Author's Note:

My first fanfic from way back, now tidied up and slightly reformatted. This time I plan to finish it!

To old followers and reviewers: I am so sorry for the ridiculous delay, but thank you for your support. Reviews are much appreciated.

Also, I have noticed in retrospect that the chronology tends to revolve around food. That probably doesn't say much for my story-telling skills, but hey, I just love food so much, it's just how I think.

Story set around Volumes 2 and 3. I do not own Fruits Basket.



"Tohru? Tohru! Hey, are you okay there?" Uo waved an anxious hand in front of her friend's face.

"Yes, your electric waves seem to be less..." Hana leaned closer, tilting her head, "Less vibrant,than usual."

"Hmm?" Tohru looked up from her lunch, "Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I was just dreaming away." She laughed lightly, "You know, I'm always being silly like that!"

"Alright then, if you're sure nothing's wrong."

"No, I'm fine! You don't need to worry about me," smiled Tohru.

Eyebrows rose in disbelief, but nevertheless the girls resumed their lunchtime banter. Tohru shortly faded back into silence.

'He left so quickly,' she thought. 'I hope he's okay. I wonder what he was mad about?'


Tohru had spent that morning yelling – as forcefully as her polite demeanour permitted – at closed doors, while wandering the hallway with frantic arms.

"Kyo! Yuki! We're going to be late for school!"

"Ah, good morning, my sweet flow-"


"Gah! I'm so sorry, Shigure!" Tohru fell to the ground before the black dog before her, "I really am! It's just that I'm going to be late for school, and I didn't see you there, and –"

"Now, now, Tohru! You should know by now not to get so upset when one of us changes forms. We knew from the very beginning that taking a young girl into the home of three men with unique problems such as ours might bring difficulties." At her relieved smile, he put a paw on her knee.


"Eeek!" She hid her face, trying to stand and move away, swaying as she narrowly avoided Shigure's upright nakedness.

"And with devilishly good looks like mine, what can you do but go weak at the knees!" He reached for his bathrobe with a grin, "Hah, I could slip this on, you know, or I could just as easily slip into – "

"Don't you dare finish that sentence, you perverted bastard!" Kyo's door slammed open. "And god, can you just close that damn robe?!"

"Hey, I – gaaaah!"

"Come on, Miss Honda." As quietly as he had appeared, Yuki took her hand. "We wouldn't want to be late for school."

"Umm, okay." Tohru glanced over her shoulder at the flurry of orange hair as he led her out the door.

A couple seconds late, Kyo looked up over the bruised corpse trembling under the bathrobe. The prince had already whisked Tohru away. 'Stupid rat.'


Tohru had seen Kyo again before lunch, between classes.

"Hi Kyo!" She ran to meet him.

"Oh. Hi." Kyo started at the sudden, albeit much desired, attention.

"So umm, what was that about this morning, with Shigure?"

"What? Oh, no, nothing."

"Well, whatever it was, thank you!" beamed Tohru, grateful as always.

"Sure." A shrug of modesty and discomfort, "Whatever."

Kyo had always found nonchalance difficult around Tohru, and often lost moments when trying to be cool. When he turned to look at her, she was already returning to her friends. Something looked different –

"Hey, Tohru?"

"Hmm?" She turned back with a smile, and for an instant he forgot his words.

"Uh, is that a new ribbon?" Kyo reddened. He didn't quite know how to make sure that she knew it was a compliment – or at least meant to be – so he pushed on, "In your hair, you know. It looks… good. On you. Umm. I mean, in your hair."

"Oh! This? Yuki gave it to me as a White Day present."

"Right. When?" Kyo suppressed a growl.

"When we were up in the hot springs, remember?"

"Sure. Of course. Okay." Trying to keep his face blank, Kyo began to walk away. "Class time."

"Um, did I say something wrong?"

"No. Not at all," he said bitterly.

"But, Kyo –" He was gone. "Ky… Kyo?"


"Bye Hana! Bye Uo! See you tomorrow!"

Heading home alone, Tohru was still thinking about Kyo. 'The way he ran off like that... It's almost as if -'

"Miss Honda?"

"Huh?" Tohru spun around, bumping into Yuki.


"Gah! Yuki! I'm sorry!" cried Tohru, hurrying to collect the clothes on the ground. "I didn't hear you coming, I'm so clumsy, I –"

"It's alright, Miss Honda. As long as nobody saw, remember?" The rat smiled at her frantic gestures.

"Right! I keep forgetting!" Tohru peered around with an overdramatic air of caution. "I don't think I can see anyone?"

"Good. That means that we don't have to erase anyone's memory."


"So," He tilted his head, "Shall we head home now?"

"Yes! Of course! Silly me, haha!"

They continued along the path, light conversation interrupted only by a sudden shriek and the apologetic donning of pants.

"Miss Honda?" Yuki, now fully clothed, paused as they neared Shigure's house, "I'm going to my secret base for a while. I'll see you for dinner, alright?"

"Oh, do you want me to come, too?"

"No, I'll be fine."

"Okay. Take care!"

"You too. Until later, Miss Honda." Yuki's eyes twinkled with secrets.

She waved him farewell, wandering up to the front door. 'I wonder what that was about.'

"I'm home! Kyo? Shigure?" she called, slipping of her shoes. "Anybody there?"


'They must have gone out.' She peered into the kitchen just in case. 'And I was hoping to see Kyo... Oh! Maybe he's on the roof? I'll bring him some snacks to cheer him up! But first - time to freshen up!'

With a renewed sense of purpose, Tohru strode to the bathroom, only to hear a familiar voice through the door. She froze at the sound of her name.

"Hey, Tohru, well I… Okay. You see, Tohru, I... Tohru? I have always..." The mirror grew cloudy with Kyo's breath, and he gripped the sides of the sink in frustration, "Damn it! Why can't I just tell her? Why can't I just say it? How damn hard could it be to tell Tohru that I have feelings for her?! Oy, Tohru! You know what? I… Well… Oh, DAMN it!"

Tohru flushed. 'Oh god, I really shouldn't be here! I should go now, I don't want to eavesdrop...' But she remained rooted, dying to leave yet somehow dying to stay, her heart trembling more with each word.

"Why… Why can't I just get it out? Damn it..." Kyo slid to the floor, dejected. "I bet she doesn't even like me, she probably likes that stupid rat... Man, he always gets everything. But all I want is this one thing, this one person, this person I… love…" A few tears fell from between his fingers. "God, I just… I love you, Tohru..."

She couldn't breathe.