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Ch.1 School Trip

Danny Fenton was frantic! He ripped open his dressers and spilled their contents out on the floor. Finding nothing he ran to his closet and started going through his clothes. Giving up Danny let out a frustrated sign.

"Where could I have put it?" He thought as he looked around his room. "How could I lose my ticket, now! Of all times!"

He then picked up his bed and checked under it.

"Nothing." He thought with anger. "I paid fifty bucks for that ticket and I lost it! Who does that besides Dash? Seriously!"

Frustrated he set his bed down and sat down, he felt something in his pocket. Pulling it out he realized that it was a gold and blue passport.

"My ticket!" He shouted aloud. "I remember now I put it in my pants so when I put them on the next morning I would have it in my pocket!"

Danny's joy however was cut short when he checked his watch.

"Seven thirty! Oh no I'm going to be late!" He gasped as he grabbed his luggage and ran out his room.

While in the hallway he stopped and took a moment to stare at a pair of framed pictures hanging on the walls. One picture had him and his best friends Samantha Manson and Tucker in their freshman year at Casper High. All of them except Sam were smiling of course. Danny was dressed in a white and red shirt with blue jeans, Sam was wearing a black short skirt and top, her sour expression made it clear to anyone who took a moment to stare at the photo that she was having a bad day. Tucker was giving Danny bunny ears in the background he was smiling merrily. He was wearing brown pants with a tan shirt, complete with red hat.

"How young we looked back then." Danny said to himself.

He then turned to a more recent photo of himself and the others. He was dressed in a blue iron dragon shirt with black jeans. He was wearing jet-black sunglasses and his hair was spiked, his arms were crossed and he had a mischievous smile across his lips. Tucker still had the same hat on but the brown shorts and tan shirt were gone. In their place was a gray Cherokee shirt with blue pants. Danny turned his head to admire the one he cherished above all others. His Sam, she was dressed in a black mini skirt with a violet tang top; covering most of her body was a black coat. Sam hair was dyed light and dark blue in the front. The rest was natural dark black; she wore violet lipstick and smiled tenderly.

"At least she smiled in this one." Danny thought with a grin.

He then studied the two dates that were written on the corners of the pictures.

"Danny and friends 1/4/02." He read aloud, he then turned his head and read its date aloud. "Danny and friends 3/15/04."

The current date was 8/2/04, they had token that picture a few months ago. Danny and the others were now juniors at Casper High. True their physical features had changed but their personalities had hardly changed as the years came and went. Danny was still shying, meek, and kind. Tucker remained sly, loud, and flashy and Sam was still the moody Goth girl who struggled to be accepted in the world. Although Danny didn't think that this was necessary.

"She's perfect the way she is, why can't she realize that?" He said aloud.

"Who's perfect the way she is?" A voice behind him asked.

Danny turned startled, and let out a sign of relief when he realized it was only his sister Jazz. She stood smiling at him, for she knew whom he was talking about. Jazz was in college now and had grown into a quite the beautiful young woman. They stood staring at one another without saying a word, when Jazz finally spoke.

"So today's the big day, the day you leave us for two weeks." She told him softly.

Danny was relieved; she didn't choose to press the subject with Sam.

"I wouldn't go if I didn't have to, but Lancer didn't give me a lot of options. It was either go on the field trip or stay with a sub and write essays for two weeks." Danny replied in a gentle voice.

"Jump City USA," Jazz started. " I half expected them to send you to Washington DC. Why do they want to send you there?"

Danny hesitated and responded slowly, " New museums have opened up in that area. Lancer thought it would be beneficial for the school if we took a field trip down there and got a first hand look at the places."

Jazz nodded, then with extraordinary speed pulled him into an embrace. Danny brought his hands up to her shoulders and returned the embrace. After a few seconds they slowly pulled away from one another. Both had a soft smile on their faces, Danny turned around suddenly and picked up his bags.

"See ya Jazz." He told her as he walked away.

"Take care of yourself." She called after him.

When Danny had gone down the stairs and was out of sight Jazz leaned up against the wall and let out a long painful sign.

"It's been two years and he still hasn't come clean to Sam or me." She muttered as she stood up and headed for her room.

Danny walked down the stairs and set his things in the living room. He then strode over to the kitchen, opened a pantry and pulled out a box of Pop Tarts. Grabbing a few he ripped away the material that covered them and began taking huge bites. In less than four minutes he finished his breakfast and walked over to the basement. Surely enough the door was wide open and he saw a familiar sight. His parents Jack and Maddie Fenton were working on a new ghost-tracking device. Maddie was drawing the blueprints and Jack was organizing the materials needed to make it.

