Hi, In case you haven't guessed from the title, this is an Alex Rider fic. It takes place after SCORPIA, 4 years to be precise. I think it makes sense, but it's just something I put together quickly. So if anyone has anything to say about it, good or bad, just review it and I'll see what I can do! Oh, and I'm English, so that's why some of the spelling will be weird for you Americans. Soz!

26th Aug 2006 UPDATE: Hey there, it's been a while since I sat down and looked at this fic, as one reviewer put it, 'OVER A YEAR!' or something to that effect. Well, I decided they were right, and so ive re-read through the entire fic so far, and tried to correct any mistakes that i missed so far. Now, when i first did the editing, was having trouble with their system, meaning it mucked around with the spacing a little if you tried to edit a sentence. Therefore, if anyone reading this sees one of these mistakes, please tell me in a review, and i'll endevour to change it back to a functioning sentence. This also goes for spelling (I'm crap, but i was worse when i wrote this) or grammatical errors. I don't (and never have had) a 'beta', so I've had to do this myself in the past, and i cant pick up on my own mistakes, so im employing any and all who read this to be my help. yes, this includes YOU! er... please? Anyway, thanx for reading this, and please try to excuse the messages ive writen at the top and bottom of these chapters, they tend to be a little bad mannered in places. what can i say? i was young and stupid!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Alex Rider books, or any of the characters within them. I do however own the original characters placed into this fic, and I reserve the right to muck them about as I like!

Alex Rider: UNITI

Thursday, 25th November, 06:24
Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

The building looked like any other in the town, brightly coloured wall, typical Dutch style roofing, a little rough and ready, but only because of time. The front door was solid oak, probably recrafted from an old wreak; there were enough of them here over the years.

A man passed out the front door and walked down the road, oblivious to the 17 year old in the unlit alleyway opposite. Checking the GPS navigator again, the kid moved across the road stealthily, making no noise in the early morning air. Within seconds they'd passed through the security door and into the main hallway. The cool air felt good to breath in, but the kid had a job to do. Checking the GPS again they moved up the stairs, this was where the man had come from according to the tracking beacon they'd planted on the man eariler, he must have left something of interest lying about up here!

As the kid reached the top of the stairs, they noticed something on their GPS, the dot, the man, was coming back, and he was already in the hallway below. Panicking slightly, the kid ducked under a large reception desk to the side of the room. It wasnt long till the man ran past them, into the roomright of the desk. They watched with bated breath as the dot stopped in the room for the second time that night, except this time they could hear the conversation as well, since the door to the room he had just entered had been left agar.

"You've got some explaining to do!" an English accent said angrily.

"But Señor! I have done nothing!" the man was still out of breath, and the English broken, but was definitely from the same man as earlier.

"Right now, there is a child hiding under the reception desk outside this office…" the Englishman said something else after, but the kid wasn't listening, they had just jumped over the desktop, and raced down the stairs. Before long however, there was someone chasing close behind them. When the Spaniard got to the bottom of the stairs, the security door was agar, letting in the warm early morning air. Racing after the child he caught sight of a fast moving figure, running down the unlit alleyway opposite.

The child was fast, but the man more so, and within a few blocks he had the child on the floor. The kid put up a hell of a fight, a cut lip and an eye that was going to be black tomorrow a credit to that, but his overwhelming strength eventually got the better of the child. A sharp blow to the back of the head sent the limp body to the floor, unconscious. The man immediately got his mobile out, and called his boss.

"I got the kid, boss. What d'you want me to do with him?" he looked about while he spoke, checking no one saw the assault.

"First check the face, d'you recognise the face?" why was the boss always in such a hurry? He reached down to ummask the boy that gave him such a good fight and got the shock of his life.

"Boss, it's a girl…"