Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist/Harry Potter
Title: Mr. Elric
Part: 01 of 15
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Warning: Crossover
Spoilers: FMA anime (all); HP Book 5
Summary: Edward Elric from various points of view.

Chapter 01: Hermione Granger

He was a quiet man, Mr. Elric.

He had come to the school at the beginning of the term as the substitute librarian. Madame Pince, who apparently found a large amount of muggle pornography tucked in the pages of several library books, had thrown a major fit. Two days later, she went on an extended vacation (under Dumbledore's insistence) and Mr. Elric came onto school grounds.

Naturally, being the student who spent the most time in the library, Hermione was the first to get a glimpse of him. But by the end of the day, word had spread from throughout the school.

Admittedly, he was quite handsome. With his long blonde hair and golden eyes, his station as a librarian seemed quite unfitting. Some thought he ought to take the position of Defense against the Dark Arts seeing how this year's Professor Edinburgh's teaching tactics rivaled those of Professor Binns in boredom. Plus, the fact that he had probably not even hit his twenties made him a perfect target for the wild, hormonal teenage wet dreams the school was so prone to.

Personally, Hermione thought this was all rather silly. A man's face and body did NOT determine his intelligence or his ability to teach. Just look at Gilderoy Lockhart. But her voice was lost in a sea of Elric fan girls (she could've sword there were a few boys in there too). The irony was that Mr. Elric either didn't notice or he chose to ignore it.

Anyhow, it didn't affect her, not really. Her only annoyance was that now, instead of a library, it became more of a school wide clubhouse. It wasn't as bad as the time when Viktor was here, but there would always be one or two girls talking louder than necessary just to hear a "Quiet down, please", then squealing and running out with a face red as Ron's hair.

The only thing she found odd about Mr. Elric was that he always had his nose stuck in a book; figuratively speaking, of course. His interest in learning everything was a bit peculiar, and reminded her a bit of herself as a first year...

She understands Harry and Ron much better now.