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By: Neko-chibi-faithkitty

Chapter 1: Complications of the Kidnapped Kind

The target stood, drawing strange symbols on the floor in front of him. When the ruin was complete he turned to face the four assassins hiding in the shadows behind him. "Just try it now!" he said, laughing hysterically. Insanity glinted sharply in his eyes. "Any moment it will come. My demon will come and it will DESTROY YOU!!!" The assassins slipped from their hiding places. "I SUMMON THEE!!!" The mad man yelled without turning from his killers. The symbols on the floor behind him began glowing an ominous shade of blue-black. Slowly a mysterious figure began to form inside the ring of summons formed by the glowing ruins. Be fore the figure was fully formed the summoner fell dead, a poisoned dart piercing his trachea.
The smallest assassin moved to retrieve his weapon from the throat of the dead man, just as the figure solidified into a small boy. Instantly the four vigilantes held up their weapons ready for a fight. The blonde boy's azure eyes widened as he looked around. He blinked slowly.
"I-I-I've been kidnapped!" he cried, tears pooling in his eyes. Then he noticed the four killers glaring at him, weapons at ready. His already large eyes grew round as he recognized the corpse at his feet for what it was. "I-I want to go home!" he sobbed. Then he promptly passed out.
Omi, who stood closest with his darts poised to kill the young stranger, looked over to the older blonde assassin. "Um, what should I do?" he asked startled.
Yoji shrugged. "Hell if I know." Came the reply. He lifted the blonde kid's head so he could get a better look at him.
Ken looked over his shoulder. "Is this the demon that's supposed to kick our asses?" The others glared at him. "What?! It's just a question!" he cried defensively.
Aya reached into his trench coat and pulled out a small flip phone. Ignoring his arguing comrades he flipped it open and pressed the speed dial.
It rang once, then, "Yes?" came the voice of Persia's secretary.
"The missions complete, but there's been a slight complication."
"What kind of complications?" Manx asked, annoyance laying her tone.
"The small blonde-haired, blue-eyed male kind."
"Damn. He might be bugged. Has he said anything?" The woman asked.
"Only that he was kidnapped and wants to go home. He's unconscious right now."
"Well, shit. Fine. I'll meet you in Otagawa Park over by the spitting fountains."
"Understood." The fiery haired assassin growled, hanging up. He glared at his comrades while putting the phone back in his hidden pocket. Then, he turned and picked up the unconscious teenager.

Manx watched from her car as Aya's white Porsche pulled up, followed closely by Ken's bike. Aya and Yoji got out of the Porsche and turned to help Omi get another person out. The overly endowed secretary got out of her car as the assassins laid the limp form out on a nearby park bench.
Any idea who he could be?" she asked.
"None." Aya answered her. "The target somehow transported him there. He said something about summoning a demon, and the kid said he was kidnapped just before passing out." He explained.
"Have you checked him for bugs?"
"Not yet." Yoji answered, coming up beside them. We were going to wait until we knew what exactly we were supposed to do with him."
"Well," the woman said, crossing her arms agitatedly across her chest. "I spoke with Persia, and he said he'd leave it to my judgement. Go ahead and debug the kid. Then we'll wake him up, find out who he is, and go from there."
"Alright." The two oldest assassins agreed. Aya motioned to Omi to follow him as he moved to the back of his car. The dirty blonde computer expert followed as the red head hit the button on his key-chain and popped the trunk open. The smallest assassin dove into the trunk with all the delight of a child diving under a Christmas tree. When he moved away from the back of the car he held a small metal wand in one hand and a palm-sized black box in the other. The two moved to where Ken, Yoji, and Manx stood over the sleeping form. Omi flipped a switch on the black box and the wand lit up, a small green light blinking at it's tip.
"Here we go." He whispered happily. He held the wand just above the boy's head. Slowly he began to move the wand over the boy. He had just reached the golden clasp that held the boy's hair in a loose ponytail, when the detector let out a high pitched whine. Omi's eyes went wide with shock and he yelped. Quickly he dropped the device and jumped back. A staticy arc of electricity flew from the golden band to the wand and then to the nearby fountain, turning it on.
"Hmmm…" the boy sighed. The five around him held their breath as he stirred in his sleep. Slowly he rolled over on the bench. Finally he let out a loud snore.
Omi slowly bent over the sleeper for a better look at the band around his hair. Carefully he pulled it off and began to go over it. In less than a second he found three tracers badly concealed within it.
"Oh yeah." He laughed. "He's bugged. Big time!" He showed the tracers to the others. "Whoever had him bugged wasn't even trying to hide it. In fact, it seems like he wanted everyone to know about it."
The others stared at him for a moment. "Will you be able to find any more of those?" Manx asked after a moment.
"If they're as poorly hidden as this one, then yes." The youngest assassin replied, looking up at her through his dirty blonde bangs. "However, if there's any that are hidden any better I won't be able to locate them. He fried the detector and took out the digital readout while he was at it."
The woman frowned at him. Then she walked over to where her car was parked. When she came back she had a bundle of clothes in her arms and a pair of sneakers thrown over her shoulder. "Here," she said tossing them to the soccer-playing brunette assassin. "Put these on him. They may be a bit big. When you said early teens I was thinking someone slightly larger than him. When you've got him changed you can go through his clothes and see if you can find any more bugs. It may not be the best way, but it'll have to do."
Yoji looked over to Manx. "You mean we have to search all of this?" He whined, "By Hand?"

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