trappedindarkness: This will have a few songfics, so beware.

Danny- 16 Tucker- 16 Sam- 16 Jazz- 18

I will have fan characters in here

"Are you sure I look fine?" Asked Jasmine Fenton, who was wearing a long pink sleevless dress. Her hair was shorter than normal and wavy. Maddie Fenton stared at her daughter in amazment, "Honey, you look beautiful!" She hugged her soon-to-be-an-adult daughter. Jack Fenton sighed, "Who are you going with again?" He asked crossing his arms. Jasmine was released from her mother's hug and said, "For the millionth time, his name's Mark. I met him in science class. I really like him." She said with a smile. Jack glared.

"I trust him, okay! And you should too! He's really nice, wait till you meet him!" And with that, the doorbell rang. Jazz yelped and ran to the door. Jack and Maddie stood together in the kitchen waiting for Jazz and Mark to walk in. "Mom, Dad, this is Mark." Mark walked into the room with a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and hair to kill. Maddie looked at him, "You didn't dress up for the prom?"

"Nope. Don't like tuxedos." He said in a monotone voice. Jack stepped up to him, "What are you planning to do with my daughter after the prom?" Mark gulped slightly, "Sir, I was just going to take her out for maybe pizza or burgers or something. What time does she need to be home?" Jack stepped back, "One the latest." Mark smiled and nodded, "One it is." He turned to Jazz, "Ready to go?" Jazz nodded and said bye to her folks.

As soon as they left, Maddie started to tear up. Jack went over to his wife and put his arm around her. "Don't worry hon, we still have one left." She smiled, "Yah but will happen when it's his turn?" With that, their only son ran down the stairs and straight for the door. "Danny!" Jack yelled. Danny Fenton stopped dead at the door and turned slightly, "Yah?"

"Where do you think you're going?" Maddie asked him. Danny paused, "Uhh...out?" His hand was on the doorknob. Jack shook his head, "No. You're staying home tonight." Danny shook his head, "I swear I'll be home by midnight, bye!" He ran out the door and to his sister's old car. "Daniel Jacob Fenton!" Jack screamed from the door. Danny started the car and backed out of the driveway and down the street thinking, Great, now everyone in the neighborhood knows my name.

Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley waited in the park for Danny. "Where the hell is he?" Sam said. Tucker shrugged, "He probably had to get through his parents." See, prom night meant ghosts would be going crazy. Ghosts that died on prom night like victims in car accidents would be haunting the town. All of a sudden a black car stopped on the side of the street. Danny stepped out of the car and ran over to his two best friends.

"You ready?" Tucker asked him. Danny nodded, "Yah, sorry I'm late, hard to get through Jack and Maddie." He pulled out the Fenton thermos. Sam put her hand on Danny's shoulder, "We understand. Parents can't trust us at our age." Danny smiled, "Hey, then how did you two get out here?"

"My parents are out of town." Sam said.

"My parents think I'm upstairs sleeping." Tucker said.

Danny laughed. A rustle suddenly came from the bushes. "Brace yourselves." Sam said while the trio backed up. Out of the bushes came what looked like a young girl. She had a long blue silk dress with a blue corsage. She had long black hair and electric blue eyes, like Danny's. She stood there staring at the three with her dead stare. "I know who that is." Sam said quietly. Danny and Tucker looked at each other then back at Sam, "Who?" They both said.

"Her name's Debbie Waterfield. She was in a car accident with her friends just last prom." Debbie floated up closer to them. All of sudden, her eyes started to glow a crimson red and her image changed. The wind blew and the three were practically thrown back. Danny screamed, " I'M GOIN GHOST!" He flew toward the ghost girl punching her down. He quickly opened the thermos and sucked her in.

"Okay, too easy." Sam said stepping out from behind the bush with Tucker. Danny was breathing hard, "Yah. Anyway, before another one comes, what do you guys want to do?" Tucker shrugged, "Hm, maybe we can go to Burger King and get something to eat?" Sam nodded, "Sounds good."

The three walked out of the park and up the street to the local Burger King. The three ordered and sat down at thier usual table. "Hey." He said to Danny and Sam. "What?" Danny asked. "Have you seen that girl around?" He pointed to a young black girl, around thier age. She had an olive green cashmere sweater with a green plaid skirt. She had thin glasses and her hair was in pigtails.

"She's new," Sam started, "Her name's Brittany. She's going to be in our class. I've talked to her before. She's very soft spoken, but very nice." Tucker stared at her for a few minutes. Danny noticed him doing this, "Yah, keep wishing buddy." Tucker broke his stare and punched Danny in the arm, "Shut up, man! I swear, if she were to dress different, put her hair different, she'd be a clone of Beyonce!"

