Severus rubbed his head where Sirius Black had pummeled him with a snowball. He had been on his way from Care of Magical Creatures heading for the castle when the clump of snow, or rather ice, knocked him down. He was still lying on the ground and judging by the darkening of the sky, he appeared to have been here for some time. Looking at the Forbidden Forest, the trees bordering the Hogwarts Grounds appeared to be twirling around. He shook his raven-haired head a couple times, but nothing would make his head stop from spinning; however, determined, he struggled to his feet. He stood for a few seconds before collapsing onto his knees.

'Shoot. I must be really late for Transfiguration. McGonagall is going to kill me.' He decided to just crawl to the steps leading up to the Hogwarts Bridge. Slowly he moved forward. Looking down he spotted a reddish brown substance contaminating the perfect snow beneath him. He touched his hand to the back of his ebony hair, only to find his hair was frozen with blood and that the blood continued coming.

'Damn! Now what?' He searched up his sleeve for where he kept his wand. It wasn't there. ' My wand, oh shoot where is it!' his mind yelled in despair. He slowly turned himself around, looking at where he had been lying. Sure enough his wand lay many feet away, right next to the Forbidden Forest. 'Yeah sure Black, attack an enemy with his back turned, and then throw away his wand when he is unconscious', his mind spat at the increasing darkness.

Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him. He looked up to find Remus Lupin and Lily Evans blankly starring at him. Lily ran over to Snape and looked at the back of his head. "Remy he's bleeding!" Remus paused and scanned the surroundings, carefully looking for something. He then ran over to the edge of the Forbidden Forrest and picked up a long ebony wand out of the brush. "Yeah this was definitely Sirius. James might have attacked, but James would never have thrown his wand away while he was unconscious. That's more of Sirius' style," Remus growled angrily. He pocketed Snape's wand, and ran over to his friend's enemy. He did a medical analysis of Snape and found nothing wrong other than the large cut to the back of his head. Snape felt as if he had been shaken up on the inside; thus, he was unable to protest Remus lifting him off of the ground because he found, to his despair, that he couldn't even form the words.

Remus picked Snape up, and the three slowly made their way back to the castle. Lily asked Snape how long he had been out there. Snape only gave her a nasty look and shook his head. 'Apparently these dunderheads don't know I can't talk at the moment.' Lily tapped Remus' shoulder when they neared the end of the long covered bridge. "Lupin, wait! Isn't that Malfoy?" she whispered to her companion.

Lupin stopped dead and slowly put Snape down in the shadows of the bridge. The three sat there for a couple minutes until Malfoy had stopped scanning the landscape and had gone back inside. "That would have been horrible for all of us," Lily breathed out slowly. Lupin picked up Snape again and quickened his pace into the castle. He practically bounded up the stairs to the Medical Wing.

They decided to put Snape on one of the hospital beds and ring Madam Pomfrey's service bell. Surprisingly, Lily gave Severus a slight hug before the pair bounded out of the hospital wing. Severus just lay there waiting for the nurse to rush in. For once in his life, he wished that he had someone that would have stayed with him. 'This will not lessen the amount of payback that idiot Black will get,' Snape thought irately. Hearing the pounding of footsteps and a muffled cry, he blacked out. The next day, Snape woke up to find that he could see straight and better yet he could use his voice again. Pomfrey walked in after hearing Severus moving in bed. She asked him what had happened. He quickly said that he had fallen down the stairs.

"Yes, you might think you can fool me, but from the way your hair was frozen to your open wound, I would imagine someone found you outside." Severus paled . She said to him, "Well, Mr. Snape, you are perfectly fine now and may leave the Hospital Wing. Let's just put it this way, thank God you have angels watching over you. Who knows if I could have healed you if you were just left out there." The woman gave him a smile and pointed at the table next to the bed. It had a simple black envelope lying on it. He took the envelope and ran out of the hospital wing towards the dungeon. 'I don't believe it I got a get well card ', he thought as he ran to his common room. He ran in and down to the second year dormitories. He collapsed onto his bed and carefully slid the knife he kept under his pillow along the crease of the envelope, opening it with extreme care. His face fell when he found a letter in the envelope. He scanned the letter and threw the letter down on his bed. It read:

Snape where the hell are you? My friend, it would appear you are avoiding me. I realize you are just a second year, but you are rumored to be quite the potions maker. If this is true I have someone that would love to meet you when the time comes. We both realize how special your skills are and would love you to eventually join us in our noble quest.

L. Malfoy

Meanwhile in the Hospital Wing, Pomfrey was cleaning up the sick bed where Severus had been. She found a small white card lying face down on the floor. She opened it and read its message:

Dear Severus, we both hope you are not in pain.Really we do! We came to find you after hearing about what happened.Get well soon, I guess. See you in school soon?

-Someone who cares

'What a pity he threw it on the floor', Pomfrey though to herself, failing to notice the strong winter gust coming from the window by Severus' bed. She lit the card on fire and threw its remains out the window.