December 2004


Hey. Danny.

Tucker, what are you doing writing me notes in class?

Please. It's not like Lancer's saying anything I don't already know. I love Cram-tastic Sessions!

Great, Tuck. But I didn't spend twelve hours under the helmet and I need to pay attention.

Tucker, leave Danny alone.

You gave the paper to Sam?

She stole it from me.

Danny, you really should be paying attention.

I can't do that if you're writing notes to me, Sam.

He's got a point.

Hey! You haven't gone through any Cram-tastic Sessions either, Sam. You should pay attention, too.

Well I can't do that if you're writing notes to me, Danny.

She's got a point, dude.

Tucker, shut up.

Lancer's giving us looks.

Then pay attention!

I don't have to. The school's thinking of excusing me from classes for a little while, until the rest of you catch up with me.

Tucker, shut up.

Uh oh. Lancer's headed this way, glaring at us … he looks mad … why am I still writing?


A month's worth of detentions? That sucks, Danny.

Why did you give me another paper, Tucker?

We're experimenting. Seeing if you can accumulate enough detentions to take up the rest of your high school. It's not like you have a social life to kill, anyway.

You're sweet, Tucker.

Hey, at least I'd avoid Dash for the rest of high school. Well, most of it anyway.

Speaking of Dash, does his hair look darker at the roots?


Why are you even looking

Hey, when you're forced to stare at the back of that ape's head for an entire period, you'd notice weird stuff, too. I wonder if he bleaches it.

Too bad Paulina doesn't sit in front of us.

Too bad Paulina doesn't have this class with us, you mean.

You both are pigs.

Jealous, Sam?

Of what? Paulina? Right, Tucker.

She sound jealous to you, Danny?


I fight ghosts. Not Sam.

See? He doesn't need Cram-tastic Sessions.

Dash spotted the paper.

You're in for it now, Danny.

Me? Why me?

Because Dash hates you. And so does Lancer. Come to think of it, pretty much everyone at this school hates you.

Thanks, Tucker. You're a great friend.

I do my best.

Lancer's seen the paper.


Well, at least this month I'll have some company in detention.

Man, she totally took the fall for you!

Oh, yeah. Thanks, Sam.

Don't worry about it. You're going to pay for it later, Danny.

Did you guys hear Lancer? "You lovebirds could learn a thing or two from Foley here." Classic!

Tucker, I'm going to stop passing this paper to you.

We heard Lancer, Tucker. The entire class heard Lancer.

And we're not lovebirds.

Liar. And you passed me the paper.

Danny …

Um, habit?

Danny, you're buying me lunch.


Because I said so. You owe me big time, remember?

Sam, I think he should be in debt to you forever.

Danny! You gave him the paper again!

No I didn't! I swear, Sam, he ripped it out of my hand.


Well, I agree with Tucker, Danny.

I'll buy you lunch, Sam. But I'm not going to be indebted forever.

Not if you woo her with those slick ghost charms of yours.

What charms?

That's not funny.

Yes it is.

Sorry, Danny.

Yeah, yeah.

Uh … guys?


So, Tucker. Looks like you're not going to be doing anything for the next month, either.