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A look Inside of Snape's memory

Snape stalked through the halls of Hogwarts alone, watching his back for Potter and Black. Running into Lupin or Pettigrew didn't sound too appealing either. Every so often, he turned down a random corridor and peered back to where he had come from, looking for confirmation that no one was tailing him. Thanks to his specialty of rendering himself invisible in the shadows, it had been quite awhile since the self dubbed "Mauraders" had seen him last . Peering around the corridor leading to the Great Hall, he realized that Potter and Black were nowhere to be seen.

It wasn't that he was afraid of them... it was just that he much rather not have another run in with them so soon after they had made a laughing stock out of him during transfiguration. If only there weren't three and a half of them... I could take Peter out by stomping on his foot, the fool, he thought to himself. He hurriedly entered the Great Hall and ran directly to the Slytherin table at the far left. He tried to sit down by himself, preparing to eat his lunch, avoiding notice, when all of a sudden Sirius Black came and stood next to him. Horrified, he tried not to look up until he had his ebony wand ready. Just as Severus was about to utter a warning to Black, Sirius put his wand down in front of him on the table with a click and proceeded to explain that McGonagall wanted him to apologize for turning Snape's Slytherin broach into a giant spider. Snape eyed Sirius carefully as Black went on about not really meaning any harm with his joke. Snape reviewed the circumstances ... Black had made McGonagall very angry, infuriating her further with his claims that his "Arachnifors" spell had missed his pebble and had hit Severus instead purely without intention. Severus then remembered how she had given both James and him detention with Filch for a week. It would seem likely that McGonagall would make them apologize…but yet, something didn't feel right, and by the looks of the head table there weren't any teachers in the hall as yet. Sirius would surely wait until a teacher witnessed his apology, so he wouldn't have to do it again, Snape realized. He stared at Sirius to his right and then down to Sirius's wand as it lay useless on the table and thought to himself, Maybe he is really apologizing. Because Sirius's wand lay motionless on the table, Snape decided that he would be safe telling Sirius that he was a filthy git after they had shook hands.

Sirius reached for Snape's hand and shook it briefly, picked up his wand, and briskly walked away, barely hearing Snape call him a filthy git as he was trying so very hard to keep from laughing. "Black and Potter two, Snivellus ZERO!" Black chanted quietly as he at back down at the Gryffindor house table.

Snape felt better that nothing had happened with the encounter and that he actually called Black a filthy git with no response. "It's about time he realized that he's a git," Severus sneered, wiping his chin length raven hair out of his face. When he looked up, he realized that everyone in the Hall was shooting strange glances his way. Snape ate his lunch quickly and grabbed his satchel, dashing toward the door to the Entrance Hall so he would not be gawked at like a caged animal any more. Sure he was used to being stared at because everyone enjoyed getting a laugh out of Sirius's and James's horrible pranks on him. It wasn't a hidden fact that he had few, if any friends. As he reached the door something made him stop…

" Hey Snivellus, whatcha got on your shoulder?" an all too familiar voice shouted mockingly from the Gryffindor House table. Sirius black jumped up from his seat at the Gryffindor House table and pointed directly at Snape. Suspicions mounted as Severus noticed James Potter striding from the direction of the Slytherin House table coming to sit next to Lupin, Pettigrew, and Black at the Gryffindor Table.

Snape refused to look. Snape reasoned with himself silently, He's just trying to get me to look; there's nothing there. Don't you dare look Severus! Another voice of panic flooded into his head, telling him, What if there really is something on my shoulder? Shouldn't I just make sure there's nothing there? Snape decided to look after he walked out of the Great Hall. He continued walking briskly toward the door when all of a sudden, he felt an unusual prodding sensation on his shoulder just as he reached for the doorknob. His eyes widened with fear as he slowly turned around to find himself face to face with a giant orange and black tarantula snapping violently. Scared, he grabbed his bag ready to smack the spider off, suddenly realizing his whole bag was alive, teeming with spiders of all shapes and sizes. He dropped his bag and tried to shake off his cloak, but found that it must have had a permanent sticking charm placed on it. Seeing that the spider was about to bite Severus, Lily Evans, a fellow third year, got up from the Gryffindor House table and strode forward whispering, "exgripendo", while pointing at Snape's cloak. A gray jet of light shot out of Lily's wand and encased the whole of Severus's cloak. The force of the spell hitting his cloak unbalanced him, causing him to trip over the hem of the glowing cloak. Lily moved forward until Snape offered her a hatefull glare. He stumbled to his knees, rose rapidly attempting to escape the spiders now crawling everywhere, tore off the cloak, and sprinted out of the hall, leaving all his books and quills behind, lost in a crowd of jeering students. Despite the cruel look she had received, Lily collected all of Snape's belongings and followed after him into the hallway.