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An Inuyasha Christmas Chapter 5 Christmas Morning

Kagome shot her eyes open. She yawned. 'Christmas morning' she thought. 'Time for the traditon'. Every year, Kagome would wake Souta up on Christmas morning and they would go downstairs and look at the presents. They would see which one is for who, and they would look at the size of it and guess what it is without toching it. She tiptoed out of bed and over to Souta's room. "Souta" she whispered, "Souta, get up." When she finished saying that, he was right by her side, waiting. "Come on kagome, lets go." She looked at him and said, "Why don't you go wake Inuyasha up, not to loud though, and then i'll meet you downstairs." He nodded and went into Kagome's room. "Inuyasha" he whispered. "Inuyasha, get up. Let's go downstairs and look at the presents." Inuyasha opened his eyes slowly and saw souta sitting next to him. "What?" he asked. "We're gonna go downstairs and look at our presents." he said, again. "Oh, okay i'm coming." Inuyasha said, getting up. Once he got up, he followed Souta downstairs, and saw Kagome there. 'Good, she's not looking at my present' he thought. Kagome looked up to see the two boys come dow the stairs. "Morning Inuyasha" she said. "Morning," he replied. Inuyasha looked at the gifts surrounding the tree. "Why don't we open them now?" he asked. "Well we usually wait for her to get up." "Oh, ok." Inuyasha said.

They looked around for a while when Kagome's mom came down the stairs. "Merry Christmas everyone" she said, sitting down on the chair. "merry christmas" they all said. "Mom, can we open our gifts now?" Souta asked. "Yes Souta, and you can go first." he smiled as he opened his gifts. He got a dvd from his mom, a video game from Kagome, and a beaded necklace from Inuyasha. Mrs. Higurashi was next. She got a broom from Souta, an apron from Kagome and a book from Inuyasha. Inuyasha was next. He tried to be careful with his claws so he didn't scratch whatever was inside. He got some clothes from Mrs. Higurashi, a locket from Kagome, and a stone from Souta. "What does this do?" he asked. Souta showed him "You break it in half. One half is for me to keep and the other is for you. It's kind of like we're brothers."Inuyasha ruffled his hair. "I like it" he said. Kagome was last. She got a dvd from Souta, and a book from her mom. That's when she picked up Inuyasha's gift. 'oh please like it' he thought. Kagome peeled off the wrapping and opened the box. She gasped and looked up at him. "Inuyasha! Thank you. Its beautiful. But where did you get the money?" Inuyasha smiled. "Your mom" "But Inuyasha picked it out." Mrs. Higurashi said. They stood up to get breakfast, when Inuyasha felt something around his waist. He saw Souta hugging him, "Merry Christmas Inuyasha." he said. Then Kagome hugged him. Then Mrs.Higurashi. 'Okay' Inuyasha thought 'too much love.' But he didn't mind. They were like his family and he could never throw away his family. It was the best gift he got.

After they had breakfast, Inuyasha went up to Kagome's room. He found her putting on the necklace he gave her. "So when did you get this for me?" she asked, turning around and looking at him. "The day we went to the mall, before your talent show try out." he said. She hugged him and again, but this time, to his suprise, she kissed him. They both started blushing and soon they were as red as a christmas stocking. "Merry Christmas Inuyasha," Kagome said. "Merry Christmas Kagome," he replied. About 3 hours later, Kagome's mom called them down for dinner. When they got downstairs, Inuyasha saw a big table filled with food. He saw a big peace of meat in the middle Kagome called "Ham." They sat down and ate, like a regular family.

The next day, they went back to the feudal era and gave Miroku, Sango, and Shippo their presents. Later that day, Kagome brought the leftovers from christmas dinner to them, and they had a feast too. "Wow, Christmas was really fun. I can't wait till New Years" Kagome said. Inuyasha was confused again. "What's New Years?"

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