"Everything we did together as team 7. Was it all just meaningless to you?!" A young blonde screamed. Both furious and saddened.

"No..." A Raven haired boy replied calmly

".... It was not meaningless.... To me you have become... My closest friend..." The raven haired boy closed his eyes. And when he again opened them. His black empty orbs where replaced by a pair of red eyes. Both which had 2 marks rotating around the pupil.

"Become your friend? Then why?!" The oddly dressed blond looked at his friend with two cerulean blue eyes. They were full of loathing.

"That is why it is worth killing you..." Again the Raven haired boy answered with an eerie calmness in his voice.

The emotion filled blonde seemed to calm himself.

"I don't quite get it, but you seem serious about killing me. Sasuke...."

The blonde who had been standing on water the whole time suddenly leaped, and so did the boy who was named Sasuke.

They both ran against each other in unnatural ways. As one was running on water as if it was nothing, and the other was running down the Large Statue he had been standing on.

When the two young boys met each other, they traded a couple of swift swings. Then Sasuke, as the blond called him grabbed a kunai from the pouch of the blond. He just as fast threw the stolen weapon at his friend. The blonde retaliated by throwing a shuriken. The weapon met the kunai dead on, neutralizing the attack.

Suddenly Sasuke got up close to the blond, giving him a powerful pushing kick. Sending him flying into the water. He flipped midair to land feet first. Thanks to the blonds chakra abilities he didn't fall into the water. But rather making him slide acrobatically over the water surface.

They both momentarily stopped.

"I said this before. But even you were waiting very anxiously for this. Right Naruto?" Sasuke inquired. A small sadistic grin graced his face. Naruto gave him naught but a cold stare.

"Neither Kakashi nor Sakura are here right now. There won't be anyone to stop things like last time!"

Sasuke jumped down onto the waterfall that was flowing from the large statue, surfing down it stylishly. "I will say it once more... I will kill you." Sasuke made a few hand seals while he was going down the waterfall. Suddenly a blue lightning like energy flowed from his hands. And as he moved it made a sound that could easily be confused with birds chirping.

"Chidori!" Sasuke called out. He had a killing intent glowing in his eyes.

Naruto made a different handseal and a clone appeared right next to him. "... Bastard... I'll beat you back to your old self!!" The clone started to move his hands around the Original's open palm with great speed. And soon a ball of energy formed.

"Rasengan!" Naruto called out.

Both boys again launched at each other once again. But this time both were armed with a powerful jutsu.

They both threw their attack at each other. And the water they had been running on spread around them. The pure force of their attack was amazing, unnatural. The Rasengan versus the Chidori.

Both of them pressed their attack against each other, neither would budge.

'What is Sasuke talking about? About me...? Because of that with this Rasengan.... I will have to make sure...'

A large explosion took place. And both of them were flung at opposite side with great force.

Sasuke was the first to emerge from the water. He was leaning on the water surface with the chakra control technique. His Sharingan eyes burned with determination

'Dammit, my fully powered Chidori only went that far.. That jutsu....That loser....'

Naruto was laying on the water surface on his back. He had a sad expression 'There is no doubt about it.....'

'Kill him!'

'You are serious' His eyes looked sad and disappointed.

'Rip the flesh from his bones!'

Sasuke looked at Naruto in disgust


"Hey! your limit is two times.... No more" An odd looking man with a mask and silver hair was lecturing Sasuke.

"If I used it more than twice. What would happen?" Sasuke asked back, with great curiousity. His onyx eyes looking tired

"There is no third time. Remember that" Although His teacher. The Jounin Hatake Kakashi looked even more tired. If not drowsy "If you try to force the jutsu.... it will not work, and your chakra will be reduced to zero. In worst case scenario you will die.

'Damn, I can't use a useless attack. And there is no point for another stalemate like before...!'

Naruto got up again. His orange jumpsuit was dripping wet.

'With quick techniques and execution I might create an opening... And then the chidori will definitly hit'

'Can you kill me so calmly? Sasuke....?' Tears where streaming down his eyes

Drink his blood!'

The deep voice rung again and again into Naruto's fragile mind.

'He is seriously thinking of killing me'

'Make him suffer!'

Dark marking spread from Sasuke's neck and over his entire body, giving him a sinister look.

"There is no need for words" Sasuke's voice was dripping with killer intent.

Sasuke again made a set of handseals, although these were different.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" Several fireballs escaped Sasuke's mouth. But Naruto easily dodged them. But hitting Naruto with the jutsu was never the meaning. While midair Sasuke launched at Naruto with another pushing kick. It collided with Naruto's head, sending the blonde flying, blood dripping from his mouth.

'Sasuke.... I always knew you were a loner. I... in the beginning I was relieved because I thought you were the same as me... Besides I was glad. I wanted to talk to you straight away..... But... you didn't speak... You could do everything.. And you had everyone...'

'Burn his skin!'

Sasuke jumped towards Naruto's, punching him in the stomach.

'Because we were too different.... Regrettably I decided you would be my rival! I didn't want to lose... Because I was called a loser all the time...'

'He must die!'

I stubbornly continued to lie... but'

Once again Sasuke punched the spike haired blonde.

'I always wanted to be like you. I aspired to be like you..... Because of that... that time... I was truly glad. You acknowledged me.'

'We must kill him! Blood! Destruction! Hatred!' The voice pounded inside Naruto's head like a jackhammer, begging for bloodshed.

