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Chapter 13

Van Helsing and I looked at each other, breathing heavily. Was that it? Was it finally over? The sun had risen, and I could only hope that Dracula was gone. Van Helsing walked over to his sword and pulled it out of the snow, and Carl came quickly running up behind me. I turned to him, smiling, but his expression quickly wiped the grin off my face.

"No!" Carl said, coming up to Van Helsing and me, "No! Didn't you hear me shouting? You were too early! Andrea, you threw the dagger at him at 6:07!"

"A minute hardly makes a difference, does it?" Van Helsing asked.

"It might!" Carl replied, glancing around with a scared look, as if any moment now Dracula was sure to jump out at him.

"Well, Dracula's gone." Van Helsing said, the relief obvious in his voice. "It must've worked." Carl didn't seem so sure, but at the moment I wasn't thinking about it. I felt a slight tugging at my insides; looking out I could see a bright light brighter than the sun, and I could hear the flutter of wings faintly in my ears...

"I have to go." I said, sounding dazed and not quite myself. Van Helsing and Carl looked at me, then out towards the distant but ever-growing light. Carl understood first.

"Oh," he said softly, "The angels are coming to take you back."

"Back?" Van Helsing asked, slightly confused.

"To her time." Carl responded, "To the future." I turned to them, more like myself now.

"I can say good-bye. I have a few minutes." I turned to Carl first, and smiled.

"Good-bye Andrea." he said awkwardly, "I...I really enjoyed meeting you. We have a lot in common and, well, I'll miss you." Tears started to spring to my eyes.

"Good-bye Carl. I'll miss you too." I hugged him briefly, then I turned to Van Helsing, as Carl began to slowly walk back towards the mirrored door.

We stood in silence for a moment, Van Helsing and I, just looking at each other. "Gabriel..." I whispered, a pleading look in my eyes.

"Andrea..." he whispered back, and leaned in and kissed me. I started to cry; the harmless but insistent tugging at my heart reminding me that I had to leave the man I had grown to love. We broke apart and he held me close, my head on his shoulder.

"How can I go back?" I whispered, "After all this, after all we've been through. How can I leave you, Gabriel? I...I love you." Van Helsing didn't answer me, just held me tighter for a few moments more. Deep down I knew I had to go, as did Van Helsing.

"Here." he said, sliding his ring onto my finger. "Take this. It will be safer with you. And you can do it. You are so strong, Andrea. I will never forget you." He let go of me, and I wanted to say that I would never forget him either, never ever, but I felt myself getting drawn farther and farther away. I looked back at the last second to see two small figures standing on the bridge of a great castle, as the snow fell around them. The last thing I remember hearing was a voice echo softly in my head, "I love you too."...


BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I gasped and was startled awake by my alarm clock's annoying buzz. My eyes flew open and slowly began to adjust to the semi-darkness of my room. I reached over, groaning, and shut off the alarm, looking at the time. The clock read 6:08. 6:08! Something was supposed to happen at 6:08, something important! What was it! I struggled for a moment, trying to remember.

Then, it all came rushing back to me. I gasped again in remembrance. What a strange and amazing dream! I thought to myself. It had all seemed so real! I rubbed my eyes and made to get up out of bed when I felt something on my finger. What's this? I didn't go to bed with jewelry on. An instant later I remembered. It couldn't be, could it! I launched myself out of bed and sprang to the bathroom, hardly daring to believe it.

I turned on the light and stood there, blinking at the bright light as my eyes readjusted. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had my own PJ's on. I looked down at my hand and gasped, for the third time in as many minutes. There was the ring with Dracula's insignia, taken by Van Helsing so many years ago and now given to me. I stared at it in shock, then thought to myself how absolutely cool it was to have Dracula's ring. Another thought occurred to me and I looked up at my reflection in the mirror again. I tilted my head back slightly and found what I was looking for. There on my neck, were two, small, circular marks, permanent scars, about the size of large pinpricks...


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