"They still haven't given up after all these years." Danny thought as he watched them with growing interest. The Fenton lab had been destroyed in a fight between Vlad Plasmus and Danny


Vlad had Danny cornered and was giving his speech on how feeble Danny was compared to him and how he was going to take over the world when Danny was gone. When suddenly Danny stood up, enraged and with a movement of his palm hurled an ectoplasm blast at his nemesis. It hit its target with incredible force; Vlad was sent to the floor. He stood up stunned that Danny could generate that much energy. Vlad quickly responded to Danny's attack with a blast of his own energy. But Danny was more than ready for him, he quickly made a shield around himself and the blast was reflected away from Danny and back towards Vlad. Vlad let out a scream as he was knocked off his feet and sent spiraling towards the control panel for the ghost doorway, he hit the panel shoulder first and when he lifted his arm to host himself up he accidentally activated the doorway.

Noticing what his opponent had done Danny quickly realized that he could use this to his advantage. Danny got on his knees and waited for his dazed foe to stand in front of the doorway. Vlad Plasmus the once mighty ghost hybrid was outclassed; he had underestimated the strength and learning capability of his young enemy.

"That brat may have beaten me this time but he will not be so fortunate in the future!" Vlad told himself as he struggled to get back to his feet, feeling dazed he covered his face and rubbed his eyes.

When he opened them the world was blurry and all he saw was wavy images of the laboratory he was standing in. It took a few seconds for his eyesight to finally recover and when he saw the world clearly he was puzzled to see Danny squatting on his knees like a quarterback in a football game.

"What have you decided to give up?" Vlad hissed at Danny.

Danny slowly picked up his head, his face was emotionless and as cold as steel.

"No." He responded his voice filled with hatred. "You've hurt my friends, you attempted time and time again to kill my dad, and you tried to rape my mom!" He shouted at the top his lungs.

Suddenly Danny began to grow stronger from his rage, his body began glowing with specter energy. Vlad stepped back frightened. Danny smirked when he saw his opponent's reaction.

"All these years I used to fear you, but when I look at you know I finally realize just how weak and pitiful you are." Danny growled at Vlad. "Vlad maybe I will have the courage to forgive you one day of all the terrible things you've done. But there is one crime that you did that I will never ever forget! You attempted to molest her! The one I love! And for that you will personally send you to HELL!" Danny roared as he suddenly leapt to his feet and flew at full speed towards his nemesis, his fists were in front of him.

Vlad realizing what he had done turned towards the ghost gate. Surely enough it was open and glowing with the spiritual energy that powered it. The dark oblivion in front of it seemed to reach out, ready to grab and devour the unsuspecting soul that fell into it. Namely Vlad. He turned and realized that Danny was nearly upon him; it was much too late to dodge. Much too late.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Vlad screamed as Danny flew into him at full force sending his bottom half into the ghost zone.

Vlad grabbed the side of the doorway with both hands, as one last pathetic attempt to keep himself from falling into oblivion. He mustered one final effort to attack Danny; he let go with one hand while still holding on with the other. He swung at Danny who caught it and twisted his arm. Vlad cried out in pain as he felt his wrist break, Danny smiled at his opponents pain. He wanted him to feel the agony he caused him and his loved ones all those years before sending him to Hades.

"Do you feel that Vlad?" Danny asked his opponent in a mocking tone. "That's just a taste of what's in store for you in there. Oh and when you meet Skulker say hi for me." Danny growled as he pulled his hand back, it was glowing with green energy.

Vlad's eyes grew wide with horror as he realized what his opponent was planning to do. He thrashed around feebly trying to free himself from Danny's grip but to no avail. Danny brought his hand close to Vlad's face and fired. He screamed as he was sent into the dark oblivion. Danny smiled as he watched his personal devil tumble into the abyss of nothingness. But his smile quickly faded, he then realized that as long as the gate was still up and running Vlad and the other specters he had captured could escape and wreck havoc once more. That was chance he wasn't willing to take. Despite the fact that this was the pinnacle of his parent's achievements he couldn't give Vlad the chance to escape and cause harm once more.

"It must be destroyed." Danny said to himself. "This entire lab has to be destroyed, I'm sorry mom and dad but there's no other way."

He flew away from the gate and put his hands together. He would fire at the gate with all of his power. The blast would level the gate and the entire lab. Danny closed his eyes and envisioned what must be done. It took all of Vlad's will power to keep him from spiraling in the world he was now in. Turning around he saw that the door was still open.

