

"Wait! Raven! I wanted to ask you something!"

The door slid open a fraction of the way, just enough so that one of Raven's eyes was visible. "What?" She said in her usual hoarse tone.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to go to dinner."

Raven sighed. "Its nice of you to ask, but I'm not really feeling up to three hours of fighting over what topping to put on the pizza, then deciding on our usual. I'd rather just stay here and read." The door began to close again, but Beastboy wedged his foot between the door and the frame.

"Wait! Raven!"

Raven shook her head and turned around. "What?"

"Uh, I wasn't planning on, uh, inviting the others. I thought it would be nice if it was just. . . You and me," he said quietly.

Raven blinked, and her book dropped to the ground. "W- what?" She said. "Why?" The door slid open fully now.

"Well," Beastboy rubbed the back of his neck, "we've gotten to know each other over the past few weeks. You know, with me turning into a mutant and. . . other stuff-"

Raven knew what he was talking about. Her mind was immediately drawn to a chest in one corner. In it sat a white book that held within its pages a cursed dragon named Malchior. He had paraded around as an ancient and powerful wizard and tricked Raven into falling in love with him so he could use her to get free from the book. She had ultimately sealed him away, but she still suffered from the emotional scars the dragon had left behind.

"- I just thought it might be nice if we went out and we could, you know, talk," Beastboy concluded. He saw that's Raven's expression had changed and she wasn't really focusing on him anymore. "Rae?" He whispered.

It seemed to bring Raven out of her trance. "I- I'm sorry. I really don't think I should. . ." She could almost hear Malchior laughing at her. It hurt, hurt so much, that moment when she realized everything he had said was lies.

"Please?" Beastboy asked. Then his expression changed to anger in such a flash Raven was startled, "You- you haven't been out of the tower since that- that thing used you like a puppet. Raven, Rae," he sounded quiet and concerned, "I only want to help."

Raven said nothing. She turned around and ducked back into her room. The door shut and Beastboy sighed. He slowly started to walk down the hallway.

"What time?"

Beastboy turned around to see Raven standing just outside her doorway. "Uh, how about seven?"

Raven barely tilted her head in a nod. "Okay. Seven." Then she was gone, slipping back into her room.

Beastboy jumped into the air. "Yes!" He shouted. He ran down the hallway happily, then decided to change into a fresh uniform for the occasion.


"You asked her out?" Cyborg said, looking at Beastboy as if he had suddenly turned a brilliant shade of fuschia instead of his normal chartreuse.

"She said yes?" Robin said, unable to comprehend how it had happened.

"I asked her to dinner, that's not the same as asking her out," Beastboy said.

"Sure sounds like it to me," Robin commented, a big grin spreading across his face. "I think-"


"- that this news is most wondrous!" Starfire said happily, dragging Raven into her room. Raven looked less than pleased.

"I just want to borrow a hairbrush," Raven said.

"Nonsense! I cannot allow you to leave with a mere hairbrush! We must make use of these wonderful hair ornaments I got at the mall of shopping!" Starfire bubbled.

Raven wrenched free, a look of terror on her face. "Starfire this isn't a date or anything. Beastboy and I are-"


"-just going out as friends," Beastboy protested.

"Riiight," Cyborg smirked. "BB, you don't have to play with us. We both know you've had a thing for Raven for a while now. Why hide it?"

Beastboy's ears drooped. "Guys, please. I don't want to talk about this."

Cyborg rubbed his hair. "Aw, c'mon BB!"

Beastboy looked very distressed. "Hey man, lay off!" He shoved Cyborg away.

"Hey, what's up with you man?" Cyborg said. Robin put a hand on his friend's metal shoulder.

"Remember Terra?" Robin said quietly.

"Oh," Cyborg said. "Right."

Beastboy turned around a less then happy emotion on his face. "Look guys I just don't-"


"-know how I feel about Beastboy," Raven was struggling to get away from her strong Alien friend, "but I doubt it is anything resembling love!"

