Without a light

Hours...days...weeks...months. Seemed like forever had passed and eternity had been and gone. Lying flat on his back on a solid muddy ground, with his arms open wide, there was a saying which he kept repeating on in his mind "Keep the dream alive", a saying that he had been repeating since the begining and now he questioned "What was it really all about?". It slowly began to lose its meaning.

Looking straight up into the stary night above him, he counted the stars, wondering if they were still out there somewhere, under the same sky.But he had given up searching long ago and now he was on his own again, lying there, defeated. His once open heart was now empty and he closed his eyes, wishing that somehow he wouldnt feel like this, wishing the darkness would take over him forever.

He thought about all the things that he had done, and all the things he had fought for. All the pain he had gone through, and all the happiness he had achieved. None of it seemed real now. What did it cause? Did it ever exsist?

Opening his eyes once more, a gust of wind blew over him, its coldness chilled him to the bone, but still he didnt move. He didnt think there was a point. And at that very moment he questioned the importance of life for the first time.

How can you find your way?