"The fool hasn't even closed it yet." Vlad said aloud in a sinister tone.

Laughing like a madman he flew towards the doorway at full speed. He would surely make it at the speed he was going. When suddenly an enormous hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed him. Vlad stared in seer horror at what was now holding him. It was enormous and completely cloaked in the darkness of the realm he was now in. Vlad couldn't see the rest of it, but he could see two blood red eyes and pearl white teeth gleaming in the abyss below him.

"So this is the great Vlad Plasmus the so called king of specters." The creature hissed. "There is only one king of the supernatural and that is me!"

Vlad struggled to get out of the creatures grip; this caused its fist to tighten. It then began Bringing Vlad closer and closer to those gleaming white teeth.

"I am the true king of ghosts! And you are nothing but another morsel for me to devour." The creature snarled as it opened its jaws.

Vlad saw this and screamed, he then struggled more and more to get out of the creatures grip, but it was useless. Vlad looked up in horror as he saw that he was already in the creature's mouth. He screamed in terror as the monster began to close its jaws slowly. His mind refused to believe what was about to happen to him.

"But I was the most powerful hybrid in this world and the one over!" His protested mentally.

"It can't end this way! IT CAN'T! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as the creature bit down, chewed, then swallowed.

Danny was alerted by Vlad's screams of terror and fired. The blast it the ghost doorway and it went up in smoke. Suddenly everything in the lab began catching on fire and exploding. Danny quickly phased through the walls and flew outside; he saw the entire top part of his home go up in flames. Luckily no one was at home at the time, so he didn't have to worry about casualties.

"Better get this fire under control." He said to himself as he lifted his arms and with sent a wave of energy over to the building that was engulfed in a lotus of flames. Within a few seconds the fire was smothered and the structure was saved. Danny landed in an alley and let out a sign of relief.

"It's over, it's finally over." Danny thought with a small smile on his lips.

He would tell his parents that the gate had gone haywire and everything else was destroyed in the process. He knew how much the gate and the experiments meant to his parents, but the possibility of someone getting hurt or killed by a ghost was too great.

"They could find safer means of experimenting with the supernatural." He kept on telling himself when he ran out of the alley acting like he was in a panic.

End Of Flashback:

"Mom, Dad I'm taking off now." He told them as he walked into the basement.

"So soon, I'm gonna miss you sport." Jack Fenton said to his son sadly.

"Two weeks, it seems so long." Maddie added.

"Yeah I know but I promise I'll come back safely." Danny told them, a soft smile on his face.

"We know son, we know." Jack muttered as he embraced his son.

When Jack was finished hugging Danny Maddie walked over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Be very careful, and call me on the cell when you get to the airport." She whispered in his ear.

"I will mom I will." He responded turning to look at the time. "Well it's official the bus will be here in two minutes. I better get going see you guys."

Danny walked out of the basement and into the living room. He took his bags, and headed out the front door. Sure enough the yellow school bus was just coming to a stop on the curve. Danny walked over to it, opened some doors on the side put his luggage in and climbed into the vehicle. He browsed through the rows, looking for a place to sit he was a bit surprised to see Lancer seated in the very front.

Glaring at Danny the principal of Casper High spoke, "Mister Fenton how nice of you to join us, please take a seat."

Danny simply nodded and headed down the bus rows suddenly he saw Tucker and Sam sitting on the right side of the bus. He headed over to them and made a motion with his hand to make room. They scoot down a little to give Danny some space, when they did Danny sat down and let out a sign. As soon as the bus driver saw that Danny was seated the bus started and took off towards the airport.

"So how are things?" Tucker asked.

"Fine just fine, my parents are a little nervous about me being gone for so long." Danny replied looking towards him.

"At least your parents took it well, mine nearly passed out!" Sam commented.

"Two weeks, sounds like a long time." Tucker added.

"Yeah but it's going to go by quick and at least we get to have some fun with it." Danny said trying to cheer Tucker up.

Suddenly Danny felt like someone was watching him and looked up. He found himself looking straight into Dash's eyes. The senior grumbled before looking down at the bus floor.

"He-he what's he doing here?" Danny asked Sam nervously.

The beautiful goth girl stared at him with her violet eyes before responding, "He was sort on credits so Lancer gave him a job as a chaperone to give him just enough credits to graduate."

"I'm going to be with Dash for two weeks!" Danny cried in disbelief. "I should have planned my funeral in advance!"