Danny and Sam shook thier heads. Tucker laughed, "Wha---uh-oh." He said. Danny and Sam turned to see Jack and Maddie. Danny stood up, "Dammit! Let's scram!" He said to the two and they ran out the door. "Danny!" was the only thing they heard come out of the resteraunt. The three ran into an alley, "How did they know we were at Burger King?" Danny asked no one in particular. Sam shrugged, "They're pretty smart--well, your mom anyway."

"But I parked my car in the park." Danny said. Tucker sat down on a wooden box, "They probably saw it and figured we were eating." Sam nodded, "Like I said, smart." Danny nodded too. It was quiet for a few minutes until, "Uh-oh." Danny said. Sam and Tucker looked at him. They could see his breath. You usually can't do that on a warm spring night.

Danny looked around to see nothing, until a large ghost, with a tuxedo and no face dropped out of nowhere. Danny went ghost and beat up the ghost pretty good. "Thermos!" He yelled to Tucker. Tucker reached in his backpack and threw the thermos to Danny. He pressed the button letting the ghost be sucked inside.

Danny looked at his watch, 11:55. "Ah! I need to get home! It's almost midnight!" Sam and Tucker said bye to him and he headed home. His parents still weren't home, so he went straight up to bed. The next morning, he was dead.

"Daniel Jacob!" Maddie started, "We told you you couldn't go out and you strictly disobeyed us!"

"I think I'm old enough, mom."

"A boy at your age wasn't allowed out that late. If they were, they'd get arrested!" Jack said.

"Well, dad, we're not in the stongeage anymore."

Jack slammed down his fist. Danny didn't flinch.

"That is it, young man. Up to your room. Your grounded!" Jack screamed.

"Whatever." Danny said slamming in his chair.

Danny went upstairs and slammed his door. He picked up his cellphone and dialed Sam's number.

"Hello?" Sam's voice said.


"Hey! Did you get screwed?"

"Yah, I'm 'grounded'."

"Yah, they'll come up to your room in a couple of hours and you'll be gone."

"They don't get it do they? They think since they have the power to ground us, they can keep us locked in the house the whole time."

"It's called a window."

"Yah" Danny laughed, "Don't think they had that in the stoneage."

Sam laughed.

"Did you reach Tuck?"

"Yah, your parents called his. He's also 'grounded'."

"How'd he sound when you called?"

"I couldn't tell over the sound of blasting music and video games in the backround."

"Huh, go Tuck."

"So, where you going to sneak off to tonight?"

"I don't know. Not Tuck's believe me."

"Come over here."

"Alright. When should I go over?"

"Now. Call Tucker and tell him to get down here."

"Right. See ya."


"If my parents found out I snuck out again, I'm dead." Tucker said walking along Danny. The two took the backway to Sam's house. Danny turned to him, "Yah. My parents were majorly ticked off." Tucker made a face, "How bad was it?" Danny shrugged, "They're only ticked because Jazz didn't come home till 4:00."

"4:00!" Tucker exclaimed quietly. "Whoa. Where was she? With Mark?" Danny laughed, "No! Mark dropped her off at 1:00 like he was supposed to, but then she called her friends and they came and picked her up." Tucker shook his head laughing, "Where the hell did they go?"

"Club." Danny said. Tucker gasped, "Goody-goody Jazz went clubbing?" Danny nodded. The two started cracking up. They jumped the last fence to Sam's yard to find her waiting on her steps. "Took ya long enough." She said. "You called me at 12 Danny!" Danny made a face, "What time is it now?" Sam smirked, "1:30."

Danny went quiet and walked into her kitchen. Tucker sat her counter and Danny took a seat on the table. Sam stood against another counter. Danny looked over at her. He was going to ask her a question, but something stopped him. He stared at her. She was looking down, but he could still see her bright violet eyes. Her black silk hair was all down and shining in the sun. She wore a black dress that went down to her knees, and a purple zip hoodie over it. Her black leather boots reached near her knees. He couldn't rip his eyes away---until she looked up.

"What?" Sam said. Danny broke his stare, "Uh-uh-um, I wanted to know, when are, uh, your parents coming home?" Sam looked at him weird, "Tomorrow, why?" Danny shrugged, "No reason." Tucker looked at Danny then Sam, "Uh-oh!" He said smiling. Sam looked at him, "What?" Tucker laughed, "Danny was checking you out!" Danny looked at Tucker with that I'll-kill-you look. Tucker put both his hands up in defense, "You were checking her out, not me!"

Sam looked at Danny. "Don't listen to him." Danny turned to her and smiled. She smiled back. "OOO! Now you're defending him!" Sam instantly ran toward him. He jumped off the counter and ran into the living room, screaming. Sam stopped at the door and took his place sitting on the counter.

