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Plot: Brooklyn had orders to convert an enemy to Vampirism. But something went wrong, there was a flaw in the seemingly perfect plan. Who he bit was human, if the council find out they'll kill her. Now he'll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if that means death. Just how far will he have to go?

On the other hand, the council is threatened to fall apart when Voltaire kills Dickenson, the leader of all supernatural beings. Now he takes the place as head honcho. Something sinister is going on because Voltaire was somehow connected to the faults in the Perfect plan. If anyone discovers this, he'll personally kill them. Maybe Arista isn't all she seems to be.

Add to that the vampires who rebel against Voltaire. Things take a nasty turn when all hell breaks loose, and not for the better.

A Brief History of the Two Worlds: The Parallel world and the Human world are interconnecting. The Parallel world overlaps on the Human world. Basically there are two Earths except they balance on each other. When night comes the Vampires can go out into the Human world. The Humans can't see them, but the Vampires can see the Humans. This is how they kill and take out their enemies, prey, etc.

Since the Humans can't see the Vampires, they have no method of protection. So instead a veil was cast on their world that separated them from the Parallel world. This veil, unfortunately, has threads that are breaking and are already severely damaged. The Vampires can get through this since it acts like a portal between the two worlds.

The Vampires can come out in daylight but they need something to help them sustain their form (Ex: blood given willingly once a week). The sustained Vampires have been around for a few centuries. They have interacted with other Vampires and possibly Humans. They can control their emotions and blood-cravings, which is always helpful to gain trust.

A Brief History of Vampirism: The idea of drinking blood to be immortal is not a foreign one to the human mind. Drinking the blood of another is sometimes understood as obtaining the "life-blood" of someone else for yourself. The idea of being a vampire is basically obtaining someone else's life inside of you, along with your own.

Vampires are creatures that maintain immortality by sucking blood from humans and animals. They're night creatures, and the sight of sunlight turns them to stone, or sometimes dust. They sleep in coffins, can't stand churches, and scream at the sight of garlic.

Most Vampires can stay in their human form during the day, thus allowing them to come out in the daylight. Some Vampires are immune to churches, garlic, and sunlight. While other Vampires are a cross breed of Human and Vampiric parents, they are also immune. All of the other Vampires can cast a veil to protect them from such incidents. Typically, it is thought that Vampires will die if you drive stake through their heart. This is incorrect and does nothing to stop the Vampires.

They have been around for ages, even though most people don't believe in them, they are real. They make great companions with ghosts, or otherwise prefer to be alone, basking in solitude.

If You Touched My Heart

Chapter One: Destruction

Pain rushed through her veins, sending cool chills down her spine. Whatever he had done to her, it was making it's effects apparent now. Arista's body rocked with the pain that flooded through her in torrents.

Make it stop, please God, just make it stop...·

Tremors ran through her, leaving her feeling weak and small. So very small. What on Earth and beyond was happening to her?

Her eyes dilated, rolling back in their sockets. Agonizingly slow and painful. She was in a room, stark white and raped of any colour. A single light flickered on and off in the centre of the ceiling, causing her head to ache. Arista was left to face four walls, all of which hurt to look at. So she closed her eyes, finding little comfort in the darkness.

What little warmth was in her body had escaped during the convulsions. She rocked back and forth with her hands around her knees, hugging them. Her head lay in her lap, hair spilling forward in a tangle of silver, black-streaked locks. Her face was tired, and sullen. Bags with shadows deep enough to fall in were under her eyes. And her eyes, her eyes were distant and weary, the navy melded with the amber flecks, leaving a mixture of the two colours in it's wake.

Her body was limp and tired. How long she had been in there she didn't know. What she did know was that she wanted to get away. Run somewhere, anywhere. Just to get away from this place. Her jeans were hanging loosely on her frail form, her baggy sweatshirt hung to mid-thigh. Her lips were closed in a firm line, giving the expression of detest.

She rocked back and forth, back and forth, willing it all away. But it wouldn't go away. Wherever she was, she was stuck there until someone let her go.


