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Chapter 11

Three Years Later

Will groaned as he trudged through the streets of Tortuga. His back ached, his muscles were sore, and his stomach was empty. It had been a long day at the smithy, and a hot meal and a warm bed would do him a world of good. He smiled as the burden in his arms stirred. Yes, it was a long day indeed, for both him and his son. The sweet little thing was completely tired out from "helping" his father in the smithy and had fallen asleep before Will could close up the forge. He didn't have the heart to wake the little one, so he just carried him home in his arms. Besides, how else was he going to get the lad to sleep?

Will sighed as soft curls of black hair, brushed against his cheek. The boy looked so much like his other father, it was frightening. He was a bundle of energy too, touching and grabbing everything that was shinny or pretty, weather it belonged to him or not. This would often lead Will to have to set an example of the boy, but never hit him! No. To strike at the one that he had sworn to protect with his very life would be a crime in itself, despite what some might say. He was too often getting advice from others, saying the best way to discipline a child was through beatings, but he just couldn't. The very idea of raising a hand to that little angel was enough to choke him up on the spot.

Will shifted Gabe in his arms, repositioning him so that his weight didn't rest so heavily on his shoulder. He sighed again. Just a bit further, he told himself, hoping his arms could hold out a bit longer. The boy was light, too light really, but in his tired state, Will left like he was carrying an anvil in his arms.

Will stopped as he spotted their little home and broke out into a smile as he saw the light in the window, knowing instantly who it was. He kissed Gabe's temple waking the sleeping toddler. "Wake up, Gabe," he whispered to him.

He toddler groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his tired eyes. "Are we home yet, momma?" he asked sleepily.

Will rolled his eyes in annoyance at the affectionate name that had been given to him. "Not momma," he corrected soothingly "Daddy." Gabe stared at him, his dark eyes filled with confusion. Will shrugged his shoulders and sighed in defeat. There was no point in trying. "Never mind," he said and then placed the child on the ground and turned him towards their home. "I think we have a visitor." Will couldn't help but smile as he the said the words.

Gabe's little face lit up, sleep and weariness completely forgotten. He ran the rest of the way home, unable to control his excitement. "Papa! Papa!" he squealed in delight.

The door then opened and standing in the doorway was a man wearing a tri-cornered hat, a long, warn coat, and beads in his braided hair. He flashed a wide smile filled with gold teeth, as he crouched down and spread his arms wide open. "There's me boy!" he said fondly as the curly haired little boy bounded into his arms. He kissed him on the temple and picked him up, spinning him around in the air. "Did ye miss me already, lad? Only been gone three months."

"Too long," the little boy pouted sadly.

Jack hugged him tighter and kissed his soft hair again. "There, there," he murmured. "No need ta get all mushy. Yer ol' Papa's 'ere now, savvy?" He smiled as Gabe nodded in response. "Now, where's yer mum?"

"Jack!" Will said, playfully annoyed. A frown creasing his tanned brow. "You know, you're the reason he keeps calling me that!"

Jack smirked at the frowning blacksmith. "Couldn't help it, luv," he said. "Now, let's not stand in the door way any longer. Lettin' in a bunch o' flies I'm sure." He stepped aside, to allow Will in and then closed the door behind them.

"You are home early," Will commented. "Is there something the matter?"

Letting Gabe down, Jack took a few steps closer towards Will. "Does a man need a reason to want to see his family?" He wrapped his arms around Will's waist, pulling the younger man's body against his. Will shivered as Jack's chapped lips brushed over his. "Missed ye, luv," he mumbled, just before kissing the young man in his arms.

Will chuckled and pulled away gently. "Jack," he said, a smile on his handsome face. "Gabe's still here," he whispered, nodding towards the little boy next to them.

Gabe took this as his moment to latch on to his Papa's leg, smiling up at the pirate. "Did ya bring me anythin', Papa?"

"Gabriel," Will said, firmly "you have enough toys as it is."

Gabe looked down at the ground sheepishly, until Jack grabbed him by his arm pits and lifted him into the air. "Don't listen to yer momma, lad," he said, bringing him over to a near by chair. Jack sat down with Gabe on his knee. The little boy squealed in delight as the pirate pulled out a toy boat from the folds of his coat. "'Ere ye go, lad," he said handing it over to his son. It looked almost exactly like the Black Pearl, right down to the black sails. "Made it meself, just for ye. 'S Papa's ship."

The young boy smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you!" he said sweetly, before running off to play with his new toy.

Will sighed, half with annoyance and half plain weariness. "You'll spoil him Jack," he commented.

Jack smiled at him and chuckled. "So what," he said, leaning back in his chair. "'E's a good lad. Deserves to be spoiled every now and again if we can afford it." He turned to him and smirked. "Yer one ta talk. Ye're the one that coddles the lad."

Will shook his head at Jack's antics and went about preparing dinner. After they ate, Will continued to clean up as Jack sat in his chair by the fire with Gabe on his knee. Gabe's eyes glowed with delight as he listened intently to his Papa's farfetched tales of his time out at sea. Will smiled as Jack waved his hands around, as if to create a picture in the air.

It was just like any other family, Will often mused. Only he had never expected himself to be taking on the role of the one who took care of the children, cleaned the home, and cooked the meals. He'd always thought he'd be the one who'd come home and bounce the children on his knee by the fire while his wife looked at him with eyes full of love and admiration.

Still, this quite little life that he and Jack had started here in Tortuga was pleasant, but there were times when he'd stay awake at night, wondering what could have been. What his life would have been like had he married Elizabeth and had never gotten pregnant with Jack's child.

Then he'd look over at Gabriel's smiling face and he'd know that he wouldn't change anything if it meant loosing him.

Will moaned as Jack kissed the soft skin on his shoulder. He sighed and turned over in their bed, cuddling closer to Jack's warm body. Jack wrapped his arms around his slim waist, and kissed the nape of his neck.

"Love you, Jack," Will moaned.

"Love ye, too," Jack moaned back in reply.

They were quite for a moment before Will, smiled and broke the silence. "I went to see Dr. Swanson last week and I got some good news."

Jack moaned and nodded. "Mmm. What's that luv?" Will softly grabbed Jack's roughed hand in his. He brought it up to his lips, kissing his palm softly, and then slowly, slid it down to his stomach. He looked up at Jack, his kohl-rimmed eyes were wide with surprise and he sat up, leaning on his elbow. "Will..."

Will smirked at the older man happily, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. "I'm pregnant," he said.

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