This was a story I wrote whenever I had free time after a test or whatever in school, and I never really planned on posting it. I know just as well as you do where it's going from this point, but I promise to make it amusing, and I ask that you give it a chance for an off-the-top-of-the-head story.


Chapter One

. Ronie's PoV .

"Veronica Stoneshep! Don't you talk to me like that!"

"Don't call me that! It's Ronie! Ro-nie! And why are you doing this to me?!"

"Everything isn't about you!"

"My life is here! I'm not leaving!"

"Yes you are and in three days. So I suggest you start packing."

I slammed my bedroom door shut.

"In your dreams…"

I picked up my book bag that was by my dresser and hurtled it at the wall, and it fell to my bed. I pulled my hair and stormed over to my computer. It wasn't booting up.

"Would you load already?!" I hit it, and the screen came up. Message from Val.

'So, get permission for the concert next Friday?'

'No,' I typed. 'I won't be here at all after Tuesday. I've finally found out why mom's been so cheap lately.'


'We're moving.'

I waited for Val to say something, but she didn't. So I typed more.

'She bought a house in Michigan. I'll have tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday, and we leave Tuesday morning, I won't be in school Monday either, Mom says the school already knows that I'm leaving.'

'But who do I pass notes to now? Ronie! Don't leave me!'

'I dunno what to do. Get down here tomorrow morning, k?'

'Right. See you then.'


I signed off AIM and went to turn on my stereo. I wasn't going. I could not walk out without Val. I fell to my bed and stared at the alarm clock.

9:34 pm

I looked at my boyfriend's picture. I won't leave him either.

9:35 pm

Ok, this was getting old and fast. I got up. Ran a comb through my straight hair, medium brown with highlights. I freshened up my black eyeliner, replaced my glasses, and grabbed my skateboard. I locked my bedroom door and walked down a few stairs out my own back door.

And so I began to skate. How do you go from Connecticut to Michigan? I wasn't leaving my life here in Bueford Bay. And it wasn't going to Michigan. I was staying put. That simple.

Then I heard someone running up behind me.

"Scuze me! Stop!"

I looked back at the moron and skated on.

"I don't have any spare change."


"And if you mug me, the most you'll get is my skateboard if you can pry it from me."


"And if you lay a finger on me, I will kill you."

I looked back at him again. He was running beside me.

"Where did you come from? You looked like you crawled out of the sunken ship in the bay."

"Just looking for rum…"

"You look wasted, buddy."

"Thank ye."

"Not a compliment."

"Oh… so, where's the local tavern?"

"Dude, I don't do directions."

"Well ye look like ye know ye're way around!"

I stopped skating and walked.

"Look, go annoy someone else. I don't care."

"Calm down, luv. Don't get hostile. I'm leaving."


He walked away, and I went up the marina to Val's house.

. Val's PoV .

"Open up, Val."

"Who is it?"

"Who do you think?"

I got up and opened the front door.

"Ronie? But I thought I was coming to you tomorrow?"

"You were until I invited myself to spend the night."

"I can't believe you're moving," I said, closing the door and sitting in the couch. "And in three days, too."

"I'm not. I'll runaway if I have to."

"Yeah, but-"

"What was that?"

I listened.

"What was what?"

"It's coming from the tree…"

We opened my living room window and climbed out onto a limb of the tree.

"Ronie, you're mental…"

"Seriously, Val, there's-"


Twigs snapped wildly, and a man fell out of my tree!

"What the fu-"

"I thought I told you to scram?!"

"What?" I asked. "Ronie, what?"

She jumped out of the tree, and the man sat up. I followed.

"He followed me here! Didn't you?!"

"He followed you? Who-? No… it's not…"

"He's not what?"

"He looks like-"

"Captain Jack Sparrow at your service," he said.

I stared at him. Ronie raised an eyebrow.

"Val, come on… It's almost Halloween. This is just a bum in a costume hitting me up for some money to go buy some booze."

"I did no such thing."

"Then why are you following me?"

"Ronie! You have a stalker!"

"I'm aware of that… let's call the cops."

"No, let's get away from here before mom says something."

"Where are we going?" Ronie asked.


"Are you crazy, Val?!"

"You should know the answer to that by now. Come on, Jack."

"Would you cut it out, Val? This isn't Jack Sparrow."

"Is too!"

"Prove it!"



"See, he answered. There's your proof."

. Ronie's PoV .

I stared at her.

"That doesn't prove Jack Sh-"

"No, but it proves that jack Sparrow is real."

"My butt! Val! Let the nice bum go back to his box under the bridge on Main Street! Val! You're not taking him to my boyfriend's house! Val!"

"What already?"

"Let the guy go!"

"No way! Brandon's gotta see!"

"No he doesn't!"

"Come on! There's the bus!"

"Val! No!"

"Yep! Get on, Jack!"

"Valerie Painter! Stop! Now!"

"Here's a quarter. You owe me. Now pay the driver and let's go."

"Oh God… Val… I don't need this!"

"You want to see your boyfriend before you move, right?"

"Not with the Creature from Bueford Bay!"

"Sit down and shut up."

"I'm going to kill you, Val."

There was a silence where the bum looked from me to Val.

"Awfully violent, aren't ye, lassies?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" I asked.

"Don't tempt him, Ronie…"

"Are we getting rum now?"

"See! I told you he was a bum! A bum looking for rum!"

"Hey, don't deny Jack his love for rum…"

"There is no rum! This isn't Jack!"

"Yes it is!"

"No rum?"


"But… WHY?!"

"Chill, dude!"

"See! Another proof he's Jack!"

"Val! Shut up already!"


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