Post-"You're Welcome", Angel contemplates the hug he first gave Cordelia when she woke up from her coma. Angel/Cordelia friendship. Drabble. Please feel free to post reviews, whether they are complimentary or critical.

He remembers he clutched on to her like no tomorrow.

She had felt real. He remembers his sharp, uneven fingernails burrowing into her gossamer hospital gown. If he hugged any tighter, she'd pour out scarlet blood along the sides of her back. He didn't mean to harm her, of course. He was just so happy to see her. He had missed her. She was his confidant, his oldest friend. And he feared that if he didn't hold on to Cordelia as tightly as possible (with nails dug in, and all) he would lose her forever, all over again.

And Angel just couldn't risk that. She was finally awake … she, his best friend, Cordy, was finally alive again.

But the clutching wouldn't work any longer. Not even if he held on so firmly that he'd make her back bleed. He had to let go. Angel found out, not much later, that everyone lives to die. And his vibrant Cordelia was no exception.