My life was ended on that day the push became a shove

You tore me out from everything I'd ever come to love

I knew that something happened and I knew it wasn't right

I could see the darkness where you said that there was light

I tried so hard to talk to you but you'd become a slave

To a dark, sadistic deity that took but never gave

And you would promise that one day, I would be a god

And as I was but a child all that I could do was nod

But all that your god did for me was take me from my home

Not that I much cared for that, but now I was alone

I didn't care much for my home but now that she was gone

I was left with nothing but my sense of pride to lean upon

You took from me my innocence, you took my sanity

All for nothing more substantial than your vanity

But who am I? I'm just your son, and you don't really care

All I ever got from you was the color of my hair

I never heard a thing from you but lying and deceit

And whenever I would speak to you I had to stare down at my feet

They called you queen, but I knew better; you were just a fake

You proved it when you rolled the dice with all our lives at stake

And now, in darkest irony, I'm in your same position

Now I'm king, and I always seem to make your same decisions

And now it seems that, just like you, I only care for one

My love that still is lost to me; like mother and like son