"I'm the accountant for Shinobi's. Your son-"

"Brother," Temari corrected.

"Well, your brother owes us this much." Kankurou shot out of the kitchen and looked over Temari's shoulder. He knew it was too good to be true.

Temari sighed. "Well, this isn't too bad. Could have been worst." She moved her fingers and five more folds came out, filled with zeros and one cent at the end. Temari's hair stood on end and Kankurou felt the blood leave his face and go straight to his soles. "Ow ow ow ow ow…" Temari kept repeating.

Kankurou grabbed the bill. "B-but…I saw Gaara pay this! I was write there!"

The man growled and pulled out a small money pouch. "Oh…he paid all right. In this." Kankurou took the purse and looked inside. It was filled with leaves and sand. The Shukaku had made money out of sand and leaves using his chakra. It was genius and dangerous all rolled up into one.

Temari shook with anger. "Take it up with the Hokage! I was her fault in the first place! I think fitting her with the bill is an appropriate punishment for encouraging underage drinking!" She slammed the door and clenched her fist.

Gaara came down looking confused. "What was that all about?"

"Last night, we went to Shinobi's, little brother." Gaara's jaw dropped.

"We…went…to the best restaurant in world and I missed it?" Kankurou nodded. "Kill me."

"It wasn't that great really," Kankurou lied trying to console his brother. It was the best food and service he was likely to ever have in the rest of his miserable life. When he died, he wanted to go to Shinobi's not heaven.

There was another knock at the door. When they opened it a fuming Naruto was standing there. He pointed at Gaara. "YOU BASTARD!!!" Naruto pounced on Gaara. "You got half of Konoha mad at me!!" Gaara looked wide-eyed in confusion.

"Naruto. I don't know what you're talking about…"

"Don't pretend with me. I heard from Tsunade all about the pranks you pulled! Everyone that it was me! Give me one good reason not to-"

Gaara looked pitiful. He had inadvertently caused one of the few people that could like him trouble. Naruto loosed his fist and just sat on Gaara's chest looking confused. "Naruto, I'm really sorry but that…I wasn't myself." He sighed and closed his eyes. The blond shinobi was even more confused.

"Ah…Hey, hey. Why are you acting so weird lately?" Naruto crossed his arms.

"I…I got drunk." Naruto's usually narrow eyes widened and a grin slithered across his face. Gaara tried to sit up. "Hey, get off, would you."

"Hehehe…You got drunk? I got it. I got it. You can't hold your liquor. Well, if you ask me someone who's really weak shouldn't drink." He got off of Gaara and whistled out the door. A skunk wobbled in. "It was really clever of you to use skunk pheromones to lure this skunk to me but I quickly realized that was what you had done and turned into an ultimate new attack." He nodded wisely also omitting that it was Shino that figured it out and Kiba that helped him with the attack.

Temari held up her hand. "Ah…Naruto…."

"Kusai! Use your ultimate marking technique!"

Kankurou gasped. "YOU IDIOT! NO!!"

( . )

The Siblings of Sand were on their way home. Gaara was trudging along behind them looking defeated. He had been drunk, hit, sprayed by a skunk, then soaked into tomato sauce. It was a bad, bad day. Temari was rather pissed since she didn't get to hug Shikamaru good-bye. (He said he was allergic to skunks and bad smells in general.) Kankurou was just glad to be going home.

He started humming a song that they had done a duet of during karaoke. If you could ignore the bad stuff that happened it wasn't such a bad time. Temari got to be disgusting with her boyfriend, Kankurou got to party, and Gaara got to sleep. And Naruto made up another stupid but surprisingly effective technique. He sniffed his shirt and winced. It still smelled.

From behind, Kankurou hear a soft noise. Gaara was looking down at the ground but his lips were moving. He was singing. The middle-child smiled and slowed his pace a little so that he could hear a little better. "Tension is building inside, steadily-y…Happy thoughts forcing their way out of me-e…" Kankurou continued to hum and put his hand on his little brother's head. "Sorry. I can't get that song out of my head for some reason."

"It's a good song. Want it? I have it at home." Gaara looked up and had a memory of him an Kankurou laughing and singing. He remembered some other things too. He had a good time with his brother, he realized.

"Ah…" he nodded his head. "Un. I'd like that. Think we could go back to Shinobi's sometimes?" Gaara asked, looking hopeful.

Kankurou smiled down at him. "Not a chance a in hell, little brother. Not a chance in hell." He patted Gaara on the back.

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