Steamy Encounter


She knew it was wrong.

No matter how hard she tried she couldn't turn away. As she'd walked past the bathroom, she couldn't help but notice the mirror. More specifically the open curtain and Damon in the shower. The water flowing over his perfect body, the steam enveloping him in a cloud of sensuality.

She let her eyes trail down the length of his body. When she raised them again Damon's eyes met hers in the mirror. With a wicked grin he beckoned her over. It was wrong, but she didn't give a damn.

Stefan shouldn't have left them alone.



He wore a mask everyday of his life.
Or his death, he was never really sure what to call it.
Calm, cool, mostly collected.
But inside, there was a hidden pain.
An ache in his chest.
Emptiness that only she could fill.

He tried to forget, a different woman nightly. Always blond hair and blue eyes. The resemblance bordered on uncanny sometimes. It was never her, not really, but for those brief moments he could pretend.

He vowed to pretend no longer.
He would find her.
He would make her his Queen of Darkness.
Whether she wanted it or not.

Angel in the Darkness



The one time of the year that she could walk the streets of Fell's Church. The only night she was free to watch those she had left behind.

A young child bounced up and down excitedly, the wings of her fairy costume flapping about her. She pulled at her Aunt's coat, urging her to end her conversation and move faster.

She stopped however, as the woman moved past her. She looked down at the child, touched her head gently, then disappeared into the night.

Only when she was safely confined in the shadows did Elena dare remove her mask.