Arashi stared at Miwako's pink hair, laying in bed, she had cuddled with her teddy bear and was now breathing softly, slowly. He put his face in her silky curls, breathed in the strawberry scent of her shampoo.

Abruptly, Arashi stood. He put on some black jeans, red t-shirt, and a long black coat, then walked out. He went out and crossed the street, went through some trees and found his clearing. Arashi went here often, this was where he and Miwako used to play, before they had gotten older and play had meant something different. Somehow, Arashi missed those days...the days when things were innocent and cute.

He remembered falling in love with Miwako, the realization that Miwako was all he needed. That all those other girls, the blondes, red-heads, brunettes, blackies, they were all nothing compared to his cotton-candy pink-head Miwako.

Arashi lay on the ground, staring up at the sky, and fell into a deep sleep, his thoughts of Miwako not leaving him.

When Arashi sat up, he walked back to Miwako's house. As he started crossing the street, a light rain began to fall. He stared at Miwako. She was wearing a knee-lenght business skirt and a creamy white shirt with a tie, a long, light brown coat that was just longer than her skirt. With a hat on and the coat collar up, the rain falling around her, Miwako looked like a lost little girl.

Arashi allowed himself a small smile and put his arms around Miwako, her sad smile grew happy as she put her head on Arashi's shoulder.

'Yes..' Arashi thought, 'This is why I live...This is my life...Having Miwako in my arms...She is my reason...The reason I'm not dead.'