This is my third gravitation fanfic... and it's an attempt to write a long, dramatic, angsty one. Hopefully, i'll be able to do it. Argh... writing ridiculous, humorous ones are so much easier. hmm...

AndI keep changing the names and hair colours of the new characters... hopefullyI didn't mess it all up. haha...

oh, "mou ichi do" means "one more time"

Summary: Yuki and Shuichi had parted a year ago. Shuichi had quitted Bad Luck and stopped being a singer completely, leaving for America back then. After a year of living separate lives, what will happen when they meet each other again, each with a new partner by his side? Has everything really changed? Meanwhile, trouble begins to brew with the appearance of a new romance novelist.

DISCLAIMER: Gravitation belongs to Maki Murakami.


Chapter 1 --- Return

"Within the first few days of its release, a million copies of 'Black Angel' had already been sold! What do you think of that, Yuki-sensei?" The petite reporter turned to face the blond novelist sitting next to her, and smiled sweetly.

"I'd like to thank all my readers, and I sincerely hope they enjoyed the novel." Yuki Eiri replied casually into the camera, never once turning to the reporter. He was actually trying his best not to look bored.

"I see… I'm sure they would love it very much!" The reporter never gave up trying to turn her charm on Yuki. "And, Yuki-sensei, do you have any comments on 'Forever Love', the new novel that hit the market recently too, written by Tanaka Miyabi, a newcomer in your trade?"

"Everyone has their own styles. She writes her novels, and I write mine. But the idea of forever love is laughable. It's crap. Nothing lasts forever in this world. That's all."

It was clear that that was all Yuki had to say, ad this implied that the reporter had to change the subject once again.

"So… erm…"

Yuki cast the panicking reporter a sideway glance and smirked silently. Stupid woman. You've got to more professional than this. Flirting and not being able to come up with anymore good questions? Downright idiotic.

"Ah, right! Yuki-sensei, have you been keeping in touch with Shindou Shuichi? We haven't heard much about him since a year ago, and only recently was there a report that claimed that he's on his way to success in America, though not as a singer. With your relationship with Shindou…"

Yuki had frozen at the mention of 'Shindou Shuichi'. It took him a moment to recover himself before anyone noticed his change in demeanor. He cut the reporter off before she could complete her statement.

"That was a year ago. It's in the past. You should think of more intelligent questions to ask… though I seriously doubt you have the brains for that." He started to get up from his seat and walked towards the exit, putting on his coat at the same time. "I guess that's it for the interview." He spat in a venomous tone, never looking back once.

He pulled his black Mercedes Benz out of the carpark smoothly, and starting speeding off.

Damn reporter… He snarled in his thoughts as flashes of memory attacked his mind once again.


"Yuki…" A small, weak voice called out, barely a whisper.


Silence prevailed for a few moments, and only the tapping sounds of the keyboard could be heard as the writer continued to be buried in his work, before he heard the door of the room clicked close.

He sighed and stopped typing, leaning back in his chair.

God. I had hurt him again. After the continuous fights that we've been having for the past few days. Countless, endless fights which had always sent him running off in tears. I'm always hurting him. That's all I do. That's all I know how to do. What in the world does he want from me? Love? Love is impossible for me. From me. Love doesn't exist in my world…

He could feel a migraine creeping into his head now. Sighing again, he got up from his chair and started for the living room, determination and slight pain in his eyes.

As he cracked the door open, he could see his pink hair lover lying still on the couch in a fetal position. He strolled over and stood by the couch as he watched the brat looked up at him.

He looks so… so… broken.

Yuki clenched his fists as he felt a stab of pain and guilt.

Shuichi sat up slowly and stared out towards the balcony.

A moment of silence passed again.

"Let's end this." Yuki croaked, before he realized that it wasn't his voice alone that had just said that. He stared back in shock at Shuichi's opened mouth, where the exact same words had came out from.

The silence that prevailed again lasted for eternity this time.

Shuichi's tremendously pained eyes filled with tears and he was trembling as he gazed into Yuki's golden orbs. He looked as if he was going to break down and crumble into a million pieces the next moment.

However, surprisingly, the vocalist managed to muster enough strength to force his gaze away, back to the balcony, to the black night sky. He gave a small sad smile. "It's funny how we think alike for once. At the very end of everything… I guess the reason for it is also similar?"

Yuki's felt a sharp pain in his chest. His head was throbbing badly too. Afraid that he might collapse anytime soon, he sat down on the couch next to Shuichi.

"It's for our own good." Yuki's words pierced through the silence and hung excruciatingly in the air.

Yuki watched sadly as Shuichi nodded his head slowly, still facing the balcony.

They sat in silence again before Shuichi turned back and whispered hesitantly: "Can I… can I sleep with you for one last time?" His voice broke on 'last' and his beautiful violet eyes were pained and pleading.

And they slept together for the last time that night, with tears streaming down Shuichi's face endlessly, as they made love.

What Shuichi did not notice was that his tears were mixed with Yuki's tears too that night.

The next morning, Yuki woke up without Shuichi by his side.

To be exact, Shuichi would never be by his side again.

End of flashback

Yuki stepped down harder on the accelerator as he made his way through the highway, hoping to drive away all those memories.

It has been a year since that night, but it felt like it was only yesterday that he had Shuichi calling out for him, Shuichi in his arms, Shuichi on his bed, Shuichi… Shuichi… Shuichi…

Damn! What am I doing! We both agreed on parting! And I've always wanted to get rid of him. So I shouldn't be thinking of him ever again!