Brooklyn couldn't bear to watch the scene unfold, so he turned away. Eyes looking to the ground in interest. It was his fault that she was in there. All his fault that an Innocent was now converting to Vampirism. Why did he have to be assigned to take on the Lycanthrope?

Because he was good at what he did, he reminded himself.

Still, there were others. Like Hitoshi, Mystel, or Kai. Hell, there were plenty more able-bodied Vampires that could have taken on the task. But it was narrowed down to him. Of all the people, he sighed.

Although she couldn't see out from inside the small room, others could see in from outside. A small rectangular window, outlined with metal, framed the outside of one of the walls. So whatever happened in there, he would be able to see in. Except he didn't want to because it just told him how much of a failure he was.

Losing himself in his thoughts, Brooklyn stood contemplatively, thinking about the possible punishments he would have to face for his actions. He just couldn't understand where he had gone wrong. What he had done wrong. Nothing sprang to mind, so he inwardly cursed himself for his stupidity.

The Chief, a.k.a. Kenny, ran a scan on the human. So far all of his data had led him to believe that she was just a normal, ordinary girl. There was nothing particularly special about her, nothing that sparked any interest. Yet, why was she then, the one in the room? Why was it not the enemy? He re-read the screen on his laptop until his eyes were sore.

He rubbed them in hopes of stalling the oncoming headache. When he lowered his hands, the brown fringe of hair reclaimed his forehead. He didn't want to believe that Arista Dymitri Belyaev wasn't all she claimed to be. But how could he trust his gut when it was telling him that she was in that room for a reason. That she was there because someone wanted her there whether she liked it or not.

He turned his gaze towards the window and looked through it to see her rocking back and forth in a corner. He remembered when he had been there. It was scary and he didn't want to relive the feeling. Instead he made a hard copy of the file on Arista and waited for it to finish printing.

When it was all done he laid it on the tabletop for Brooklyn without a word, then turned and literally ran out of there with his laptop clutched under his arm.

Brooklyn took no notice, still lost in his thoughts. Only to be snapped back to reality when a scream pierced through his ears.

Shivers ran down his spine, resting in the pit of his stomach. He glanced into the room through the window, and just as he'd suspected, he saw what he'd created. The monster he'd awakened inside of someone previously immaculate.

Jesus Christ on stilts, he thought. What was he supposed to do now? He had never experienced the pain of being bitten. After all, he was born a Vampire. His mother and father, part of the Council, were from a long blood-line of Vampires. So he carried down the tradition.

He had never felt the pain of being bitten, nor had he ever wanted to. He raised his eyes heavenwards and watched the female in the small room.


Arista screamed until her throat was sore and hoarse. Until she couldn't breathe so she had to put her head between her knees and gasp for the air that she so desperately needed. Never had she felt so much excruciating pain before.

She couldn't even begin to fathom the ache in her body if she'd wanted to. Her head spun, and her vision blurred. Sure she'd had a few broken bones, some scrapes and cuts, but never anything this unbearable.

When she caught her breath, she closed her eyes so tightly that they throbbed with raw hurt. She was rapidly losing her strength and felt the need to scream again. Her insides battled to stay away awake.

But all she wanted to do was sleep. To just sleep and not wake up until this was over, until she could wake up in her warm, safe bed at home. All she wanted was to just go home...


Amber paled at the news that Tala told her. Her whiskey eyes widened when the name of her friend came up. It was one thing for Brooklyn to have screw up, but not this much. She listened intently while he spoke the words that battered around her heart like a hammer.

This wasn't supposed to happen. How did it happen anyways, she wondered. Brooklyn was good at keeping things under control, so what had happened? Poor Arista, she thought.

Her friends meant the world to her, if any one of them got hurt she'd get revenge. But she couldn't get back at Adams without facing consequences, one of them being if the council found out. They frowned upon domestic fights and such. Since they practically lived together in one big mansion, it was considered domestic.

