Title: It Would Have Been Like

Author: Dwight4Studly

Rating: PG … Maybe PG 13 later, I dunno …

Summary: Harry is desperate to know what it would have been like to live with Sirius if he had not fallen behind the veil. He just finds out more than what he knew.

AN/ Well, it's not finished yet, and I know that this first chapter is kind of awkward, but I hope you like it anyway. And remember: Review, Review, Review!

Chapter 1: Prepared to know.

Harry sat in the common room, brooding. He had just received a letter from Professor Lupin.

"I know this has been hard for you, Harry. If you need to talk, I'd be happy to answer anything for you." Hermione read the ending aloud.

"Well, that sounds reasonable. I'm sure he could tell you loads of stuff, Harry. Why don't you do it?" Ron said reasonably.

"Because, he just doesn't know how I feel …" Harry said quietly, pulling his knees to his chest.

"Come on, Harry. You really don't believe that, now do you?" Hermione huffed. She really was starting to get annoyed with this. Harry had been moping constantly. Sure, given that his godfather had just … passed, but that didn't give him any right to think that he was the only one suffering. In fact …

"Harry, Ron is right. He would be able to tell you a lot of things about your parents and Sirius. At least write him a thank you note. It probably took a lot of courage on his part to even send the letter." Hermione logically.

Harry grumbled. "… Maybe I'll just go since you think I can't make my own decisions on how to handle my own situations. You're not perfect, Hermione. You don't always need to solve everyone's problems. Maybe you just need to lay off and stop being so nosey all the time." Harry growled from behind his knees.

Hermione truly looked hurt.

Ron jumped up form his chair, red faced in his rage. "Harry! You need to stop being such a prat and be grateful that Hermione is worried about you. She's just being a friend. We both are trying to help you!" Ron yelled, looming over Harry. Harry just glared back.

"That's okay, Ron. I'll just go up stairs now. Good night." Hermione said dully, leaving the room hastily.

Ron watched her ascend the stairway quietly, his fists and jaw clenching. When they could hear the door shut quietly, Ron's heated gaze returned to his dimwitted friend.

"You know Harry, you're such a prick." Ron said finally and strode away angrily to their dormitory.

Harry stared into the dwindling fire where he remained in blank thought. Then he looked at the letter where it was slightly crumbled around the edges; probably where Hermione had gripped from her pain. A feeling of sadness washed over him. He slightly regretted yelling at her. She didn't deserve to be treated like that. She and Ron really were trying to be friends … but what did they know? She didn't know his pain. Not her, not Ron, not Professor Lupin.

Anger swelled in his chest as he jumped up and paced toward the worn letter. He grabbed it up and flung it into the fire. He watched the golden embers brush the old parchment before ultimately consuming it. Flames burst around it, licking their way through the graceful handwriting. And that's when Harry saw Professor Lupin's tired face and sad eyes when he turned away from the archway. Just as the parchment dwindled in the hearth, so did Harry's anger.

Maybe he could just go talk to Dumbledore.