Starfire was happily clipping every shiny clip she could find into Raven's hair. "I have heard Robin say that opposites attract. You always push people back, and Beastboy pulls people to him. That is opposite, so you must attract, yes?"

Raven shook her head furiously, half trying to correct Starfire, half trying to get rid of the hair clips. "That applies to magnets. Not to people."

"Robin says that it applies to both," Starfire said matter-of-factly.

Raven scowled. "Why are you trying to give me love advice when Beastboy is clearly in love with someone else and you and Robin can't straighten out your feelings for one another?"

"R- Robin and I are good friends," Starfire said, turning bright red. "Beastboy is in love with someone? Who might that be?"

Raven glowered. "Terra. Remember?"

"Oh, that is true." Starfire looked grave. "But Terra is like a rock and you are much more alive," Starfire pinched Raven's cheek. "I am sure that everything will turn out joyously between you two."

Raven turned away. "I don't even like him. I don't know why I agreed to this. He's just going to be loud and rude and annoying all dinner long." Starfire watched sadly as Raven pulled out the clips from her hair one by one using her telekinesis. "I don't want to do this," she whispered.

"Why not Raven? Beastboy is good and amusing and happy!"

"And I'm not," Raven said. "I'm dark and moody and creepy," Raven said.

"Opposites-" Starfire began, but Raven cut her off.

"I was attracted to Malchior," she said bitterly. "He made me feel special, feel loved. He was evil. He used me, then tossed me aside, and still a part of me longs for him. It longs for the things he said, the way he acted- the way he made me feel. I felt alive around him. I felt alive around evil." She closed her eyes. "I can't do this!"


"Aw, man," Beastboy shook his head. "I can't do this! What if I say something wrong? Raven's going to eat me alive!"

"Chill dude. Lets start off with the basics: Where are you taking her to eat?" Robin asked.

"The pizza parlor," Beastboy said. Robin and Cyborg shook their heads.

"Man, even if this isn't a date you don't want to go there. We always go there. Tell you want. It you swear not to hurt my baby, I'll let you take the T-Car and you can go to the drive in movies," Cyborg offered.

"Really? Gee, thanks Cy," Beastboy smiled. Then he looked serious. "But this isn't a date, so we wouldn't be going to the movies."

"Right," Robin rolled his eyes. "Are you going in uniform?"

"Yeah," Beastboy said slowly. "I think Raven is too." Cyborg and Robin both shook their heads.

Robin dragged Beastboy along towards his room, "No way, you're not going out-"


"-in uniform!" Starfire exploded. "That would be furdorokian of you!"

"It would be what-?" Raven began, but she found herself buried by a pile of flying clothes. As she freed herself from the pile she looked up at what Starfire was holding out. "No," she said flatly. "Absolutely not! No pink!"

Starfire blushed slightly. "Oh, I did not intend for this to be used by you Raven. I was hoping to wear it myself sometime soon." Starfire stuck the pink dress away again. She sifted through her wardrobe and picked out a black skirt and a white shirt. "I think my sister left these with me when she visited long ago. They would look (what is the word you earthlings use?) sexy on you!"

The clip that Raven was moving telekinetically shot through the window like a bullet. "Never say that again!" She said in a panic.

"Why? Is not sexy a term of endearment?" Starfire's face fell. "If it is not, then I overheard Robin speaking badly about me. . ."

One of Raven's eyebrows twitched up in surprise. "Robin wasn't insulting you, but I'm sure you weren't supposed to hear that."

"Oh? Is it a secret word?" Starfire asked curiously. She pressed the shirt up against Raven's chest. "I sure that seeing you in this will bring Beastboy much joy!"

"I don't care about bringing Beastboy joy!" Raven growled.

"But-!" Starfire protested.

"I'm going to wear my uniform!" Raven said. "And that's-"


"-final!" Beastboy said, shape shifting into a mouse and leaping out of the tux his friends had forced him into. Forming back into his usual self he said, "This is a friendly dinner, not a formal!" He checked his watch. "I've gotta go." He scampered off.