Danny looked at her quickly, he didn't want to be caught staring at her. Sam looked up at him, "Were you?" She asked. Danny looked at her, "What?" Sam jumped off the counter and walked over to him. "Were you looking at me." He stopped dead, "Um..." he faded out. Sam looked at him, waiting for him to say something. He nodded.

Sam smirked, "Really?" Danny nodded again and noticed her hand was on his. He didn't care. Sam took her hand off and sat next to him on the table. "It's not like I haven't snuck a peek at you." Danny looked at her smirking.

"Sam! Sammy? Hello?" Tucker yelled from the living room. Sam shut her eyes and sighed, then chuckled. "What!!!?" She screamed walking into the living room. She leaned down next to him. They were murmuring, something about video games. She was helping him turn on the PlayStation2. While he figured out what to do, she looked over to Danny. He was still sitting on the table, looking at her. She smiled and turned to the TV.

Danny smiled, feeling good. And of course, to ruin it, the doorbell rang. Sam got up and went into the main hallway and looked out the small window. She looked at Danny and mouthed something....'hide'. Danny got up and into the living room across to a door. He signaled Tucker to follow him he shut off the PlayStation and TV and headed downstairs behind Danny. They both stood against the door.

"Are you sure he isn't here?" Maddie's voice sounded angry and concerned. Tucker and Danny looked at each other. Danny whispered, "I'm frickin dead!" Tucker nodded. "Thank you, Samantha. If you see him, tell him to get home, now!" Jack said full of anger. "Yes, sir." The two heard the door shut and sprung out from the staircase.

Sam walked into the living room. "You better get home, Danny." Danny, who had fallen, stood up and nodded. He said bye and walked towards the door. Tucker started playing video gams again, and Sam went after Danny. "Hey!" She said. His hand was on the doorknob and he turned around. "If they start giving you any crap, you can come over here okay?" She said smiling.

"Thanks Sam." He said, smiling back. "I appreciate it." Danny opened the door and walked out. When Sam turned around Tucker was standing there. She jumped because she thought he was playing video games still. He had on a black muscle shirt, and with a red 'X' on it, black jeans and his famous red hat, with a black wristband. "What?" She asked.

"He likes you." He said with a smirk on his face. Sam shook her head, "Whatever." He shrugged and started walking back into the living room. "Tuck." Sam said. He turned, "Yah?" Sam walked up to him, "If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell?" Tuck nodded, "Yah Sammy, you can trust me."

He was right. Sam had known Tucker longer than anyone. Longer than Danny. She nodded, "I think I do like him." Tucker gasped and in sarcasm said, "No..." Sam laughed, "Shut up!" She hit him playfully. "You promise not to tell!?"

"I just said, I promise! Kay! Don't worry!"

"That is the second time, Danny!!!" Jack screamed. Jasmine stood near the entrance of the kitchen. Danny went quiet. He didn't care. He just kept thinking about if more ghosts would be attacking soon- and Sam. "Are you even listening to me?!" Jack screamed again. Danny didn't say anything.

"That's it, upstairs, I don't want to see your face." Jack said, calming down a little. Danny stood up and slammed his chair in once again. "DON'T GIVE ME ANY FRICKIN ATTITUDE EITHER!" Jack screamed. Danny turned, "I don't really fricking care!! You don't know what the hell I do out there! Damn!" He started to run up the stairs. Jack ran after him, but Jasmine stopped him, "Would you stop! Just leave the poor kid alone!"

"You, upstairs, too! I don't want to see you either!" Jack said before heading for the lab door. Jazz sighed and walked up the stairs. The sound of a guitar came out of Danny's bedroom. He had been playing for a couple of years, and he was really good. She stopped and knocked on his door. "Who is it?" He said in a pissed off voice. "Don't worry, it's only me."

No answer. Then finally, "Come in." He said in a monotone voice. She walked in. He had his guitar on his lap, with his headphones around his neck. Jazz shut the door and leaned against it. "What are you practicing?" She asked. Danny picked up his pick. "Green Day."

"Yah right, like you could play them!" Jazz said laughing.

"Can too!" Danny said throwing his pillow at her.

"Yah, you probably can't sing them either!"

"Oh yah watch!"

Jazz smirked.

"Wait! What?"

"Do it!"

Green Day- Good Riddance (Time of your life)

Danny starts playing.

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why.
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind.
Hang it on a shelf of good health and good time.
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial.
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Danny stopped playing. Jazz stood in awe. "Whoa, that was really good!" She said. Danny rolled his eyes. She looked at him, "I'm serious." Danny smiled, "Thanks."

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