To take her mind off the anger that simmered in her blood stream, she turned her eyes to Tala's. His hair was parted and spiked on either side, sticking out in two odd red angles. Two single bangs framed his face. The blood red of his hair stood out against his pale skin like the brightest rubies. His gorgeous turquoise eyes were swimming with emotions. Having dated Arista, however long ago, he cared a lot about her and hated to see her, or any of his friends, hurt. His soft lips were curved in a scowl. If Amber didn't give Brooklyn a good punch or four, he was sure to pick up the slack. Tala Valkov was handsome, no doubt about that.

Amber gave a sympathetic smile, understanding exactly what her friend since childhood was going through. The Parallel world was a messy place. She didn't want to drag her friends into it. Ruin wasn't a Vampire or even supernatural, but she knew about them and their world. Amber's eyes turned to meet with the dark chocolate of Ruin's.

Ruin stood, her arms crossed over her chest. She was dressed in all black. A black t-shirt that framed her form, black jean pants with a thick skull-studded belt holding them up. Around her neck was a black choker. Her black hair was streaked with red and blue, catching the light and glinting. Even her shoes were black, Amber noticed. The gothic females face was expressionless, her mouth set in a grim line. Her charcoal brown eyes fixed on a point just above Amber's shoulder. Ruin's angular face was covered in creamy skin, her hair cropped barely above her shoulder. Her face was unreadable but Amber knew her better than that. Deep down Ruin loved her friends just as much as she herself did.

Amber sighed just as Kai entered the room. His face was calculating, making her wonder just what he had been doing. His hair was wind-swept, cheeks coated with the slightest layer of a pink tinge. He frowned when he saw the looks on the faces of the teenagers. Yeah, he thought to himself, they knew what had happened. He was dressed casually in his trademark black t-shirt and dark jeans.

"Let's go." Tala broke the silence like a whip cracking.

Amber nodded, got up. Ruin didn't say anything but left the room. Tala followed her shortly after grabbing his keys from the table in the living room.

Kai watched them go then turned his eyes to Amber. She was already up and walking. She brushed by him catching the subtle musky scent of him. She would never admit it to anyone living or dead, but she liked it. Just like she liked him.

They dashed out of the house locking it behind them. Amber slid into the back seat of Tala's car, closing the door after her. Kai slipped in through the other side. Ruin, having gotten there first, was in the front passenger seat. Tala jammed the keys into the key slot and slammed his foot on the accelerator.

The red-head drove alarmingly fast, not that it entirely mattered though. Being supernatural sure had it's advantages. If they got into a car crash they would get a few bruises and cuts, suffer some blood loss but nothing too serious. Or so he hoped, especially in Ruin's case.

Though he didn't plan on crashing his car anytime soon, he hoped it wouldn't come to that. He was already way past the speed limit, going at 245km per hour and still his foot didn't stop the steady flow of pressure on the gas.


Arista lay limp and lifeless, staring at the ceiling. The pain had stopped, leaving her feeling wilted. It hurt to think, it even hurt to move. She concentrated on just breathing. Staying alive. Her inert eyes were glued to the square shapes on the tiles that lined the ceiling.

In fact, every time she exhaled or inhaled, her lungs ached. Her eyes were closed blocking out everything. Her brain felt like it had been shut off entirely. Her throat was sore, her body ached and she felt so tired. Like the energy had been drained from her.

She opened her eyes weakly, her eyelashes fluttering open and closed. A buzzing rang through her ears, echoing in a high pitch. She clasped her hands over her ears to make it stop but it didn't. It kept on ringing, getting louder with every second.


And it stopped so suddenly that she felt like her eardrums had burst. What was going on? Her heartbeat quickened, her pulse getting thicker. Slowly she lowered her hands and propped herself on her elbows. When she felt she could support herself she got up in a sitting position and crossed her legs Indian-style.

She felt strangely alive. A new energy burned within her, feeding her hunger until it was sated. Even then she still fed on it, feeling better than she had in weeks. She leaned back into the corner of the room and took a few deep breaths, soothing her frayed nerves.