Robing and Cyborg shrugged at each other. "You know he's doomed right?" Cyborg said,

"Oh yeah," Robin agreed.


Raven had escaped Starfire's room using her powers. She was floating back to her room when she ran right into Beastboy. "Raven!" He said, smiling. "Uh, hi! Dinner?"

"Seven all ready?" Raven said. Beastboy nodded. She touched down on the floor. "Okay, this may seem weird, but can we take the window out? I don't want to run into the others."

"Sounds great," Beastboy beamed. He didn't need any more harassment. "Rae, you know that this isn't a date right? It's just a dinner between two friends."

Raven nodded. "I know that. It the rest of the Titans that don't seem to get it."

Beastboy laughed. "They sure don't."

Since Raven's room was the closest she opened it up and allowed Beastboy to enter. She went over to the window. Beastboy took a quick look around. There was Raven's mind-mirror, her items for magic, and books were all over. As far from Raven's bed as it could be was a trunk. Beastboy knew what lay inside, He felt the sudden urge to go over and smash it, but suppressed it by changing into a raven and fluttering over to the windowsill. "Funny," she said flatly. She opened the window and flew out. Beastboy followed.

So, where are we going?

Beastboy squawked in a startled manner. That was Raven's voice inside his head!

I have telepathy, remember? Its easier to talk this way than to try and translate bird-talk, Raven said. She rolled her eyes, and her mental tone very much sounded exasperated.

I knew that! Beastboy said, puffing out his bird chest.

Right. . . Raven said skeptically. Where are we going?

Beastboy mentally shrugged. Wherever you want to go Rae. I'm fine with anything. His eyes brightened. That hair clip of yours is very pretty.

Raven stopped abruptly. I though I had gotten rid- she stopped, realizing her mind was still linked with Beastboy. She cut off quickly and put a hand to her hair. She tugged out a small blue clip in the shape of a dragonfly with pearly looking wings. Blast Starfire!

Flapping up and down to hold his place in midair, Beastboy looked distressed. Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!

"There's nothing for you to be sorry for," Raven said. She thought of dropping the dragonfly into the waters below them, but something compelled her to put it back into her hair. Never mind, let's just go.

Okay. . . Are you sure? Raven glowered at him. Ah, guess so. They flew on silently for several minutes. Where did we decide on going?

We didn't, Raven admitted somewhat sheepishly.

We could do pizza, Beastboy started, but we always do pizza. Oh! Wait! I know this place that makes awesome pies! I mean, like, desert pies, not like pizza pies. . .

Raven's mind was suddenly assaulted by a quick image of Terra at a counter, eating pie. Raven recognized it as one of Beastboy's memories. From what she could tell this was what was going on while Slade was trying to kill them in Titan's Tower. Raven weakened the link between their minds slightly and the memory faded from her mind.

There really isn't anything to eat for dinner though. I mean, not for me, being vegetarian and all. . .

Raven sighed. Let's just do pizza. Maybe we'll think up something different for next time.

Next time? Beastboy's mental voice raised an octave.

Raven didn't respond. She had surprised herself. That had come out without her really thinking about it. She was actually looking forward to dinner, despite her reservations. "There's the pizza parlor," Raven said out loud, pointing. She swooped down and landed on the outside dining area. Beastboy landed as well and morphed into his usual self. "So, I'll go round up a couple of menus-"

Raven shook her head. "Why bother? We're going to get half tofu, half veggie." She sat down. Beastboy looked slightly put out.

"Well, yeah, but what about drinks?"

"Coke and an herbal tea," Raven said.

Beastboy sighed. "Okay, I'll put the order in." He walked off.

Raven felt a bit guilty, but shook it off. She didn't mean to hurt his feelings or spoil his plans. She fidgeted at the table. She was nervous about being alone and out in public at the same time. What if someone approached her? What would she say?

