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Sara is now back at home. She and the babies are doing great, but it's a little hectic at the Stokes/Sidle household. The babies are only six weeks old.

"Nick, hand me that blanket," Sara said to Nick.

"Okay" he said and gave it to her. Sara was feeding the twins, which was sometimes hard. After she fed them, they fell asleep, like always. Nick and Sara were watching them sleep.

"They are so adorable," Sara said in a whisper voice.

"I know, they are starting to get into a sleeping schedule," Nick said.

"Yeah, thank the lord," she said, "I love them, but I can wait to finally know when I can sleep".

"They are moving fast," he said.

"I know," she said. Nick kissed Sara on the fore head. Nick and Sara are glad were they have gotten. Everyone loved the twins. They are happy where they are. They can't wait until the future.

The End…maybe?

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