Sasuke picked the blonde ninja by his collar with his chidori activated. Energy sparked. He was ready to kill his friend. Then Naruto's whisker marks became more obvious. His canines became got longer. His nails grew into something clawlike. Red energy glowed at the top of his skin.

"It's too late now!! Naruto!!" Sasuke's voice sounded different, colder.

Then a leap of fate happened. Changing the future.

"I WILL NOT DIE! Naruto's eyes opened. Revealing a pair of slit red eyes. And with an orange blur he left the clutches of Sasuke just as he was suppose to get hit by the Chidori.

Sasuke looked shocked. He was so close to killing his closest friend, and acquiring the Mangekyo Sharingan. The final level of his bloodline. Sasuke turned around. His curse seal empowering him. Sharingan activated. He was ready for anything. Or so he believed. His eyes widened as he saw Naruto at the other side of the lake, red energy glowing from him. Forming into what seemed to be a silhouette of a fox. The chakra amount was unnatural, unlike anything else of this world. This was the power of a Youma, the demon that almost destroyed Konoha 12 years ago.

"You..... Uchiha Sasuke, the prodigy of the genius Uchiha clan." The deep and powerful voice echoed. Sasuke was slightly shaken at this sudden change, but regained his composure with a smirk. He lunged towards Naruto. Or what was supposed to be Naruto at very least. But just as his fist was going to connect with Naruto's head, the orange boy disappeared with a blur. His speed was ten folded. Then a flurry of punches and kicks hit the Uchiha genuis. He was powerless. They were too fast for him to dodge or block. He could just take them. With every hit that connected, he felt a bone in his body break.

"No.... no..." Sasuke felt himself slipping away, falling into the endless darkness that was unconsciousness. It could not end like this. He was supposed to kill Itachi, his brother.

"No!" Sasuke let out a determined scream. Naruto stopped his assualt and watched with interest. Sasuke activated the final curse seal level. With this Sasuke's hair turned into a dead white. And his skin turned dark. A black scar-like cross appeared between Sasuke's eyes, and most importantly the Sharingan eye. The power boost of the curse seal forced the eyes to evolve, gaining the final dot.

"This is my power" Sasuke bragged shamelessly. The pain did not matter anymore. It was only power. He could feel it flow through his veins, his muscles flexed with newfound ease.

"Show me then, I want a challenge. Not a punching bag" The demon possessed Naruto taunted back.

Sasuke again activated his chidori with a few hand seals. Although this time it was a sickening purple, rather than the pure blue.

Naruto did much the same as he activated his Rasengan, with one hand. And now his jutsu was not blue, but an orange red demonic colour. A second sphere gained around the first as well.

As it began it ended, both sides, this time much more powerful than as they started threw themselves at each other, with their enhanced jutsus in hand. As the two collided, time seemed to slow down. The grand explosion could be heard from miles away. This was the power they possessed. And they could only move forwards.

The power of the explosion was so grand that it threw the two adversaries into opposite ends. Sasuke managed to land on the water. Sliding along the surface, until he came at an end.

Naruto was thrown at a boulder. Head first. He coughed up blood as he grinned exposing his sharp fangs.

"Impressive Uchiha.... I underestimated you"

Sasuke saw his chance. He ran, thinking that he wouldn't escape from the leaf if he didn't. He had to find Orochimaru to gain ultimate power.

"Damn it.... toO weAk to hold on....." Naruto collapsed as he tried to get up and follow the fleeing Sasuke.

"Ugh…." Naruto finally woke up. He could feel his head pounding for some reason, and the muscles ached. He looked around. He was at the edge of a river….. Why? It suddenly dawned on him.

"Oh... no.." His face paled. He remembered. He had failed his teammates, his friends, The Hokage, Konha.

Sasuke had escaped to Orochimaru because he wasn't strong enough. He wanted to cry. How could he return to Konoha? He couldn't. As if the villagers didn't hate him enough. And now he had lost the last member of their precious Uchiha clan.

Naruto got up, and walked towards the river where their battle had played out. The last parts felt hazy. Yet he could remember them in a way, clear as the day. Something felt off though. The blond cupped his hands into the river, filling them with water. He drank the liquid savagely, soothing his parched troath. He looked at the reflection in the water. He gasped in horror. His eyes. Instead of their normal pure blue, they were a sickenly crimson colour. Like blood. The whisker scars where thicker and more defined than normal. His new looks shocked him. Obviously they where there because of the damned fox's influence. He had remembered this change happen once more. Barely. He looked at his hands. Just like last time. They where clawed. But after the Kyuubi's influenced he had returned to normal. Why not now? Then there was this nagging feeling at the back of his head. Like the physical changes wasn't the worst part.

A squirrel ran out of the woods into the clearing. It failed to be un-detected by Naruto. The blonde looked at the small critter. The feeling at the back of his head increased, until it became a loud shriek that forced out all rationale thoughts. Only one thought remained. Kill. The pure killer intent he felt, so deadly, that which was his own. The poor critter felt it a bit too good, and died momentarily as its little heart couldn't handle the stress which was put on it.

They couldn't see him like this, it would just prove the villagers right. That he was a murderous monster that did not deserve to live.

Frightened by his own thoughts, Naruto stumbled backwards, landing on his behind. He scrambled up and ran to the opposite direction of Konoha.


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