Beastboy was quick to return however, and Raven was glad for that. It meant he would take over all the talking if anyone came up to him. He was a sucker for attention. "So," Beastboy began as he slid into his chair. "Read any good books lately?"

"I've been sticking to spell books for the time being," Raven murmured. "The last 'novel' I read wasn't so good."

Beastboy cringed. He should have known what that question would remind her of! "I guess you won't be rating it too highly on Amazon dot com, eh?"

Raven didn't look very amused. The waiter brought out a pot of tea and two glasses. Raven raised an eyebrow. "Didn't you order Coke?" She asked as she poured herself a glass.

Beastboy shook his head. "Naw. I wanted to try this out," he held out his cup and Raven poured him teas as well. "I mean you drink it all the time. It's got to be okay. . ." He took a sip and his face contorted, the flavor totally unexpected. Raven sighed deeply and sipped her cup of tea. Beastboy bit his lip.

Raven was looking down at her cup, staring at her tinted reflection in the tea when she asked, "Why did you ask me out to dinner like this?"

"I told you, I just wanted to help. You've been cooped up inside for weeks now. I know I'm not your favorite Titan or anything, but the other were going to let you do your own thing, you know. I thought that you needed to get out," Beastboy sipped the tea delicately, trying to adjust to the flavor.

Raven fell silent. After a few minutes she spoke. "This is ridiculous," Raven grumbled.

"Why do you say that?" Beastboy said, surprised.

"It- it just is," she said. "I should have just stayed back at the tower."

"Raven, you know, you're not the only one who's been hurt by someone they love," Beastboy said. Raven looked up at him.

"Terra," she said, realizing what he was talking about.

"Rae, I know that we haven't ever been the best of friends, but I thought that maybe, after all of this insanity has happened, we could. . . make something better out of it," Beastboy tentatively reached over and touched her hand.

Raven jerked away from him in a sudden, furious motion. "No!" She roared, so loudly that the rest of the restaurant froze in place. The teapot exploded in a sudden surge of black energy. "Is that what this is all about?"

Beastboy, shocked at Raven's reaction, was too stunned to say anything. He was bleeding from a shallow cut he had gotten from a piece of the teapot.

"Terra is not like Malchior! He delved into my soul and tried to corrupt it for his own purposes. He was always a monster! Terra was not, and is not now. She's a lump of rock, but somehow that is her redemption. If I had ever pulled off the same kind of stunt she did do you think I would have been let off so easily?"

"Huh?!" Beastboy looked shocked. "What are you saying?" His eyes went wide. "Dude, Raven, you don't think that we liked Terra better than you-"

"You certainly do!" Raven snarled. People were leaving the pizza parlor in droves as things began twisting and writhing under her power. "Tell me, right now, if we could go and turn Terra back to normal at this very moment, would you have bothered asking me out to dinner? Or would you have asked me out only to see if Malchior had taught me a spell to reverse the effects?"

"That's not what I was- I didn't mean-!" Beastboy exclaimed. He fell out of his chair he was so startled. The fact that his chair went flying helped. Holding up a hand in front of his face he began "Raven, I thought that we-"

"We nothing!" Raven shrieked, hurling both teacups at him.

Beastboy turned into a turtle and the teacups shattered on his shell. He transformed back and saw that tears had filled Raven's eyes. Beastboy stared at her in horror. What had he done? "Raven, you're making a huge mistake!"

"Did you think that you could catch me on the rebound from Malchior? I thought you were a better person than that!" Raven looked ready to hurl a whole table at him but stopped when she heard people screaming behind her. She spun around and a look of total dread crossed her face. All around her things were being swallowed by her black power. "No," she cried out hoarsely. "No, no, no. . ." She fell to her knees.

Beastboy crawled over to her and put his arms around her. "Raven-" he said quietly, holding onto her. She sobbed brokenly, and then suddenly melted into a pool of black power and faded out. All of the tables and chairs that had been in her power crashed to the floor. Beastboy let his hands fall to the ground. "I'm sorry," he said to the wind.

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