"Oh relax Danny," Sam told him in a casual tone, "Lancer will be keeping a close eye on him at all times."

"That's another thing what's Lancer doing here?" Danny asked her slightly panicked.

"The school board thought it would be for the best if he came along with us and made sure we behaved. So he's going to with us the entire time, the vice principal will be taking care of things while he's away." Sam explained quickly.

"Great now I'm stuck with Lancer and Dash! What else can go wrong?" Danny said to himself as the bus got on the highway.

Thirty minutes later the bus reached the airport and pulled up on a curve. Everyone got out of their seats starting with the kids in the front. Lancer was the first to get out of the bus.

"Get your belongings people, hurry up! We're running late!" He told them.

After most of the people in the front had cleared out Danny and the others got up and walked down the aisle. On the way to the door Danny caught a glimpse of Paullina, the school beauty. For a second their eyes made contact and she smiled at him when as she walked down the steps. Sam growled when she saw Danny's face, he had that dreamy look in his eyes, the expression that love sick teens get when they see a girl they like. Sam nudged him in the side, Danny let out a cry of pain and kept and started walking again. When he stepped out of the bus Lancer immediately greeted him.

"Now look here you." He hissed, " you have a reputation for being a trouble maker, this trip is very important for the education of the school, so I don't want you fooling around. If I do catch you doing something inappropriate you will be expelled faster than you can say Oh crap!"

With that being said Lancer walked off, mumbling to himself Danny went to go get his luggage, he opened the side doors and was about to turn around when someone slapped him in the back of the head.

"OW!" He cried aloud, he heard cruel laughter and turned to see Dash.

The senior was laughing hysterically and when he saw the anger in Danny's eyes he stopped grinned at him.

"Two weeks is a long time Fenton, you better watch your back." He snarled, and then walked past him.

Danny dropped his bags and was about to strike back when Sam stopped him.

"No Danny it's not worth getting expelled over." She warned him gently.

Danny glared at her for a few seconds and let out a painful sign, "Yeah your right." He said to her.

Danny rubbed his eyes and reached for his luggage once more. Seeing the anger in his eyes Sam continued on:

"Don't worry about it Danny, things will get better I promise." She said to him soothingly, Danny looked up at her and a warm smile spread on his lips. Seeing this Sam placed her hand on his cheek and was about to tell him something else when Tucker walked up to them.

"Come on guys we better get going Lancer's getting ancy." Tucker told them when he reached for his things and walked into the airport.

Sam turned her head back towards Danny, "We better go." She told him sadly.

Danny nodded and helped her with her bags. The trio then walked through the airport doors and disappeared among the crowds. The bus driver seeing that no one was around took out a pack of cigarettes, opened it, selected one , took it out and lit it. He took a few puffs of it and turned to adjust the bus mirror, that's when he noticed a man dressed gangland style tuxedo sitting in the back of the bus. His skin was as white as snow, and he was wearing a jet black fedora. The driver rubbed his eyes and turned, the figure was still there.

"Are you a teacher?" The driver asked nervously.

Slowly the figure looked up, and the driver gasped. This was no man! His face was skeletal and his eyes were as bright as fire. The driver shot out of his chair and made a break for the door. He slammed into it, that's when he noticed it was locked. Desperately he turned back towards the back of the bus. Expecting whatever it was to some sprinting down the aisle towards him. But instead he found the bus to be empty, the thing had just vanished.

"I got to lay off the smokes I'm seeing things." The driver said to himself, while rubbing his eyes.

"Okay everyone get into a single file line please." Lancer said to the unruly group of teens.

"It's time for me to explain the safety rules of riding on a airplane." Lancer told the students, "number one there will be no horseplay at anytime, second if you need anything then ask for assistance, third…"

Danny began to tune out Lancer when suddenly he noticed someone dressed in a mob style tuxedo standing in a corner, everyone seemed to walk past him as if he wasn't there. Suddenly a teen girl walked right into and out of him! Terror crashed through Danny's mind, and he turned to face whatever it was only to find nothing.

"Something wrong Danny?" Tucker asked who was standing right beside him.

"No nothings wrong, just got a headache." Danny told him while rubbing his temples and listening to Lancer carry on and on.

"Fourth you may not switch seats at any given time, fifth you cannot throw food on the plane, sixth you may not…."

While Danny was listening to Lancers lecture the same figure was observing him from the rafters on the airport. His eyes glowed with hatred and evil, and a sinister smile was spread across his face.

"Found you." It hissed before vanishing into thin air.

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