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How Long Is Eternity? Chapter 14: Epilogue

"Don't go far Kairi!" Kagome warned, watching her daughter run up the hills to see Tyre. Kairi turned back to her mother, her ebony dog-ears twitching on her head in her long mop of dark hair. She smiled, "Mom, I'm thirteen. I'll be fine!" She ran to the other side of the hill before her mother could get another word in.

"Just like her father," Kagome muttered, turning back towards the house. She carried a stack of clothes underneath one arm to take down to the creek. "Now where did Inuyasha go?"

Inuyasha sat up in a tree above Kagome, watching her fret about Kairi. He couldn't help but snicker, making Kagome look up at him and glare. "Come on down Inuyasha. We got clothes to wash!"

Inuyasha jumped down from the tree and smiled at his mate. "You know Kag-chan, you gotta let her grow up one day."

"Well if you weren't so stubborn, maybe she wouldn't be," his mate replied haughtily, gently tugging one of his dog-ears. He winced and grabbed the clothes, running off to dump them in the dirt so Kagome could work twice as hard to get him clean.

"Get back here Inuyasha!" She yelled, chasing after him, her eyes flaring playfully.


"Hi Sango, is Tyre home?" Kairi asked, pushing her waist length hair behind her shoulder. Sango smiled, "sure is, come on in!"


"Hey Tyre, I just heard that Onigumo went missing and that they have a reward for his whereabouts. Wanna go look for him?" The hanyou girl asked her best friend. He smiled his father's perverted smile and nodded; getting a slap from Kairi before he could even lift his hand.

"Hey what was that for?"

"I know what you were planning. My mom told me stories about Miroku and his hentai ways." The girl snapped back. Tyre just smiled again and ran off towards the place where Onigumo was rumored to be seen last.

Kairi ran after him. "What about your little sisters? Think they wanna come?" She asked, after easily catching up to him. Tyre was fourteen, the oldest of twelve children, and had eleven little sisters. He had chestnut hair tied back in a rat-tail, like his father. Thanks to the death of Naraku, (even though it was Sesshoumaru that killed him) Tyre didn't have a kazaana in his right hand, and wore monk's robes, though he had Sango's amber eyes.

"Are you kidding, I just wanna get away from them. Father has been trying to make them perverted. Even little Keri started saying pick up lines before she said mom or dad." Tyre put his head in his hands. "Let's just go before they notice I left."

Kairi nodded and ran after him towards an old abandoned cave. Kirara had noticed them leave and left her sunny bed to follow them. They peered inside the cave, but it was way too dark to see anything. A distant noise made Kairi jump and scoot closer to Tyre hearing him mutter, "I could like it here."

Kairi sighed and punched his stomach, making him groan in pain. She picked up Kirara, whose diamond had begun glowing, and stepped inside the cave slowly. Every little sound made her jump. She turned and looked at Tyre, her gold eyes growing dark; he still stood at the mouth of the cave, trembling.

"Get your scaredy arse in here."

Tyre nodded, and slowly walked inside. He hurriedly caught up to Kairi, accidentally bumping into her and knocking her down. She fell and screamed as she landed on something-or someone!

Kairi ran out of that cave as fast as she could, being followed by Tyre and Kirara. She ran all the way back to the back of her house before she'd tell Tyre what was going on.

"What happened?"

"I landed on someone when I fell over. Do you think it was Onigumo?" Kairi replied, wishing her nerves wouldn't have gotten the best of her so she could've solved the mystery.

"I dunno. I guess it's possible. I en't going back there though."

Kairi nodded in agreement, sitting behind her house. "Maybe we en't got to. They just said they'd give a reward for his whereabouts."

Tyre looked at her as if she was the smartest girl in the world. "You're right. Who do we tell?"

"Kagura, his wife. Let's go find her."

Kagome walked out the back door, followed by Inuyasha, who was soaking wet. "Kairi, did I just hear you say you were going to look for Kagura? It's getting late honey."

"Mom that's not fair. When you were thirteen you lived on your own. I can stay out past seven can't I?"

Inuyasha smiled. "Have fun just be careful, that Kagura is a handful. Don't forget your dagger!" He tossed his daughter her sheathed dagger and she caught it in the air.

"Thanks dad. What happened to you? You're all wet."

"Never refuse to do laundry to your mother." He laughed, ringing out his sopping haori. Puddles of water appeared on the ground.


Kairi lay in her sleeping bag next to Tyre's sleeping bag, staring up at the stars. They had searched for Kagura all day, but hadn't found her. Kairi knew that their mothers would be mad that they were out all night, but they had to find Kagura.

Tyre rolled over and looked at her. "How pissed do you think they'll be? Our parents I mean." He asked, rolling back on his back to stare at the sky.

"Mad enough. But mom tells me stories all the time about how she and her mom were bandits and lived on their own since the age of eight. Yet here we are teenagers, and we have as many rights as a seven year old."

Tyre's eyes grew bright and he smiled.

"What?" Kairi asked, looking at his strange new face. She raised an eyebrow.

"We could become bandits!" He smiled, reaching for his sheathed sword.

Kairi threw her pillow at him. "You wish! We couldn't survive three days out here and you know it!"

Tyre smiled and laughed. "You're right, but it would be fun!" He threw the pillow back at Kairi, and the pillow fight began!


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