But, deep in his heart, he knew it was the fact that they had parted amicably that drove him nuts. If they had parted after a fight, it would have felt more real. Parting after making love the night before madeit felt like a dream. But it was a dream with an air of finality. It was the absolute end. Nothing more could be said or done. No apologizing, no forgiving, no making up. It was an agreement.

The only thing he heard about Shuichi after that was that the singer had quit Bad Luck and left the country for a holiday. This sudden turn of events had shook the whole of Japan as reporters began showing up at Yuki's door bombarding him with questions repeatedly. He had admitted to the breakup, but that alone did not satisfy the reporters and millions of fans. All of them wanted to know the reasons. But Yuki ignored them completely. It had taken months before they gave up and everything subsided.

Yuki pulled to a stop in front of a restaurant. Getting out of his car, he checked the time.

It's still early…

He stepped into the restaurant and ordered a beer while waiting. Mika had forced him out to dine with her and her husband.

Great… there's still an hour to go… I'll just die of boredom…

He sipped his beer and he caught a woman at the corner watching him. He smirked.


"Whoa! It's Tokyo! We've made it finally!" A girl with silky, long blonde hair and sparkling emerald eyes exclaimed excitedly as she stretched her hands up. She was dressed in a green halter top, a black leather mini skirt, with a long purple coat pulled over her. She turned to the man next to her. "It's beautiful, right?"

"Sure is! Come to think of it, we haven't been to Japan for 5 years now…" The tall, handsome man, whose hair was a nice mixture of dark and light brown, replied with a grin.

Then, both of them turned back and smiled at the boy behind them.

"You've been away from Japan for one year… how do you feel now that you've returned?" The tall man winked at the boy.

The boy smiled as the wind brushed through his beautiful light brown hair. Dressed in long pants, a white long-sleeve shirt that was unbuttoned towards the top and with a long black coat over his small form, he grinned back with his gleaming violet eyes. He gave a thumb-up before shouting: "Just great! I'm back here again!"

The girl laughed and hooked her arm around the boy's. "Let's go then! Here we come, Tokyo!"


Mika glared at her brother but he just gazed lazily back.

"Eiri! Are you listening to me!" She spat accusingly.

"What do you mean?" Eiri yawned. "And you've just drove my companion for the night away…"

"I'm telling you to stop playing around with those women!"

"Then what else am I supposed to do? How am I going to satisfy my needs? Oh yeah… men…"


Yuki picked up his glass of wine and sipped the cool, red liquid. He ignored his sister and his brother-in-law, and proceeded to stare out the window.

It was a bad move though. He choked on his wine the next minute.

"Eiri-san… are you okay?" Touma asked in concern.

But Yuki did not wait to hear his question, nor answer it. He had dashed out of the restaurant, scanning the streets hoping to catch another glimpse of what he had seen earlier. Or what he thought he had seen… a man, and a girl snuggling real close to a boy while they walked on. He had only caught a tiny glimpse of the boy, but something had struck in him. The way he walked, the way he smiled, those seemingly violet orbs. He was not really sure of what he saw as it was already night, but a gut feeling in him told him that...

That boy… and… Shuichi…

They seem to click.


Yuki slipped his key into the keyhole and twisted it to the right. It was dark inside. Slipping off his shoes and coat, he headed for the kitchen immediately, grabbing a can of beer from the refrigerator.

The house remained the same as it was in the past, except that it was emptier now, with Shuichi gone. Yuki had moved out when Shuichi had left last year, due to the persistent reporters who never gave up bugging him for an interview. However, he had moved back 6 months later. He did not understand the exact reason for it, but it was as if something was pulling him back here.

As he entered the living room again, a soft voice called out to him.

"Konbanwa, Eiri-san. You're home at last." The voice was gentle, but downright sexy too.

Yuki focused his eyes on the figure sitting comfortably on the couch.

"Oh, you're here tonight…" Yuki drawled as he moved closer to the figure. It was dark, but the moonlight cast a soft glow on the figure revealing the identity of the person.

It was a young man (looking in his early twenties), tall and slender, with fine features and raven black hair. Wearing long pants and a casual light blue shirt with the top unbuttoned, he smiled lazily at Yuki and placed the book he had just been reading on the table.

He raised his eyebrow and spoke again. "I see that you're alone…"

"The woman whom I wanted to bring home initially was chased away…" Yuki plopped down beside the man.

"By your sister again?" The man laughed deeply. "So that means you're free tonight…"

"And I suppose you want to keep me busy?" Yuki smirked.

"Of course…" The man proceeded to kiss Yuki on the corner of his lips, trailing down to the neck.

"Hnn…" Yuki turned and held the man's chin forcefully and crushed his lips down. He then pushed the man back down, so that they were now lying on the couch with Yuki on the top. They proceeded to unbutton each other's clothes, kissing hungrily at the same time.

Gazing down at the man as their skin met and their warm bodies pressed against each other, all Yuki saw was the man's eyes.

Those blazing but soft, beautiful, large violet orbs.


xXx TBC xXx

Introduction finished!

Surprised that I put Yuki with a guy? Haha… yeah, I'M CRAZY. But it doesn't mean that he doesn't go for women anymore… in my fic, he doesn't really care. He has a reason for getting another guy though... you should be able to figure it out nya? hee...

But what will happen when Yuki and Shuichi meet again? Things have changed, for sure…