Arista opened her eyes to find the walls dimmer than they had been and her eyes adjusting to the whiteness. A single silhouette of a person was shadowed in what was a window at first glance.

Had they been watching her? Had they seen her suffer? Anger formed inside of her, giving her blind, raw power that flooded her veins. She got up and walked, ignoring the way her blood quickened and raced again. Her eyes were narrowed into tiny slits, glinting in the dim light.

Her mouth was formed in a grim line, her hair spread out on her shoulders. Someone was going to be in a lot of pain if no one explained what had happened to her.

When she reached the window she caught the surprised look on the male behind the glass.

But she didn't care. She raised her arm to strike down the barrier between them so she could punch his lights out. She took a swing at the glass, it cracked but didn't shatter. She aimed again and this time a loud crack, like lightening, was heard.

The glass exploded into tiny pieces, scattering on the floor in shards. Hundreds of tiny pieces were everywhere. Arista lowered her bloody hand to her side, strangely enough, it hadn't hurt much. All she'd felt was a stinging sensation and that was it. She didn't care to notice however.

The male in front of her took a step back, like he hadn't been expecting this. Arista inwardly snorted. Yeah, watch me suffer and look all innocent.

"Uh, uh, uh." She rose her good hand and waved a finger side to side. "I don't think so buddy."

Before Brooklyn could blink she was on him. She kicked and sent him flying into the wall. Before he could register what had happened, she had punched his gut and given him an upper-cut to his jaw.

Arista smirked now, this was too easy but oh so much fun. She grabbed a bunch of his ginger hair and yanked his face down to hers. The look in his eyes had her faltering, but she regained her posture and hissed venomously.

"Too bad, so sad." She whispered, barely audible.

And with that she let go of him, only to kick him in the groin, then punch him twice in the face. One punch landed on his eye, while the other on his chest. He wasn't even trying to fight back. But she didn't care. If he'd watched her go through all that pain and not do anything, well, he had another thing coming.

He was on the floor, hunched over. Breath coming in fast, ragged gasps. She lowered herself towards him and elbowed his back, strong and hard.

Brooklyn ignited with fiery pain. It was so intense that it felt like it had swallowed him up, chewed him, then spit him out. His body ached, and he was bleeding, sore with bruises and cuts.

Glass crunched around him as he realised that the female was still angry with him. She didn't understand that if he'd intervened that he could have gotten them both killed. What difference did it make now though? They both hurt too much anyways, that it would have been better were they dead already.

A blow to his head had his vision slightly foggy. A second blow to his torso this time had brought out the urge to fight back. But still he resisted. He would just wait out her anger... if he could last that long without striking back, he thought.

Arista picked him up by the neck of his shirt, and slammed him against the wall. The sheer strength had Brooklyn rethinking his decision. If she was that strong, then would it matter if he gave her a punch or two? He didn't hit females, but this was getting out of hand. He could feel himself losing consciousness.

Arista elbowed him in his stomach, and punched his other eye. His left one closed from the pain. The beast within him exploded, and awakened. His eyes narrowed into tiny slits of emerald, glinting with something not quite human. His teeth were bared ferally, showing off the pointed tips. His balance returned to him and he regained control of hid body. It was infuriating his beast to have been caged in for so long, so now it was going to take vengeance with it's fury. Brooklyn growled low and deep in throat, awakening his inner Vampire.

Someone was going to pay dearly.

He grasped at Arista's hand and held her wrist in an iron grip, she struggled but found out it was pointless when he only squeezed harder. A numbness spread through her wrist, past her elbow and crawled up her spine. Anger, at being denied punishing him, was rapidly increasing, she raised her other hand to scratch at his hand, but his voice stopped her dead in her tracks.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He licked his lips as he watched the blood trickle out from the fresh wounds he'd inflicted on her previously undaunted skin.

He leaned in close to her, his eyes widening to slivers, his mouth hovering by her ear. "Are you scared yet?"