He is so fucking cute. I'm sorry but I know no other words to express how completely adorable this guy is. Like on our first date, he had a reaction to his bee phobia which I have to admit was hilarious and later we ran into his parents which was all different types of uncomfortable. And they didn't even know we were on a date. I got out of there cos he was turning purple with embarressment after some choice words from his father about "that sort". I'll admit to not wanting to be around someone who says those kind of things but I like to think I left so he wouldn't be uncomfortable. Jesus he was even cute purple.

Other then that it was an ok time I think. Sure at dinner the conversation wasn't astounding, he dosn't know alot about sport which is my main topic of interest. I was born without the ability to appreaciate music so the talk about his band went way over my head. We both like movies but completely different types. He's into romantic comedies while I like action and horror more. I already knew he wasn't a fan of zombie movies, was it horrible of me to invite him to one just for the possible cuddles? I couldn't help it. He's just too cute to resist. No wounder all the girls adore him.

I could tell from the first day I met him that he was the kind that got along with everyone. It was almost physically impossible to hate him. Didn't even matter how cute he was, he could walk around in a bean bag shirt and you'd still like him. Cos he's, he's just so genuenly nice and kinda goofy in a incredibly cute way. I can't explain it, I doubt science could friggen explain it. They'd prabably call it a disease of the human condition or something. Marco-itis, be afraid your open to infection. I sure was.