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How Long is Eternity? Chapter 1: Prolouge

Her misty blue pearls filled with anger as she strung her bow with one of her hand-made arrows and shot down the last of the coyote demons. She pulled the arrow out of the coyote's side as her partner walked over to her.

"Nice one Kagome." she said with a smile on her face. Kagome nodded, not opening her mouth for a thanks, but her partner knew what she meant.

Her partner, whom was called Sango, smiled again and brushed her chest-nut locks of hair behind her ears; those stubborn peices that always seemed to escape the ponytail. "That was easier than expected, lets see what kinda loot they got in their cave..."

Sango's voice trailed off as she noticed that her best friend wasn't even listening to her. "Kagome?" she snapped in her partners face and Kagome jumped. "Oh, sorry 'bout that." she said sheepishly.

Kagome tugged at the long off-white long sleeve shirt, pulling it out of the uncomfortable position it always seemed to get in when she was in battle. Along with her shirt she wore long, brown pants tied around her waist, with a red ribbon but without a bow. Sango wore a similar outfit; the perfect wardrobe for bandits...

They ran into the giant cave, tripping on rather large stones along the way. But, to their disadvantage, their was nothing of any importance in the cave; only a small baby coyote. Sango picked up the pup and carried it out of the cave. Kagome said to just leave it, but Sango had a softer heart of the two; even if becoming bandits was all Sango's idea...


"Where are you headed?" her soft voice asked, being carried into the air. Kagome turned suddenly to the eight-year-old girl, the one they called Sango.

"No where, just had no where to go. I'm an orphan." Kagome replied, staring at the bright green patches of grass and running her leather boot across it. "Me too!" said Sango, a little too cheerfully, "Let's travel together. It'll be more fun than traveling alone."

Kagome wasn't as carefree as her new comrade and immediatly thought of the future. "And how do you propose we live?" she asked, tapping her toe on the ground. Sango immediatly grew quiet and sat down on a giant boulder, placing her elbow on her knee and her head on her hand, as if she was in deep thought.

Kagome, being a very impatient eight-year-old little girl, waited for what seemed like hours. "BANDITS!" Sango suddenly yelled, jumping up from the boulder. "Be like Robin Hood, steal from the rich. Only, we'll keep what we get."

End of Flashback

"Sango's idea changed soon," Kagome thought, "soon we were stealing from everyone."

She stared over to her best friend, seeing the coyote pup demon still in her arms. Sango's heart had grown incredibly soft in the six years they had traveled together. She was a hopeless romantic, but wasn't afraid to kill anyone that stood in the way unlike Kagome. Kagome believed that love was for the weak hearted and the biggest waste of emotion ever. Also, Kagome would kill anyone no matter who they were, even if they weren't bothering her, just to prove she was the best.

They left the coyote in the cave, to Sango's disaproval and walked under the velvet night sky, blanketed with bright, white stars. Chattering away like two normal teenage girls, they trotted along, never expecting to run into a inu hanyou and a lecherous monk along the way; the only two people who could actually give them a run for their money in battles... The ones they would have to choose between their life as it is or a life with them... The ones that would turn their hearts soft...

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