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Sam lay on her bed reading a magazine. She was waiting for three o' clock, when the guys finally went on Christmas vacation. She was ready to have the baby, being a full nine months by that time. It was December 23, and her parents had set up the humungous tree in the lobby. She took a deep breath, then let her hair down, it flowing over her shoulders. She put down the magazine and stood up.

She stopped and gasped, then stayed completley still and took a deep breath. She sat back down and picked up her phone and dialed Maddie's number.

"Hello?" Maddie's voice came through the phone.

"Maddie?" Sam's petrified voice came through the phone.

"Sam? Honey what's wrong?"

Sam took a deep breath. "My water just broke." She said.

"What the hell's taking so long?" Danny said pacing outside the delivery room waiting for them to tell him he could go in with Sam. He sat down next to Tucker and started bouncing his leg. Everyone had gotten the call around 3, and it was now 11 and the baby still wasn't born yet.

The doctor came out of the room. "Doc!" Danny yelled, "Can I please go in with my girlfriend now?" He yelled, fists clenched. The doctor nodded, letting him in through the door.

Around 2 AM, Danny came out of the delivery room to the waiting room. Tucker, Brittany, Jazz, Maddie, Jack, and surprisingly Sam's parents waited. Tucker stood up, "Well?"

"It's a girl." Danny said, smiling.

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