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An Inuyasha Christmas

It was a snowy day in the Feudal era and everyone was in Kaede's hut, warming up by the fire. Inuyasha looked down and just stared into space. Kagome took this time to get her yellow bag and sneak out of the hut. When she got out of the hut, she ran to the well. Just when she reached the well, "Where do you think your going?" "Inuyasha, i have to go home. It's Christmas and you should give me a break?" Inuyasha looked confused. "Christmas? What is that? Some kind of homework?" Kagome was shocked. "You mean you have not heard of christmas?" Inuyasha shook his head. Kagome pulled his arm, "then lets go. Boy, have you been missing out!" With that, Inuyasha and Kagome jumped into the well.

Modern Day

They jumped out of the well and went inside. "Mom, i'm home and Inuyasha is here to." Mrs.Higurashi walked up to them,"Welcome back Kagome and you too, Inuyasha. Supper will be ready soon, so i hope your hungry." Inuyasha sniffed. "Ramen!" he said, happy that he came. Kagome walked up to Kagome's room and they had the Christmas "Talk". "Ok Inuyasha, i'm just going to give you an overview. Christmas is when you get to spend time with the ones you love. Your friends and family. During the holidays you set up decorations around the house, and we put up a Christmas tree. We decorate that to. Then on Christmas day, we wake up and wer go downstairs and open presents under the tree. Christmas is about giving. Then at dinner time we sit down and have a big feast. Sound alright?" Kagome asked, a little out of breath. Inuyasha nodded, trying to make sure that information was stored in his brain. After that, they laid around and were quiet. They went downstairs when Kagome's mom called for dinner. Inuyasha ate his ramen in under 30 seconds, but waited for Kagome to finish.

After that they went outside with Souta and played in the snow. Inuyasha and Souta built a snowmen while Kagome made a snow angel. Souta whispered something in Inuyasha's dog ears and Inuyasha smiled and nodded. The Next thing Kagome knew there were snowballs hitting her. "Inuyasha!!! Souta!!!! You just wait." Souta got on Inuyasha's back and Inuyasha started to run but not before, "SIT!!" They went crashing down, laughing their heads off. They went inside and had some hot chocolate and marshmellows. When they were finished, they watched TV and went to bed. "Kagome, can i sleep in your room?" Inuyasha asked. "Sure" she said. She got a sleeping bag and Inuyasha got inside, instantly falling asleep. "I don't blame him" Kagome giggled, as she to went to sleep.

The Next Day

Inuyasha woke to the sun hitting his face. He looked around, but didn't find Kagome. He smelt for her and it led down to the kitchen. Kagome was cooking and it smelt good. "Morning Kagome" he said. Kagome jumped a bit, but shook it off. "Oh, Inuyasha your up. Good morning. I'm just making breakfast." Inuyasha looked over her shoulder and saw some round brown things on a pan. Kagome put some on a plate, and Inuyasha touched them. 'They feel fluffy,' he thought. "Kagome what are these?" he asked, curious. "They are called pancakes. You can try one." So inuyasha picked one up and took a bite out of it. "Hey, these are good." he said, as he finished the rest of it. So they sat down, and had breakfast. "Inuyasha, i have to go to the mall today and shop for christmas gifts. Mom and Souta are coming to. Wanna come?" Kagome asked. "Sure" he replied. They went up to Kagome's room and got out a pair of clothes that she bought for him whenever he came to the modern era. She told him to go into Souta's room and he would help him. Well it took a few tries, but he finally got it right. When he came out, he had some blue cargo pants on, and a shirt that read, "What are you looking at?" Before they left, Kagome put a baseball cap on Inuyasha's head. "Demon!!" Inuyasha said as they went over to the car. "Inuyasha, no it's not a demon. Its called a car. It's how we get to places." Kagome explained. "Oh," Inuyasha felt embaressed. So they got in the car and they were off to the mall.

A/N: I hope you like it. But i need some suggestions. Later in the story, I'm gonna have Inuyasha and Kagome sing, "Baby, it's cold outside" but i don't know where they will be singing it at. Like a show, or something. If you could give some suggestions that would be great. Til next time.