What Wondrous Love Is This? By sugarhighnutcase

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Summary: After dumping Robin, Starfire left Earth for Tamerran. When she returns home for a surprise visit, she finds just how much her friends have changed. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A STAR/ROB FIC!!!

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Chapter 1- The Breakup


"Star, but-"

"Robin, I cannot be with someone who does not appreciate me as I do him."

"I do appreciate you! I've just been busy. Slade is a threat, you know that. I have to stop him."

"Yet in the process of the stopping of Slade, you cannot find any time for your girlfriend, me? I am sorry, Robin, but it is over. I am leaving Earth to go home to Tamerran."

3 yrs later

Starfire took a deep breath. Earth air was clear, fresh, wonderful. She was excited to be back in it. She was even more excited to see her boyfriend, Robin. Yes, she dumped him years ago. But he loved her, and would never truly leave her. She was confident he would not be hesitant to return to her immediately.

Star flew to the Tower. She could not wait to surprise them all.

2 days earlier

"Yo! Bird boy! Ravy! Breakfast, let's go!" Cyborg yelled.

"Coming," a muffled, tired voice called back from behind a closed door. "Rob," another faint voice was heard. "What are you doing? Come back to bed."

Cy and Beast Boy looked at each other before sniggering. Shaking his head, Cy went back to the kitchen to help Speedy and Aqualad. Beast Boy followed, still chuckling.

"Robin? Rob, c'mon. Turn off that light. It's early," Raven moaned, burrowing under the covers. Robin smiled. "Good morning to you, too, Rae. And, just so you know, it's 9:30."

"Shut up. Lemme sleep."

"No sleeping in today. We have news to tell the others. Today is gonna be busy. And hectic," he added as an afterthought. As he said this, he pulled the covers off of Raven.

"Fine." She got up. "But first, I'm going to take a shower." Robin perked up at that.

"Can I come?" he asked.

"Not today. Sorry, Rob."

"Is this punishment for waking you up?"


"Awww. Ravy…"

Raven looked annoyed. "Don't call me that!"

"Ooo, temper. Okay, Raven, this morning, I'll leave you alone in the shower. But only because today's special."

"Thanks, Boy Wonder."

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